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Last year, international travel became much harder. Barred from landing in many countries, you may have found yourself in a situation where you’re stuck inside with nothing to do and had to cancel your long-planned dream vacation.

Luckily, there are still places that are waiting patiently for you to come and explore!

With Telportus, you can now engage in a virtual guided tour. These live experiences are just digital versions of guided tours that you’re used to receiving when you travel, but now they’re happening right in your living room.

You can pose questions to local experts in real-time, pointing out what strikes your curiosity.

Check out this video, and below for some of the most epic tours!

Telportus: Virtual Interactive Guided Tours Across the World!

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A NEW Way to Travel

These sorts of virtual tours are already popular on YouTube, where millions sign on to watch presenters  stream their tours of destinations that would otherwise cost thousands of dollars to reach.

But, unlike YouTube, this content is live and interactive. The tour is tailored to you, the interests of a small group of fellow attendees.

In addition to exploring faraway places during limiting lockdowns, you can use Telportus to help decide which countries and attractions to visit, or even which tour companies to use, for vacation; it’s an easy and convenient way to see something unique without spending the money to travel there in person.

Telportus Most EPIC Virtual Tours!

1. Agra: A City of Love, Art and Stories and the Taj Mahal

Agra Flute

Thinking of Agra, one’s imagination darts to the iconic Taj Mahal; but very often it also just stops right there, extending at best to a couple more monuments. However, the city that gave the world this wonder also holds other phenomenal secrets, just as majestic.

In this live virtual experience, we will explore and share stories and anecdotes about the making of the Taj and its surrounds, and we will end with a 20 mins soul-stirring performance of flute with the backdrop of the Taj!

Photo credit: Telportus 

2. Spanish Olive Culture

Enjoy the landscape and the olive grove. Come in contact with the essential farming practices and cultivating philosophy: talking to the olive trees!

Discover the most important olive oil tasting tips and how to know the difference between ‘Extra’ and lower quality oils. Taste from your home!

Eventually, we’ll suggest you pairing some ice cream and yogurt or fruits with infused extra virgin olive oil.

3. Gaudi … Arquitectural Barcelona

Sagrada Familia Barcelona Spain RF

Discover the Basilica’s dream-like façade and interior, Gaudí’s masterpiece and most famous work was both admired and criticized for the audacity and singularity of his innovative solutions.

His fame on a world scale has become an unquestioned fact both in specialized circles and among the general public.

During the tour you will learn about the ongoing construction, the current predicted completion date, and the generations of craftspeople, architects, and artists who learned how to bring Gaudi’s vision to life.

4. Oakvale Australian Wildlife Encounters

Set on 25 acres of spacious natural bushland Oakvale Wildlife Park is 100% Australian owned and operated.

At the park, you will find an endless menagerie of Australian native, domestic farm and exotic animals such as koalas, kangaroos, Tasmanian devils, goats, sheep, rabbits, alligators, and ostriches. Plus many, many more.

Join the keepers today as we live stream back to you with some of the Australian Favourites; the iconic Koala, Kangaroo, and Tasmanian Devil. Get up close and personal with the staff and learn about the habitat, diets, and much more.

5. Anangu Dot Painting Workshop

Aboriginal dot painting art Australia RF

For thousands of years, Anangu have passed down their knowledge from generation to generation, to keep the land, their culture, and their people strong.

Through Maruku’s virtual workshops, artists would like to share a part of their culture with you, so you can learn something, create something, and show your family.

The course does not enable you to do Dot-painting on a professional level but is an experience to understand Aboriginal paintings and culture better. The Dot-painting workshop is guided by a local Anangu artist and interpreter.

You will learn about ancient symbols used in Anangu art and teachings and have the chance to ask the artist questions. View the artist’s life as they create a masterpiece.

Instructions and materials are provided so that you can create your own painting and share your own story.

6. Wanna Be Italiano

bruschetta Italian food RF

Popular and sought-after in all seasons, year after year, by groups of friends, fun-loving families and foodies, the signature “Wanna Be Italiano” cooking class in Florence is the very best hands-on culinary experience you can get in the city!

Dive into the depths of flavor, and master the art of preparing a mouth-watering Tuscan meal in the heart of downtown Florence with the experienced, charismatic chef.

First of all you’ll set off for Florence’s central food market. The “Mercato Centrale” is the city’s largest, most lively and colorful grocery market, an enormous bazaar filled with deliciousness!

Led by your chef you will browse, learn about the local specialties and the Tuscan food heritage, and liaise with the vegetable vendors, butchers, and bakers as you pick out the best, tastiest ingredients to prepare your meal.

Groceries in hand take a short walk to the cooking class facility, a delightful location that will make you feel at home, and enjoy a tasting of typical delicacies before starting the actual class.

Aprons on, following your chef’s skilled instructions and learning how to prepare exquisite traditional dishes: crispy bruschetta, fresh hand-rolled pasta, tasty pasta sauces, and dessert, too.

