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Authored by Brittney Disov 

Only a short one hour drive from the strip of Las Vegas is a geological wonderland, the Valley of Fire State Park. The beauty of this park captivated my heart with it’s bright red Aztec sandstone formations, and beautiful limestone rock faces.

Covering some 40,000 acres, sandstone outcrops are the main attraction here, along with ancient petrified trees, and petroglyphs which date back 2,500 years. There is something very special about this place that evokes a sense of grounding and peacefulness; this is nature at it’s greatest.

The Valley of Fire is a traveler’s paradise that can accommodate campers, hikers, and drivers, and you’re more than welcome to bring your pup! There are 14 points of interest in the park, however the following were my highlights if you’re wondering where to start.

Nature Lovers Should Take This Day Trip From Las Vegas

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Valley of Fire State Park History

The red sandstone for which the park is known dates back to the Jurassic period. The outcrops are the remains from evolution as the sea descended and the land rose.

The name ‘Valley of Fire’ was dubbed by a traveler in the 1920’s who drove through the park during sunset and claimed the valley appeared to be “on fire”. The rest is history!

The Valley of Fire State Park

Photo credit: C Jarvis

Best Time to Visit Valley of Fire

Peak seasons for visiting Valley of Fire State Park are fall and spring. Winter is the quietest time to visit, and summer can be unbearable with the desert heat.

We totally lucked out with the weather, a sunny 70 degree day in mid January, I’ll take it! The next day temps dropped down to the 50’s. BUR!

While winter brings cooler temps, the other big perk of visiting at this time of year is not encountering many people.  Very rarely did we run into other visitors, it felt like we had the entire park to ourselves!

Rocks on Fire Valley of Fire State Park

Hiking in the Desert Nevada RF

Favorite Points of Interest

Arch Rock

Arch Rock has been formed by rain and strong winds slowly dissolving away the sand grain. The arch you see is a result of that erosion and sadly will collapse one day unable to support itself.

Atlatl Rock

Be sure to check out Atlatl Rock where you can get up close to the 4,000 year old petroglyphs (rock carvings).

We’ll never know exactly what these symbols mean but I think it’s safe to say these representations are reflections of culture and life from some of our earliest civilizations.

Rainbow Vista

At Rainbow Vista you will see an array of multi colored rock that stretches for miles. The lookout here is an amazing photo opportunity that shouldn’t be missed!

We couldn’t have timed our arrival better as the sun was casting that beautiful golden light down on the rock.

Fire Cave

Fire Cave, sometimes referred to as Windstone Arch, is a cave in a mini wind tunnel formed out of Sandstone rock. The below photographs are Arch Rock, followed by Fire Cave.

Arch rock

Windstone Arch Valley of Fire National Park

Photo credit: Casey Jarvis

Valley of Fire Hiking

While the park offers quite a number of hiking trails, unfortunately we only had time for one since the sun was beginning to set. We settled on the trail of white domes.

We spent the hour weaving through the narrow canyon with each turn spotting something new and exciting. I’ve never seen so many amazing pastel colored rocks in my life!

Inquire at the Visitor Center for suggestions on day hikes of varying length and terrain. The Visitor Center also provides exhibits on the geology, ecology, prehistory and history of the park and the nearby region.

Around sunset, Valley of Fire State Park, NV.

Photo CC John Fowler

Practical Information

If you have the time I recommend you spend at least 4-5 hours to explore. The last thing you want to do is rush through it. The park charges a day use entrance fee of $10.00 per vehicle, and if you decide you love it so much that you want to stay, camping is $20.00 per night + $10.00 for sites with utility hook ups.

It’s important to drive only on approved routes of travel and park only in designated places along the roadside shoulders. Motor vehicles are not allowed on trails.

The park is open from sunrise to sunset unless camping in campgrounds or a group camping area. After sunset, activity is limited to those areas. Inquire at the visitors center if you’re interested in rock climbing, as this is limited to specific areas in the park.


