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Our wooden boat crashed violently into the dense tree line to a chorus of ear-piercing screeches which shattered the otherwise tranquil setting. The next thing we knew we were under attack and being yelled at to hold onto our gear.

3 squirrel monkeys leapt from the treetops and launched themselves onto our boat. 3 more followed. Before I knew it I was in a tug of war over the ownership of our GoPro, and I was losing.

This was the Amazon.

First inspection.

First inspection.

Reaching to claim it as his own.

Reaching to claim it as his own.

Going in for the kiss.

Going in for the kiss.

Thankfully he couldn't bite through the waterproof seal!

Thankfully he couldn’t bite through the waterproof seal!

We have decided we should write to GoPro and pitch a new campaign. Their campaigns to date have focused on high adrenalin activities and extreme sports, but not so much on exotic wildlife. So we came up with “GoWild! GoPro”.

What do you think?!


 About Megan Claire

Megan is an Australian Journalist who has been travelling and blogging around the world for the last 7 years to inspire others to embark on their own worldwide adventure!  Her husband Mike is an American travel photographer, and together they have made the world their home.

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  1. Those cheeky monkeys, always nicking stuff.

    I think you could be onto something with that campaign.

    I’ve never had or used a Go Pro but a lot of people seem to be talking about them. Are they worth it? What is the major difference to other cameras?

    • Always! Lol I would say their thievery detracts from their cuteness a bit!

      GoPro is definitely worth it – it’s small, versatile and works amazingly underwater. Footage is HD and you can use it for photos, time lapse etc as well as video. Works well in all weather conditions and is great for extreme sports. We have a tonne of mounts which allows us to attach it to helmets, bikes, extenders, you name it. Swear by GoPro!

  2. SO CUTE! I am deciding on a go pro or not. This monkey looks like he wants one too. For sure they need to do a wildlife campaign. Can you imagine it in Costa Rica. Would be awesome.

    • They’re popular with everyone! Lol I’ll be sure to make sure it is fastened and secured to my hand when we make it back to Costa Rica – those monkeys are just as devious :D!!

  3. Cool story, but I want to see the Video!!! ;-)

    • Video soon to come!!

  4. Haha this happened to us at Manuel Antonio National Park in Costa Rica except it was a baby white face monkey. Took a lot of coaxing to get it back and he kind of scratched the case but at least he missed the lens. Cheeky little things!

    • Glad you coaxed it back! When we were in Costa Rica we were told to make sure we had taken off all jewellery when around the monkeys – apparently they have a habit of ripping shiny objects away from people!!

  5. When we left our doors not properly locked in Sri Lanka the monkeys had a field day. My natural supplements were the most popular item, and the kids fizzy drinks. Following a big clear up job, we woke in the morning to whole band of our enthusiastic neighbours on the balcony hoping for more.

    • Oh gosh, and they say you should watch out giving kids fizzy drinks and sugar – I cant imagine how crazy the monkeys would have gone lol!

      I will make a note to keep doors properly locked when we get the chance to visit Sri Lanka! Glad it turned out ok – at least you have a pretty amazing story to tell after the fact!

  6. Oh these cheeky little monkeys! I used to work at a zoo and we had the same problems with squirrel monkeys and cameras. Although, I can imagine they’re wilder in the wild. I still love them though!

    And you should definitely go for that campaign! Everyone likes a wildlife one. ;) Would you recommend getting a Go Pro?

    • Absolutely recommend getting a GoPro – it’s the best adventure travel camera we’ve got, and we’re actually thinking about getting another one. Our Nikon Coolpix which we specifically bought for underwater photography actually broke in the Galapagos while we were snorkeling, but the GoPro held strong, and produced great quality images.

      Can’t recommend it highly enough :)

  7. Those silly monkeys like all shiny things. Years ago they tried to take my son’s Swiss Army knife on a trip in the Amazon jungle. He was 8. The knife was on a chain and he told everyone it was for survival. The monkey grabbed it and they where pulling back and forth. To this day he tells everyone he was attacked by a monkey! He is now 23 and he needs a go pro for his adventures!!

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