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With the excitement of the Grand Prix, the beauty of Larvotto Beach, and the opulent pleasures of the Casino de Monte Carlo, it’s no surprise that Monaco is regularly tipped as being one of world’s epicentres for luxury!

So whilst there are many quaint places like Le Rocher that offer the perfect amount of rustic charm, for a touch of glamorous living, why not head to one of these glittering destinations!

Exploring Monaco’s Most Dazzling Attractions

Bar Culture

Although Monaco is a tiny city-state, it’s packed with plenty of glamorous bars that attempt to outdo each other in offering world-class hospitality.

So whether you’re drinking mojitos at the Fairmont Monte-Carlo, or are enjoying some legendary red wine at the Yacht Club de Monaco, you can be fairly certain that you’ll be rubbing shoulders with some very influential individuals.

And it’s the people-watching that makes bar culture in Monaco so addictive. So be sure to grab yourself a Grand Prix cocktail at a street-side table at the Café de Paris and watch the high rollers go by!

Cocktail drink RF

Glamorous Gaming

It’s not just the racing extravaganza of the Monaco Grand Prix that shows that this glamorous place really knows how to play in style. The Monte-Carlo Polo Club also puts on yearly events that shows how even the very wealthy love to get involved in some sporting action.

But for true opulence, it’s a good idea to head to the Casino de Monte Carlo where the high stakes table games almost match the lavish decor in terms of sheer extravagance.

And there’s even the Monte-Carlo Rolex Masters that is one of tennis ace Rafa Nadal’s favourite competition. You could see him attempting to follow up his awesome 2008 Wimbledon match against Roger Federer.

Experience the glamour of Monte Carlo

Royal Connections

It’s also worth mentioning that Monaco’s royal family are still one of the world’s most glamorous aristocracies. Although you’re probably more likely to spot one of them at a fashion show that at one of the gaming tables, no trip to Monaco is complete without a visit to the Prince’s Palace of Monaco.

With typically stunning architecture revealing medieval and classical influences, its stunning cliff-top location on the Rocher will certainly make for some very eye-catching Instagram snaps!

So whilst streets like Avenue Princess Grace regularly top the listings for being the world’s most expensive and exclusive locations, it’s nice to know that a visit to a royal palace or even a quick game of online blackjack can instantly reacquaint us to the wonders of living the high life in Monaco!


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Photo credits: Featured header image by PaulSchliebs. Monte Carlo Casino by Dennis Jarvis.


  1. This is one of my dream destinations Meg. Monaco offers so much, but I would just love strolling around and enjoying being among the spirit of opulence. Always wanted to go there but I gotta admit; watching Iron Man 2 pulled me in a little bit more. But let’s not hope that is a normal scene in Monaco LOL. No super hero showdowns needed, thank you.

    • Lol if you’re into good Monaco showdowns, a couple of James Bond films might be in order too :D Hope you do have the chance to travel soon – it’s a pretty incredible place, and nice to gaze into the lifestyle of the rich and famous!

  2. I once saw Rafa at the tennis tournament you recommended! Great spot to watch some tennis…

    • Nice David! Definitely a great spot to catch some epic sporting showdowns!

  3. Despite generally steering clear of urban destinations, Monaco has a curious appeal. That could be because it’s SO different to the less populated areas of Australia where I normally hang out – or maybe it’s the allure of people watching in a totally James Bond setting. So maybe I’ll switch urban for urbane and give it a go one day!

    • Definitely a different setting and atmosphere to rural Australia – and it’s always fun to enjoy a change of environment for a little while :)

      Totally agree that a big allure is watching people in a James Bond setting – you’re almost waiting for an action scene to happen at any moment :D!

  4. Monaco offers so much in luxury that it feels nice to treat yourself once in your lifetime to this. Would love to try Monaco soon :)

    • Absolutely – and even though the majority of us don’t have the type of money for the high roller tables, or the private yachts, it fun to “look in” and people watch / window shop :D!

      Hope you have the chance to travel soon :)

  5. This place is quite luxurious. I hope there are cheaper hangout spots around this place. :P

  6. I love Monte Carlo! My favourite spot is sitting outside at Cafe de Paris and people watch!

    • Awesome Lucy! So glad you had a fabulous time – people watching is one of my favorite passtimes in a new destination too!

  7. As an F1 fan, I’m afraid to say I’m yet to visit Monaco. Really want to walk the famous track and see the landmarks such as Casino Square and Mirabeau.

    • Sounds like Monaco is calling you! Hope you have the chance to visit and take in the F1 soon :)

  8. Monaco has this touch to itself that reading this post makes me crave for a city. Luxury exudes this beautiful city. Small cities rock!

    • Absolutely – easily one of the most luxurious cities in the world – and being one of the smallest it’s very easy to get around :)

  9. Ooh! I’ve never been to Monaco. It’s not a place I’d be drawn to for a long stay, but I’d love to swish into town and splurge for a night (or a Grand Prix weekend!) And I’d love to know what was in that blue cocktail – was it good?

    • Definitely lends itself to a whirlwind evening / weekend! The blue cocktail is a flavored Margherita – really good! They have an awesome bar culture here :)

  10. Monaco does seem like a luxurious place to visit. I think I should splurge a lot and head there!

    • Probably one of the most luxurious! Definitely the place to be if you’re looking for somewhere to splurge :D

  11. Hey Meg! We have done a road trip trough the south of France and were able to visit Monaco too! Its such a small country, but I will never forget the views from the beach, the Ferrari car stands and the beautiful casino! The Yachts on the peer were also impressive! Great post! I will have to go again! Thanks

    • Awesome Paula! Such a great detour to include on a road trip of the south of France. So glad you enjoyed yourself. Maybe we’ll bump into you at some stage, we hope to visit again too!

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