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Authored by Guy Richardson

Andalucía, in Spain’s south, is the country’s largest autonomous community and is well known as the land of bullfighting, siestas and passionate flamenco dancing. What are the Best places to visit in Andalucia?

For those travellers keen to see more of Andalucía, a rented or borrowed car allows you to reach those authentic, small town destinations without the hassle of trains and regional buses. There are so many little towns to visit, but if you do hire a car, you should definitely visit these five Andalucían gems.


Best accessed by car and rich in traditional Baroque architecture, knowledge of Osuna’s beauty is growing rapidly as word spreads that the Game of Thrones series was partly filmed in the city’s stunning Plaza de Toros.

With a visit to Osuna’s cathedral and main centre completed, with a car you can also visit the ruins on the outskirts of town and get spectacular views of the city below. What are the best roadtrips in Spain?

When you’re hungry, treat yourself to dining in style for lunch or dinner in the majestic 18th century Palacio del Marqués de la Gomera. Osuna is a particularly good destination to overnight, with lovely hotels and restaurants to keep you out and busy. Where to go in Andalucia


Set into the side of a rocky mountain, the picturesque village of Seteníl is a must for those travellers with a car in Andalucía. The village is Andalucían through and through: winding, narrow streets that can often scrape the mirrors on either side of your car, homely tapas fare at the local restaurants and white painted cave-houses set against beautiful mountain slopes.

Don’t let the large, overhanging rock put you off lunch either: grab a seat at one of the local cave-restaurants, order one of the many types of grilled cerdo (pork) and enjoy the unique view. Things to do in Andulucia


If you’re road tripping with the kids (or you’re just a big kid a heart), a visit to the blue village of Júzcar south of Ronda will send you into Smurf overload.

Now you’re probably thinking, aren’t Andalucían villages meant to be white? In 2011, Sony Pictures marketed the Smurf movie by offering to temporarily paint this small village completely in blue. Where is the blue town?

The response amazed locals, and hugely increased visitor numbers, that they voted at a community meeting to keep the blue façade. The village is now inundated every weekend with hordes of families with plenty to do for the kids.

Jerez de la Frontera

Best known for its rich flamenco tradition and extensive range of excellent quality fortified wines (aka sherry), Jerez de la Frontera is a perfect stop on any Andalucían road trip. Best towns in Andalucia

The beautiful baroque Cathedral de San Salvador and lunch or dinner in one of the many restaurants around Plaza del Arenal should delay your inevitable final destination: the Jerez sherry bodegas.

Stop at a number of local distillers of quality Jerez, but be warned, you’ll probably want to leave the car overnight to make the very most of it. You can also try a glass or two of Jerez in any of the local restaurants, Pedro Ximenez and Tío Pepe being the most well-known brands among them.


One great drive from Cádiz is the isolated Bolonia beach. A key Roman trading port back in a past life, the village is now a small pueblo only accessible by road. And it’s well worth the visit. What to do in Andalucia

Set against a spectacular backdrop of the Atlantic Ocean, you can wander through ruins of the Roman town, including the Roman forum and an incredibly well-preserved Roman theatre. When the hours have passed, stroll down to the popular waterfront cafes and restaurants and sample the fresh seafood delights. Where should I go in Andalucia

Remember, the best thing about road tripping is seeing places at your own pace and on your own terms. As nothing is done in ‘quick time’ in Andalucía, give yourself the freedom and time to really explore this fascinating place in a little more detail.

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Kim-ling and Guy are a married couple who share a love of travelling. They have recently finished an 8 month working-holiday in Andalucía, Spain.

They are self-confessed hispanophiles and love all things Spanish. In between flamenco lessons, eating tapas and experiencing the best that Spanish culture has to offer, they run their own travel blog

They have recently visited their 29th country, and are currently working out when, where and how to get to number 30. You can follow their whirl-wind adventures on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

Photo credits: Featured photo by Tommie Hansen. Osuna Cathedral by Travel-Ling. Osuna city by Aapo Haapanen. Tapas in Seteníl by Travel-Ling. Street under a rock by Michael Gaylard.  Juzcar by Travel-Ling. Jerez by Travel-Ling. Catedral de San Salvador by Tony Bowden


  1. This has brought back so many memories! Road tripping through Andalucía is definitely something that everyone should do if they get to visit Spain!

    • I’m hoping I have the chance to visit Spain and take you up on your recommendations soon! Thanks for the great guest post :)

  2. Great article. This is def. a keeper! Thanks!

    • Glad you enjoyed the post Angelika! Hope you have the chance to visit Andalucia soon :)

    • Thanks Angelika! We certainly enjoyed our time exploring Andalucía by car and hopefully you can too!

  3. Despite living in Andalucia, I still have only scratched the surface.

    Love your suggestions. Jerez de la Frontera was already on my “must visit” list… but the others are added now too!

    Elle xx

    • I’ve found that when we’re living in a place it seems to take longer to get out and explore our direct surroundings. Have just started realizing that I’ve hardly seen any of my home town yet travelers rave about it!

      Hope you can get our for some local staycations soon :) Enjoy!

    • Thanks Elle! There is so much to see in Andalucía! Where are you based? Ronda is also a beautiful destination, easier reached by car. Despite travelling every weekend, we still have to much more to see in Spain! Enjoy!

  4. Great information- and great memories.
    I finally understood the different voice I was hearing in this post- when i got to the end and realized it was a guest post. Nice to meet you Guy/Kim-Ling

    • Glad you enjoyed the post Roy! Yes, love accepting guest post submissions as they allow to to bring everyone stories from places I haven’t yet been … my bucketlist grows a little with each new guest post published :D!

    • Thank you Roy! Nice to meet you too! Have you travelled much through Spain?

  5. Alright next time I am in Spain I need to rent a car!

    • Yes, do it! So much more flexible and means you can take in destinations at your own pace. Love me a good road trip :D!

    • Yes! Renting a car is relatively cheap in Spain (and the longer the rental, the cheaper the daily rate gets!). We didn’t do it often, but definitely recommend it to see some of the hidden gems!

  6. While the culture and architecture of Júzacar and Jerez de la Frontera are beautiful, the built-into-the-cliffs town of Sentíl is gorgeous and unique in a very interesting way for a city to interact with its environment. Cool post!

    • Thank you Mary! Seteníl is definitely a unique site to see! We had lunch right under the overhanging cliff and when you step inside the bar, you realise they have literally dug into the cliff to build it! All of the walls and ceiling were the made from the rocks of the cliff! Bolonia is also a lovely site, as the Roman ruins are right on the beach! Hopefully we can return and find even more hidden gems!

  7. Woah, that was surprising. I thought for a moment that the town about to get crushed.

    • Seteníl is definitely unique!!

    • It’s a strange feeling to be driving through the narrow streets and walk right under the hanging cliff! I won’t lie, part of me was paranoid about it falling on top of us!

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