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When families are looking for an easy island break the immediate destinations which come to mind include the Balearics, the Canaries, and the Greek islands. And while these destinations are firm family favorites, especially for travelers from Europe and the UK, there’s another destination sitting quietly in the middle of the Mediterranean, perfect for your next family break.

The second largest island in the Maltese archipelago, Gozo is is an excellent destination to enjoy together with your children. In comparison with mainland Malta, families will find more varied geology, and a greener and more peaceful island which is rural in a way Malta no longer is.

It’s only 25 minutes on the water from Malta to Gozo, and it’s easy to rent a car, to find your own way to the many incredible beaches, nature, food and culture you can enjoy with your kids.

Things to do in Gozo with Kids

Day Trip to Comino

While you’ll have to go a small way off Gozo island, the snorkelling and scuba diving at the famous Blue Lagoon make the day trip to the tiny island of Comino well worth it.

The turquoise waters are mesmerizingly beautiful, and it’s a great place for swimming and diving. For this reason, teenagers in particular really enjoy the day trip to Comino.

In addition to snorkelling and diving, the island is a breathtakingly beautiful place to visit. Once you get there, you can appreciate the view from just about anywhere on the island, but once it’s not until you head underwater that the view becomes truly unreal.

Comino, Malta

Photo by Flavio Ensiki

Villa Rundle

Whether you’re staying in Rabat (Victoria) or just visiting, there’s a lot to see here, and Villa Rundle Garden is one of the chief attractions; a nicely kept city park with plenty of outside space for your kids to play.

Even if your kids are somewhat young, you don’t need to worry about them running everywhere because it’s perfectly safe and well-protected. There are a number of beautiful, tall trees all around the garden that make for great natural shade to just sit and relax while the children enjoy themselves. And this is a great place to enjoy a family picnic.

If you’re planning to visit Gozo during the Easter Holidays or Christmas with your children, make it a priority to visit Villa Rundle because a number of child-centric activities are held here during the holiday season.

Children holidays RF


Right in between the high towns of Xagħra and Żebbuġ lies the picturesque village of Marsalforn. And one of the main attractions here is the Qbajjar promenade; a popular spot for families and travelers with kids.

Take a stroll down the walkway beside the sea until you reach the Qbajjar Watch Tower. This is a fabulous place to visit with children, as you can climb on top of it to enjoy the magnificent view of the endless sea.

The promenade itself is a nice and wide walkway, and you will always find families sitting and chatting with coffee, as the children play around in the open, wide space.

Once you’re done with the Qbajjar promenade, head over to the nearby Three Hills Garden. The garden itself is beautiful, but it’s more famous as a place for children to play, and also for being one of the four afforestation projects currently undertaken by the local government.

Qbajjar Bay, Gozo

Qbajjar Bay, Gozo

Photo credit: Andrey Gaverdovsky

Ramla Bay

Another place between the two high towns of Xagħra and Nadur is Ramla Bay, which is a famous beach destination in Gozo for people to visit with their families.

There’s a bus service here that will take you to the scenic beach, but be ready to see a decent crowd here during the peak seasons. While it may not be the quietest place around for adults, your children will love it, and have the opportunity to play with other kids of various ages.

The beach is a lot of fun during the summer for children, but even when it gets a bit cold, it’s fine for picnics and having family parties on the sandy beaches.

You Won’t Find Arcades or Theme Parks Here

Do note that Gozo, just like the other beautiful islands in the area, is not going to be one of those places with arcades and theme parks dedicated to children.

The island is a place where you can take the children out to play on the grass and marvel at astounding structures and natural wonders; a place for relaxation, bonding and for taking a break from the busy, ultra-modern life that we all live today.


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  1. Thanks Megand we are thinking about Malta and Sicily in the same trip.

    • You’re welcome Katina, glad you enjoyed the post. Have an amazing time in Malta and Sicily, feel free to reach out if you have any questions in the lead up to your trip :)

  2. My daughter loves snorkelling, so I think she would really love the day trip to Comino. I personally had been hoping to visit Gozo so I could photograph the Azure window, but obviously that’s now collapsed. Shame, but I’m sure the rest of the island will still have good photo opps. The Qbajjar promenade looks like an interesting place to photograph. Thankyou for the tips.

    • Was definitely a sad day when the Azure window went down. Really hits home that nothing lasts forever and we need to take advantage of the beauty of the world today :)

      You’re right though, there are plenty of other incredible places on Gozo to take great photos. Hope you have the chance to visit soon!

  3. Good to know that Gozo is quieter than the main island – I would love to visit Malta, though I’m not a huge fan of knowing that the mainland is crazy overpopulated. We prefer open spaces and a more chill, laid back pace.

    • Absolutely Patty – Malta is a great place for families too, but Gozo is much more rural, and has a much quieter setting :)

      Enjoy your family vacation!

  4. I would add the Ggantija Temples to this list – there’s so much history on Gozo, and our kids loved visiting the temples, it was a great way to make them enthusiastic about ancient history. We homeschool while traveling, so usually work our lessons to be relevant to our current trip, and incorporate what they’ve seen – like taking classroom field trips everyday!

    You can organize a guide here too which helps with visualizing the original structure.

    • So glad you enjoyed your time in Gozo Kam, and thanks for the tip on the Ggantija Temples – an incredible site indeed, it’s fabulous to hear that your kids enjoyed it.

      I’ve always thought that the best gift a parent could give their children is world knowledge – good on you!

  5. The cliffs of Gozo are stunning aren’t they! We took a boat trip with Xlendi Watersports and they were great :) Put a kid on a jetski and I think they’re happy anywhere!!

    • They are indeed! So glad you had a fabulous time, and that your kids enjoyed the water-sports activities :)

  6. We’ve been going to the Canary Islands every year as our family spot but I’ve been thinking for a while now it’s probably time to change it up for once. Gozo sounds quite safe and tranquil which would work for us.

    • Fabulous Christiane! Definitely consider Gozo if you’re looking for your next destination. Have a wonderful family trip :)

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