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As a traveler, do you ever get annoyed carting around big, bulky containers once you have finished eating from them? Ever go camping or 4 wheel driving and get annoyed with the space the empty containers take up? Or trying to find a space to put them? Collapsible tupperware for travelers

Or perhaps you’re sick of putting rubber bands around your lunch box so the lid doesn’t come off in your bag spilling the contents all over the place. Or using plastic cutlery. It seems more accessible, sure, but in reality it’s often hopeless to use and harmful to the environment. Lunch containers that collapse

For those who travel long term, cooking on the road is one of the most practical solutions to keeping your expenses low. It’s healthier than eating out, and there are substantial savings to be found in trading restaurants for grocery stores.

Though one obstacle to eating on-the-go is kitchenware. Space-saving, multi-purpose, reusable kitchenware is difficult to find. And that is exactly why the Roaming Cooking range was born; collapsible kitchen containers for travelers which you can cook in, eat out of, are easy to wash, easy to use, and when not in use, folds down to a third of it’s size. It’s brilliant! ( for Australians). Travel with collapsible containers

Even more exciting, enter the sweepstakes at the end of this review; 3 readers will take home a Collapsible Silicone Container Set with accompanying Cutlery Set from the Roaming Cooking range before Christmas.

Collapsible Silicone Container Set with Lock Lids

This is essential travel gear for those who do their own cooking on the road. The Silicone Container Set comes with two collapsible containers. The larger container can hold 750ml, and the smaller 300ml. Such a simple concept, and so brilliant and versatile in design. Kitchenware to travel with

The silicone allows each container to quite literally squash down to nearly nothing, and each have been created with a durable non-stick design. When tested, each is absolutely leak proof. Nothing gets past those lockable lids; imagine being able to safely travel with soup! The airtight leak-proof lockable lid is purposely made without an air vent to ensure liquid contents don’t spill into your bag or day pack, and food in these containers stays fresh. The best thing about containers made from silicone is that they don’t get damaged or bust open in your pack. Are collapsible containers a real thing

The containers are multi-purpose, and can be used in the dishwasher, the microwave, the freezer and the oven. Due to the airtight design though, for microwave use, place lid on angle allowing air to vent.

Another great feature is that they are non stick meaning if you’re using them to bake, you don’t need to line with baking paper or cooking spray which aren’t always handy when travelling. The silicone can withstand up to 190 degrees Celsius or 375 farenheit in the oven. It is made of BPA free, premium quality food grade silicone. Best tupperware to travel with

One other fabulous feature over other silicone bakeware is that these containers have a hard rim, making it easier to carry to the oven!

These are incredibly versatile containers, that every traveler can use. They can be used for storing and heating up leftovers, storing your lunch, carrying soup, cooking a meal, serving food and even baking a cake!  When not in use, they conveniently collapse to more than half their size, the small one fitting snugly into the larger container, for ultra-easy carrying and storage whether you’re at home, in a caravan, in the office or on top of a mountain.

View product page on their website.

3 Piece Lightweight Stainless Steel Travel / Camping Cutlery Set and Case

Travel cooking utensils


It’s very handy to have a cutlery set on hand in your pack whenever you need it, and far too often we have traveled with plastic cutlery and spent an hour trying to fish plastic pieces of a snapped fork out from our food.

Whether you’re traipsing around a city, hiking in the mountains, enjoying a picnic in the park or on your lunch break at work, you need to rely on top-quality utensils wherever and whenever it’s time to eat. So Roaming Cooking’s 3 piece cutlery set (spoon, fork and knife) is a fabulous addition to purchase along with their containers. Travel with a knife fork and spoon

The fork is 17.5cm, spoon 17cm, and knife 18cm, and they are made from a lightweight stainless steel. Best of all they come in a stylish neoprene case for hygienic compact storage, and they pass the bend test! Highly durable in design. Best cutlery sets to travel with travel with utensils for travelers

Having a durable cutlery set on standby ensures you won’t have to settle for one of those flimsy plastic forks ever again!

View product page on their website.


Because this is such an epically awesome product, we are giving 3 sets of the containers and cutlery away! Competition is open to everyone and is open until 11.59 pm Wednesday 16 December, GMT+11 Australian Eastern Daylight Time (Sydney). There are 6 ways to enter – register your entry below!