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Brittney Disov is a freelance virtual assistant based in Chicago, Illinois. Her curious disposition has inspired her to launch a travel and lifestyle blog to share those experiences with others.

When she isn’t working, she can often be found wandering in a museum or indulging in a meal with her husband or girlfriends at the hottest new eatery. Follow her on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter.


  1. What an amazing views!

    • Aren’t they! Hope you have the chance to travel soon :)

  2. Seriously stunning – beautiful photos!

    • Glad you enjoyed the post Kirk! Hope you have the chance to travel soon :)

  3. Holy wow, we were thinking of doing the Grand Canyon helicopter day trip from Vegas, and we have a couple of extra days so I think we’ll do this too. Thanks for the tips!

    • Enjoy both trips! The Grand Canyon is obviously incredible too :)

  4. Sold!…. Vegas was on the cards but was looking kind of thin, just what I needed! Thanks Brittney!

    • Awesome Cheryl! Have a fabulous trip :)

    • Hi Cheryl, I can’t say enough good things about this place-such an easy road trip from Vegas, I’m so glad this post helped you. :)

  5. I’ve visited Nevada in summer, and you’re right – it gets crazy unbearably hot. So winter is probably the best, I find that even in the colder weather, once I start moving and getting into the trails I warm up pretty quickly :)

    • I find the same re warming up once I start walking – and it’s so beautiful in the winter if it snows, the white creates a stunning contrast against the red landscape :)

  6. Looks almost like the Wave in Arizona – only we’ve not been able to visit here because you need to win a lottery to gain entry and they don’t allow that many people in, so the competition is crazy tough. Funny how landscapes replicate themselves, and some end up as huge tourist attractions, while others, like this State Park, fly relatively under the radar even though the geology is equally as impressive.

    You took stunning photography. We’re heading to Vegas next month so will make sure we visit, I’ll see if I can convince my wife to maybe even camp a couple of nights.

    • Almost!! Valley of Fire State park is definitely a lot more accessible than the Wave, and you’re right, it’s probably equally as stunning. Just doesnt have the same hype around it – which is honestly probably better in my book – I much prefer off the beaten path attractions anyway :)

      Glad you enjoyed the post, hope you have a fabulous trip next month :)

  7. Hi Megan

    Just finished your beautifully written article and what stunning photos! Thanks for sharing.

    Travel blogger from India

    • So glad you enjoyed Brittney’s post Ruma :) Hope you have the chance to visit Nevada soon!

      Happy travels :)

  8. Hi Megan,
    great to find you here on #blogboost again.
    The pictures you post are outstanding.

    • Glad you enjoyed the post Doug, thanks for your comment!

  9. And a pretty easy hike!

    • Hi Kari, I was pleasantly surprised with how easy they were. It would be a great place for a family trip!

  10. I slept there in my motor home and even at night it’s spectacular with the moonlight making the rocks come alive and coyotes yipping at the moon.

    • Hi Patrick,

      That sounds like a dream come true. I told my husband next trip we have to camp there!

  11. This looks awesome, I managed to get to the grand canyon but havent explored this area.

    • It’s pretty spectacular! Hopefully you can make a trip out there soon.

  12. I have used this park (and a few others) nearby to LV as my reward for being subjected to yet another conference held in Las Vegas. It makes the trip out there worthwhile.

    • What a great reward Roy!

  13. This is perfect! I am not a huge Vegas fan, but I definitely hope to do a hub and spoke of day trips next time I visit.

    • Me either to be honest, but it’s definitely a great hub, especially when hotel rooms and apartments are so cheap because of the competition :D

  14. OMG!
    I just became a ‘part time’ resident of LAS and not aware this park structure was so close.

    I really enjoy pics of your travels, I have been to many of the same international locations & have not seen them in the gorgeous way you have presented them. I
    am so-o anxious to go back. Thanks for your wonderful blog.

    • So glad we could introduce you! Hope you have the chance to visit soon :)

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