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I’m told that the pioneers who made it to Oregon didn’t do things by the book, and as we were pleased to find, neither did Kimpton when creating the vision for Portland’s Hotel Vintage.

With graffiti-inspired cork art, a lobby that doubles as an urban tasting room, and a game room for adults, Hotel Vintage promises an absolutely wild stay. Keeping things weird, yet luxe, this is a pioneering kind of place, a trailblazer in the world of boutique hotels in a historic building downtown.

Here are 9 reasons to book an absolutely wild stay; though you won’t need much convincing past #1.

#1 Garden Spa Guest Rooms

Spoiler alert: Hotel Vintage’s guest rooms aren’t quite like anything you’ve seen before, and this is especially true for their rooms with a garden spa. While the hotel boasts 15 different room layouts (there’s absolutely nothing cookie cutter about it here), those who book a garden spa are in for an incredible treat.

With skyscraper views which make up the Portland city skyline, and surrounding plants to add a splash of green, our jaws hit the ground upon walking out onto a private balcony to discover a fully fledged hot-tub.  A full fledged private hot-tub! Sure, we were expecting a garden spa, though this set-up took decadent to another level entirely.

While I should have stripped off and jumped in right then and there, I first felt compelled to grab for my iPad to place a FaceTime call to Australia – a video tour for my sister; this definitely called for the right to brag.

#2 Every Other Guest Room

It wasn’t a typo above to quote 15 different room layouts – each room at this boutique hotel is unique, and no matter what your room type, you can count on cork-lined walls, curated bottles of wine, luxe finishes in the lighting fixtures and bedside tables, street-style art, a bright-pop-of-red couch, and “a distressed-oak headboard that will make you feel like you’re the captain of your own ship — or at least the bed.”

Upgraded suites offer conservatory-style skylights, deep soaking tubs, and double level layouts. The hotel also has a range of accessible rooms specifically designed to accommodate a wheelchair.

#3 Complimentary High Speed WiFi

Finally, a hotel who agrees with me that access to WiFi should treated as a human right! As such, at Hotel Vintage, WiFi is both free and high speed.

#4 Complimentary Wine Hour

Who doesn’t love a good glass of wine at the end of their day?! So here’s yet another reason to stay; from 5-6pm at the end of each day the lobby doubles as an urban tasting room where the best of Oregon’s wineries are scheduled to host a complimentary taste!

The hotel says their inspiration comes from their Oregon Trail forefathers, who they can only assume could’ve used a nice glass of wine at the end of the day. “They enjoyed the finer things in life (they landed here, after all), but they were never pretentious about it (you’ve gotta be somewhat low-key when you’re in a covered wagon for a few months).”

The lobby came alive with locals and hotel guests alike as we socialized and sipped on some of the Willamette Valley’s famed Pinot Noirs. While we were only in Portland a day, we did note that the hotel can set you up with winery tours which last a full day for those looking to enjoy more wine during their stay.

#5 Adult Gameroom

Walking up the spiral staircase in the lobby, we entered an adult version of our childhood dreams. A table for pool, shuffleboard, and a video game center that includes Atari (remember Atari?!) PlayStation, and Xbox, with feature walls covered in street-style art.

Admittedly this would have been much more exciting if Mike hadn’t won bragging rights across every game. I’m claiming a re-match when my gaming skills aren’t impaired from complimentary wine.

#6 Commitment to Conserve

You’ll find most hotels now encourage you to decline housekeeping out of an environmental awareness to conserve – but it’s not often you’ll be given an actual incentive.

Turn down your turn down service and you’ll receive a credit for the on-site Italian restaurant Pazzo. We were incredibly impressed with the idea of offering a reward for going green.

#7 Complimentary Bikes

When it comes to the kinds of things that make a perfectly Portland experience, Kimpton has got you covered, and this includes exploring the city by bike.

Complimentary bike rentals in the lobby mean you can enjoy a casual ride through the vibrant city or beautiful Oregon countryside. Vintage is close to the largest urban forest in the US, as well as the arboretum at Washington Park, and is in an excellent location to visit the historic old town, before pedaling the waterfront esplanade or post-industrial streets of the Pearl District.

 #8 Location

Head on over to TripAdvisor and all anyone can rave about is the beautiful, historic location, close to everything which is anything in downtown. The Kimpton website lists it all: “right on Broadway in downtown Portland, just steps from Pioneer Courthouse Square. Here, you’re within striking distance of everything Portlandia so loves to poke fun at: indie book shops, restaurants that really care about their ingredients, and hipster hangouts galore. It’s easy to stumble upon the city’s most vibrant neighborhoods and all the local culture that makes Portland one of the coolest places on the planet.”

And while we’re not denying Portland the title of coolest place on the planet, it’s difficult to tear yourself away from a building which offers a private hot-tub, hip game-room and free wine!

In the end we ended up taking a quick walk to Powell Books – the largest independent used and new bookstore in the world, and probably the only bookstore on the planet which requires a map in order to navigate through its rooms!

#9 Photographer’s Playground

Pack extra batteries for your camera; as I’m sure you’ve noted by now, this hotel is one which is incredibly photogenic! Whether it’s shot with a state-of-the-art DSLR or a cell phone camera with an Instagram filter added, there’s plenty of eye candy here, from the floating staircase, bunch-of-grapes chandelier, painting of Bacchus (their version of the god of wine happens to have a nipple ring), and wineology chalkboard in the lobby to the antique mirrors, crafted headboards, and unexpected mural in the rooms.

When words fail to describe what they’ve got going on, I find a photo always steps in to do it justice. Click on individual shots to enlarge and start slideshow.

In reality, there are so many more than 9 reasons to book a stay at Hotel Vintage Portland. The impeccable service and exceptional staff who opened every door and anticipated our every need, offering umbrellas before we had the chance to ask, and meeting every request with a contagious smile.

The pet friendly policy which allows you to bring your fury friend, and even offers a selection of hotel amenities and extras including plush pet-bed loaners in your guest room, food, water bowls and mats. The fun amenity additions like yoga mats in each room, and the wine barrel basement rooms which make excellent conference or wedding facilities.

We had an absolutely spectacular time at the Hotel Vintage Portland. It was just like home. But better!

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Megan is an Australian Journalist who has been travelling and blogging since 2007, with the main aim of inspiring others to embark on their own worldwide adventure. Her husband Mike is an American travel photographer, and together they have made the world their home.

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  1. OK, this place sounds awesome! I am definitely going to have to stay here when we finally make it out to Portland. I love the decor, the private hot tub, the green incentive, the bikes, the wine…haha, basically everything! Great find!

    • It blew our mind!! Seriously, I wouldn’t stay anywhere else if we head back to Portland – as you said, just everything comes together in an epically awesome way!

  2. Another great addition to the hotel is Salon 615. An intimate salon that provides haircare services.
    Not new to the business, the salon owner is passionate about providing the best of the best.

    • Absolutely – we did see the Salon but didn’t have a chance to head in :) Next time we’re there!

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