Menu: The menu of the Florence Cooking class varies slightly according to the season but will generally include bruschetta, hand-made pasta, pasta sauce, and a dessert. Vegetarians and/or those suffering from intolerance and/or allergies are more than welcome: vegetarian and other alternative recipes are available and included (advance notice is appreciated).

Measure, mince, mix and stir (and taste, of course, to get the seasonings right!), and finally sit down with a good glass of Chianti wine and relish the best Tuscan meal ever: the one you made yourself in the heart of historic Florence.

At the end of the experience, you will receive a Cooking Class Attendance Certificate, as well as a full Recipe Booklet to share the recipes you learned with your friends and family.

7. Delhi Street Art


Take a break from the World and deep dive with Keshav into India’s finest street art scenes, colorful festivals & infinite stories behind their making!

An experience for the creative soul, where you will be introduced to India’s crazy vivid colorful culture through symbolism and street art. Some of these murals are extremely profound, witty, sarcastic and scenic!

There are lot of color bursts and surprises during this show and the creative side of your brain will thank you for booking this one. The tour has two parts:

Part I: Virtual walk down the larger-than-life but hidden murals from the streets of New Delhi, discussing what you see and what artists see in these murals.

Tour guide Keshav’s stories and experiences of how he discovered these pieces of art. Discover the unknown stories behind these murals and let yourself loose in the music of art!

Part II: Learn about crazy grattifi scene in Delhi – including insider access to an abandoned factory filled with illegal, poetic and punny scribbling.

Image: Graffiti outside Ugarsen ki Baoli, New Delhi. Credit: RishabhSanta (CC BY-SA 4.0) via Wikimedia Commons

8. Broken Bay Pearls

Pearl oyster shell RF

The natural, pristine waters of Broken Bay are the birthplace of the most lustrous Akoya pearls in the world. And on this tour you will experience a working pearl shed on the NSW East Coast!

Witness a pearl being revealed from an oyster and also learn the intricacies of pearl farming, and a brief history about the farm.

Originally famous as the host to the Japanese cultured pearl, the Akoya oyster is native to the east coast of Australia. It is only natural these pristine waters produce a more lustrous pearl than found anywhere else in the world.

Unlike the pearls of Asia, the Broken Bay Akoya pearls are not bleached or artificially colored. They are naturally lustrous, uniquely pure.


An Akoya cultured pearl is not an artificial or synthetic pearl; it is produced by a pearl oyster and by the normal processes of pearl growth. The only difference between a natural pearl and the cultivated variety is that a nucleus has been inserted into the oyster to enable the pearl to have a good start.

It ensures a larger and more evenly shaped pearl is produced. Pearls that were taken from the water in ancient times were natural. Today naturally occurring pearls are very, very rare.

The 7 Virtues

A pearl is considered more valuable when the surface imperfections are minimal, however, these imperfections are part of their natural charm, they become distinguishing features and are proof that a pearl is genuine.

Unlike all other pearls which are valued by 5 virtues, Broken Bay Pearls has two additional virtues that add to their value: provenance & purity.

9. Top Didj Aboriginal Experience

Aboriginal Australia land RFAboriginal Australia land RF

Manuel is passionate about sharing his culture and giving you an insight into what it was like having to hunt for food and sleep beside a fire to keep warm at night. Manuel is missing your company and sharing his story, so he has decided to go LIVE!

Manuel was born on 5th July 1963. At least, that’s what his driver’s license says as they needed a date. Because Manuel has no official record of his date of birth (common among Indigenous Australians) his passport reads 00/00/1966.

Manuel does know the area he was born being King River southeast of Katherine. This is where he spent most of his early childhood. When he turned 13 he and his family moved to Eva Valley for a year, then they relocated to Bamyili (Barunga), where they settled and Manuel attended school for only a day.

The reason being Manuel was told by his cousin that if he wanted to stay at school he had to speak English. Manuel felt shame as he could not speak any English so he went bush and never attended school again.

Manuel learnt to master the English language when he started work at Barunga as grounds men at the school when he was about 25. He helped the white workers to learn his language and they helped him with his English.

The experience includes three parts: A cultural talk, a fire lighting, and the spear throwing.

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Koala Kangaroo Island

Tired of not being able to travel?

Not being able to connect with local guides?

Book a Telportus experience and connect with guides virtually, LIVE! Here are links to our favorite experiences:

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Megan is an Australian Journalist and award-winning travel writer who has been blogging since 2007. Her husband Mike is the American naturalist and wildlife photographer behind Waking Up Wild; an online magazine dedicated to opening your eyes to the wonders of the wild & natural world.

Having visited 100+ countries across all seven continents, Megan’s travels focus on cultural immersion, authentic discovery and incredible journeys. She has a strong passion for ecotourism, and aims to promote responsible travel experiences.




  1. New age travel ideas especially during this time. It certainly save on travel expenses and time. Less tiring as well.

    • Absolutely – you get all the perks of discovering a new destination with non of the downsides of the tiring transit experience :D Win / win for new age travel!

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