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Picture miles upon miles of white sandy beaches, clean surf breaks, epic waves, and water so warm there’s no need for a wetsuit.

Costa Rica is a surfers paradise, and a world class surfing destination for beginners and surf pros alike. With beaches less crowded than that of California, Indonesia, Hawaii and Australia, Costa Rica was the perfect location for an uncoordinate like myself to learn to surf. And believe it or not, by the end of my lesson I managed to stand on the board!

Want proof?

Wondering where and when to head to Costa Rica for your next surf break? Everything you need to know can be found below!


  1. A friend from Australia asked me where and when I can surf in Costa Rica?… I smiled and answered him with a friendly voice. Every single day , everywhere you want… Thanks god The Ticos have many great surf spots in both coast for every level and intentions.

    Wonderful infographic design.

    • Such a wonderful country!! I would still be there right now if I could … have to get some more surfing experience before I hit proper waves though :D!!

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