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The Allure of Private Jet Travel

If you’ve been traveling in recent months, you may have realized that the airport experience has reached its most uncomfortable and stressful levels. From long lines when navigating through security to practically being charged for the air you breathe, traveling commercial is no longer a pleasant experience.

The fees and hassles are also some of the many reasons why private jet travel has become so alluring to passengers.

No Long Lines

Security lines for commercial passengers are one of the biggest hassles when it comes to traveling. While it’s important for each individual to be screened properly, the process can take forever.

Whether you’re heading out on business or traveling to take in authentic castles in Napa Valley, you’ve probably already waded through heavy traffic both on the road and at the check-in counter.

Photo CC by David Morris

When you experience private jet travel, passengers can drive right up to the charter company’s parking facility and immediately board the plane. This is also beneficial if you don’t like getting to the airport three hours in advance just to hear that your flight has been delayed.

Faster and Higher

When it comes traveling, delays can be a major stress when flying commercial. That’s why private jet travel has become so popular among passengers.

In addition to getting you to your destination on time, private charter jets may also be able to fly at a higher altitude. This means that the aircraft can navigate above inclement weather conditions and avoid turbulence.


The airline industry has raised their rates over the past decade. While fuel surcharges and other economic changes have caused the spike in prices, commercial flying is no longer the bargain it once was.

Empty leg rates on private charter flights can help reduce the costs. Passengers can also look into membership programs that allow consumers to take advantage of discounts when they fly on a frequent basis.

Card members can also design a method of payment that allows the user to be charged a specific rate based on the plane size, number of hours flown or amount of deposit that they put down.

Photo CC by Bulent KAVAKKORU

Stay Connected

No matter if you’re flying for pleasure or on business, you may need to stay connected to the Internet while making your way to your intended destination. Unfortunately, commercial airlines aren’t equipped with the latest technological gadgets that allow passengers Wi-Fi access.

If you book your flight by way of private jet, you can connect to Wi-Fi throughout your trip.

Remote Destinations

Commercial airlines may have a wide range of locations that they travel in and out of. However private jets can typically fly to locales that are more remote and out of the ordinary.

Whether you want to go to Anguilla or Napa Valley, you’ll find that the world is your oyster when it comes to traveling.

Furry Friends May be Welcome

There are certain dangers that come when traveling commercially with your pets. If your pet is within a certain weight and size or they’re a therapy or service dog, they may be allowed on the plane with you. However, larger breed animals have to be stowed in the cargo section of the plane.

This can be stressful on both the pet and owner. Your pet may even get loose from their kennel while in route and end up getting lost. When you’re traveling via private jet, your pet can enjoy the same comforts and roominess as its owner. However, before you book your excursion, you want to check with the company’s restrictions when it comes to pets.

Plenty of Leg Room

In order to secure more profit, many of today’s major airlines have re-tweaked their carriers. This means that in addition to higher fees and surcharges, you’ll probably notice more seats and less space.

Private charter jets come in a variety of sizes and are equipped with plush seating and plenty of room to stretch your legs. Dependent on your usage, you may also be able to get a private jet with office and sleeping accommodations.

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  1. Yes, megan I am agree with your all the points. The private jet services have made it very easy to organize a trip. Private jets also help you to save time and energy and they are more productive and a stress-free way to fly.

    • Absolutely – so glad you enjoyed the post Sify and agree with the benefits of this kind of travel! Stress free I think is the biggest selling point for this kind of trip :)

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