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Temporary Work Assignment Abroad? Consider Renting Instead of Paying Ridiculous Hotel Rates!

Working abroad or out of town can be stressful. Living out of a hotel isn’t just expensive, it’s uncomfortable too.

You spend most of your days in just one room, you don’t have the ability to make food how you like it whenever you like and some hotels even have a curfew.

If you’re on a long term work assignment then a hotel just doesn’t offer the flexibility or value for money to make it worthwhile staying in one.

Renting an apartment on a short term lease for the time that you’re working away is the perfect solution to your accommodation problems.

You Save a Lot of Money

No matter where it is you are working, you can be looking for a furnished apartment in Toronto for example, the money that you will save by staying in an apartment adds up in many different ways.

The first way you can save money is that apartments have more space than a hotel room, so a number of colleagues can all pitch in and get an apartment together. This can instantly cut hotel costs by well over half if you have two or more people working away with you.

The savings don’t stop there though. Hotels usually charge to use the laundry room and if you’re staying away for a while there is a good chance you will need to do laundry at some point. A furnished apartment will give you the opportunity to do your laundry without having to pay extra to make the machine work.

Elegant and classic, we walked into a 50 sq. meter one bedroom apartment, which instantly fulfilled my Paris fantasy.


The final way that you can save on your work trip is food. Most hotels have a restaurant on site, that charges for you to eat there. Even hotels where the meal is included in the price it is usually only one or two meals a day that they provide.

An apartment gives you the opportunity to prepare and cook your own meals. Food supplies from the grocery store are significantly cheaper than the costs of eating out in a restaurant. Even a fast food outlet won’t be able to compete with the how little it costs to make the food yourself.

Overall the amount of money you would save by renting an apartment would be worth staying in an apartment, but it’s not the only great reason.


If you’re going to be working away for an extended period of time it is important that you are comfortable. Many travellers use furnished apartments now because they are a lot more comfortable than hotels.

The extra rooms and the ability to have a separate living space means that people feel like they are in a home environment in a furnished apartment. This helps them to make the transition far more easily and ensures that the trip is much more enjoyable.

If you are having to make an extended trip for work then the obvious choice is a furnished apartment. You will be far more comfortable, far more relaxed and you will save a lot of money. It’s the only sensible choice.

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