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How to Travel Responsibly With the Use of Your Mobile Gaming Device


Travelling the world and experiencing different cultures is a truly valuable human experience, and is often considered to be a luxury. But in your own little way, you can reduce the impact when you travel by abiding with these simple tips and guidelines that can make your journey worthwhile, while of course conserving local natural resources and supporting indigenous cultures and heritages in the process.

Your smart phone can serve as a very useful tool upon travelling when navigating the streets of Marrakech or New Delhi, but are you also aware that your smart phone is not only good for your favorite mobile games but can also be the source of some worthwhile energy conserving tips? Here’s how.

Many of us find joy in documenting our travels, and a digital camera and a smart phone are some of the tools that every traveler should always possess in their arsenal. Running out of batteries could spell disaster, especially if you’re already starting on your trek to Machu Picchu and there aren’t any charging stations or convenience stores around.

National Geographic strongly suggests to “Remember to bring rechargeable batteries and your battery charger. This reduces toxic waste, saves the environment and your pocketbook,” says Alyssa Johnson, president of Oro Azul, a Seattle-based ecotourism and sustainable tourism consulting, and international small business development firm.  She also says to National Graphic to “Check your destination’s power supply to see if you will also need a power converter.

Experts from mobile gaming app pocket fruity also recommend to “adjust the brightness of your screen to a more suitable, less energy-consuming level. You’ll find this option somewhere in your mobile settings.” Mobile games like this can also be played even without a WIFI connection so it consumes less battery allowing use for other tasks such as taking photos.

There won't always be charging stations or convenience stores around.

There won’t always be charging stations or convenience stores around. Photo by eGuide Travel.

Even if you’re hitting the jackpot among those colorful slot machines in Vegas, or having some zen time out in Cambodia, you can do your part by traveling in the most sustainable manner.  Global travel service provider, Kuoni Group imparts some of their sage wisdom in sustainable travelling:

  • Help to save water, e.g. by using your towels and bed linen for several days.
  • Reduce your own energy consumption, e.g. by switching off lights, the TV and the air-conditioning when you don’t need them.

Only leave your footprints behind: properly dispose of all your waste. If you take excursions, choose the ones that don’t put unnecessary strain on the local people and environment. Travel “slowly”; and if you’re not going far, take the train.

Choose excursions which don’t put unnecessary strain on the local people and environment.

Choose excursions which don’t put unnecessary strain on the local people and environment. Photo by John Shortland.

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