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Sunday Snapshot: Black Caiman


Black Caiman

Black Caiman, Peru

Deep within the Peruvian Amazon exists a predator like no other – the Black Caiman.  The largest member of the Alligatoridae family,  their prey include common Amazonian species such as various monkeys, sloths, armadillos, pacas, and capybaras, as well as species of deer, peccaries, tapirs, anacondas, giant otters and domestic animals including pigs, cattle horses and dogs.

Their teeth designed to grab but not chew, the Caiman generally swallow their food whole after drowning it.  Although apparently they are immune to species of Amazonian butterfly!


 About The Photographer

Mike is an American photographer who has been travelling and photographing the world for the last 7 years.  His wife Megan is an Australian Journalist, and after having met in Africa in 2010 they have continued traveling and made the world their home.

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  1. That is one awesome shot and one scary crocodile! How in the world did you capture that perfect moment?

    • Thanks Cathy! Hours of sitting in the one spot!! – the shot was worth it though!

  2. Fantastic photo- the colours are so vibrant.

    • Thanks Katie! One of our favorite!

  3. I’ll at once understanding your current rss feed when i can’t find ones email membership web page link or e-newsletter services. Have you got almost any? I implore you to permit me understand to make sure that I was able to sign up to. Thanks.

    • Hi there – thanks for your comment. You can find our signup forms for both email membership and e-newsletter placed on our sidebar on the right.

      Have a wonderful day.

  4. Nice photo but the text is wrong- black caiman are the largest among the alligatoridae family (a subdivision of the Crocodilian family that includes alligators and caiman).

    They are smaller than at least three species of crocodiles.

    • Thanks Pac – my bad re the info, thanks for clarifying :) Have edited it so it’s now correct!

      Have a great weekend – thanks for visiting.

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