Space Saving Collapsible Tupperware For Travelers


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Photo credit: Bonus Grocery Store Iceland by The Legendary Adventures of Anna. 


  1. Looks like some great stuff for a hiking trip!

    • Perfect for it! Good luck :)

  2. These will work awesomely on a days hike form my campervan on when just camping. Great competition!

    Everything that’s flatpack is a winner for me!

    • Best of luck in the draw :)

  3. I love the idea of these collapsible containers! These are so handy for carrying food on the road :)

    • Such a brilliant concept right! Good luck in the contest!

  4. I have a similar container set and it’s so practical! I definitely recommend getting something like that for travelling. I’m always cooking myself when I travel as it’s so much cheaper and this way you can keep the leftovers for the next day :)

    • Absolutely! We love them too – so convenient, and so much less waste being able to take leftovers with you when you’re on the road :)

  5. My husband would love these. His mother was in Tupperware for years and he’s all about stackable and multi-purpose.

    • Good luck in the competition! Winning might take care of your Christmas shopping for you!!

  6. I could see these being really useful. And the fact that you can fold them, AND use them in the oven? Brilliant!

    • Isn’t it! The ultimate in travelers kitchenware being able to use it to cook and to store food. I love that it’s safe in the dishwasher, oven and microwave too – multi purpose products like this are a gold mine!

  7. We are going to be moving back Stateside soon and hope to RV the country. I’ve been obsessed with “small living” solutions and am shocked this hasn’t come up yet. This would be PERFECT for a campervan where we don’t have much space!!

    • RV-ing around the States sounds like a wonderful plan! This would definitely be perfect for such a trip – really need multi purpose, versatile products when you’re constantly on the road – the range from Roaming Cooking are the only collapsible set of kitchenware I’ve found – also can’t believe that the idea isn’t more widespread!

      So simple, but so handy and brilliant!

  8. Wow. These are amazing. I rarely go camping, but next time I do I might have to try these.

    • Definitely look into the range then – even if it’s not that often that you head out to camp, these are pretty brilliant even for use around the house :)

  9. Well, this looks an ideal kitchen set to have on my next bicycle tour! I like the touch with the knife/fork/spoon having their own case. Fingers crossed then… you have to be in it to win it, right?!

    • Exactly! Best of luck – it really would be perfect for a bike tour :)

  10. I actually just got a couple of these last week!! They are so nice and I love them already! I really love how they collapse down to almost nothing. I didn’t even realize they were non-stick and that they could be used for baking–I guess I overlooked that part so thanks so much for sharing!

    • How amazing are they! So glad to hear you’re in love with them too … and absolutely re the non-stick – such a fab way to get cooking done too! Enjoy :)

  11. Ahh, I should take one of these with my to Tasmania – although I’ll be there for just a month, they will be exactly what we need during our upcoming trip. Thanks for the suggestion, now I’ll keep fingers crossed I’ll win one of them :-)

    • Absolutely – would be amazing for your trip – so jealous that you’ll be visiting my home state! I’m hoping to get to Tasmania again soon but to really travel and explore this time – every trip to date has pretty much just been about visiting and catching up with family so we haven’t actually seen much of the destination itself.

  12. Honestly, these would be amazing for small apartments too! I live in Amsterdam and finding space for kitchen stuff is such a pain! But I’d happily take them traveling too!

    • Very true! They’re an all round fantastic product – I use mine when at home too :)

  13. These containers are genius! They sound perfect for travel, camping, picnicking, or just bringing food to work! They are also a great alternative to plastic-ware, like you said. I definitely want them, and the cutlery!

    • Absolutely! And the fantastic thing is that they’re affordable too! Definitely head on over to the Roaming Cooking site to order some for your travels in 2016 :)

  14. What brilliance! These would be great when you need stuff you can carry around when going on a trip. The containers are quite thoughtful, and their multi-purpose nature is definitely a plus for me. I think any camper and hiker should learn about this – a great share!

    • So glad you enjoyed the post Lorna, and that we could introduce you to the Roaming Cooking range. The containers really are a lifesaver – so practically thought out and useful when you’re out adventuring :)

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