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With a new festival slated for the year and an exciting land set to open in Disney’s Animal Kingdom, Disney World in Orlando has a host of offerings that make it an exciting place to visit with the family.

But if you’re short on time, you want to make your Disney World experience as memorable as possible. The following are 6 tips to help you navigate your day.

Put Together a List of Must See’s

While you don’t need to spend a fortune on a Disney vacation to have a great time, you do need to plan for your trip. Before you begin your Disney World adventure in Orlando, you want to make a list of some must see attractions.

If you’re into rides, check the Internet for a setup of the park. Here you’ll find the latest news and add-ons. If you’re into shows, fireworks displays or other events, you can also get the latest times and dates.

Castle fireworks

Find the Right Vacation Package

Getting away on a mini trip with the family allows you a break free from everyday life. Westgate Reservations Disney Vacations creates a memorable vacation package for you and your family. Whether you’re looking to spend 3 nights in Orlando or extend your stay to a week and beyond, they have something to match your needs.

If you’re on limited time, your family may want to explore Disney World in a single day. This leaves the other remaining days free, so you can relax and explore the other features and amenities of the resort.

From pools and water parks to a movie theater and game rooms, you can pick how you want to spend your time.

Buy Tickets in Advance of Your Trip

Once you’ve determined the park that you want to attend, you’ll want to purchase tickets in advance of your visit. Waiting until you arrive will be a waste of time, and if you’re only in Orlando a short time, you don’t want to spend hours standing in a long line.

Will call tickets may also have a significant wait. The best option is to purchase the tickets after you’ve set your itinerary and have the information sent directly to you.

Universal Studios Japan

Eat at Odd Hours

Disney World is known for being the happiest and friendliest place on earth. But if you’ve spent the majority of your day standing in long attraction lines, you don’t want to wait for meals too.

You can avoid crowded restaurants by eating at odd hours. The best time is between 2 and 4 p.m. If you can wait, you may also want to schedule dinner after 7 p.m. Food lines also disappear during the parade.

Food at Disney doesn’t come cheap. If you’re staying at a villa or you have kitchenette accommodations, keep breakfast or sandwich items on-hand to cut down on expenses.

Schedule Fast Passes for the Family

When you’re making out your itinerary and purchasing tickets for the park, you can also secure fast passes via the Disney app or online. While you’re only allowed 3 fast passes a day, this could cut down your waiting time significantly for certain popular attractions.

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad roller coaster

Get an Early Start

If you’ve only planned to spend one day at Disney World, you want to arrive early. This allows you to get a head start on families who have a tough time getting started in the morning.

Hit the most popular venues first and save everything else for later in the day. If you have the energy, you can plan on staying until the park closes. This allows you to take in parades and any fireworks or laser shows.


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Photo credits: Castle Fireworks by JD. Theme park parade by Travel-Ling. Big Thunder Mountain Railroad roller coaster by Joe Penniston.


  1. Eating at odd hours, I like that. I am pretty odd at everything. I always eat at odd times everyday so I guess I can do this one.

    • Haha sounds like you’ve got this one under control then! Really does make a difference if you can skip those peak lunch hour queues :)

  2. I haven’t been to Disney World, but I have been many times to Disneyland. I could have used a few of those tips to improve our day, like the fast passes, and the eating at odd hours, although we always eat dinner after 7pm.

    • Honestly the same tips are pretty well applied to any theme park situation :) Yes, really does make a difference if you can skip those peak lunch and dinner hour queues!

  3. Disney vacation is on the list and we would definitely not want to miss on those amazing fireworks and parades. We weren’t aware of the fast passes it does make a great deal to save time.

    • Yes, can definitely recommend the fast passes when you do organize a trip – standing in line is such a bummer to the day, so if you can put in the effort before hand to plan everything out with your passes, you’ll have more time to utilize which means more rides and more FUN :D

      Hope you have the chance to organize a Disney vacation soon!

  4. I had heard so much about the Disney land but never knew that you had to plan it ahead well. I think getting fast passes and having meals at odd hours would help greatly. I would probably prefer watching fireworks display if I were to visit.

    • Do keep in mind that there is a difference between Disney land and Disney World … lol too confusing I know!! But the tips are pretty much the same – because theme parks are such a popular attraction, it definitely pays to plan out a strategy for your day :)

      Happy travels!

  5. Disney is one place, where a lot of people go at this time. It was wonderful to read all those tips and guidelines!. The tips like eating at odd hours will be actually quite helpful!. Disney is always a fun riot anywhere in the world.

    • Haha that’s very true – even if Disney is a bit of a riot, it’s always an incredible day! Glad the tips were helpful!

  6. Thanks for your great and useful tips!
    Your trip to Disney World in Orlando is filled with so much fun!
    I thinks I must be able to have a fun trip next time when I go to the amusement parks by following your tips! :)

    • You’re welcome June! Glad we could help :) Yes, Disney World makes for such an incredible day of fun, even as an adult without kids :D! Have a great trip!

  7. These are some really great pieces of advise for Disneyland lovers. I have been to many of their parks around the World and it can get frustrating, when we have to stand in line for hours to be able to get food or get on a ride.

    • Absolutely – and really, the above can be applied to any theme park scenario – it can definitely take away from the day if you’re standing in lines for the whole time every time you want food or to take a ride.

  8. Disney world is a fun world to visit. Your tips are really helpful to get the maximum out of your trips as it becomes very difficult to get passes on its peak times.

    • The happiest place on earth :D Glad our tips were helpful! Happy travels :)

  9. Great suggestions! I’ve only been once, but I hope to take my grandchildren there at some point!

    • Thanks Maribeth! Have a wonderful time with your grandchildren when you travel next :)

  10. Heading there in two weeks! with only a couple of days, we will certainly be using some of these strategies

    • Have an amazing time Jeremy! Glad we could help :)

  11. Disney land has great attraction to both kids and adults, i always dream to be there, but no chance to go always. Thanks for your share, i will take the opportunity to have a trip there very soon.

    • Glad you enjoyed the post Cindy, I hope you will have the chance to visit in the future :)

  12. Disney Fastapsses are key to avoid some of the lines and also to cut down on the vacation stress that can happen. If you stay at a Disney World resort (on property) you get to book Fastpasses 60 days in advance which helps you get some harder to get rides.

    • Absolutely, fastpasses are a must for maximizing your day at the park. Great tip on staying on property for getting access to them earlier than everyone else. Thanks for your comment :)

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