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Tips to Take Better Instagram Photos

People love Instagram, and if you are one of them, this post is for you.

Here, we will tell you some of the secrets to take better Instagram photos and get more likes and comments on your photos.

So, continue reading. Hope you enjoy the post.

Instagram clicks

The camera in the Instagram app is terrible. Avoid using it to take your shot.

The camera in-app is average and lacks several important features like zoom, slow-mo and other important features. Apart from this, it actually crops your image into a square.

So, avoid using it if you want a really good click.

Remember, good clicks with the perfect filter can make your clicks better.


Steady clicks

If you are shaking, you can expect blur and the result would be a request for another click.

So, keep steady while clicking.

However, if you have shaky hands, look for support. Anchor yourself to something like a bench, friend’s shoulder or a tree. Look for support and get the steady click.

Know your square

Ah, don’t get me wrong!

I am talking about Instagram’s square. So, you should know that the target you are focusing on should be in the center.

If you have an iPhone and you are using iOS 7, you can shoot photos with a square frame automatically.

For this, you need to open your native camera app and swipe right.


As noted above, focus is important. Tap on your smartphone’s screen and improve your image’s clarity.

Editing apps

Peek into your app store, and you will find some of the best editing apps. Download a number of them, test them and keep just one that is perfect for your needs. In some cases, you might opt for two editing apps. That’s okay!

Why editing apps?

Well, your Instagram has basic filters that can improve your image. However, some editing apps have filters and options that can further improve your Instagram photos. So, don’t skip them. Look for some and choose the best.


If you are an iPhone user, you can magically improve your image’s quality by using this app. Camera+ is an iOS app (paid) that has a number of feature like straighten, rate, add a soft focus, adjust your photo’s exposure and much more. Do it all with just a few clicks.

However, it is paid and if you can spend $1.99 for this app, go ahead and install it. It will prove to be a worthy investment.

Look good

Long Beach (28)

Well, most of your problems will be solved if you are looking good.

Light makeup, beautiful dress, and an amazing background will make for the perfect click.

Choosing a background is completely your responsibility. If you are looking for makeup products or a cute, little dress, you should visit Neiman Marcus and look for options.

If you choose an expensive product, look for 10% coupons to get an amazing discount on your purchases. You can find coupons at popular online coupon sites.

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