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Solo Travel in Norway: What You Should Know

Travel experts worldwide have ranked Norway as one of the best places for solo travel. With its majestic landscape, fascinating history and colorful architecture, Norway has a lot to offer.

While some of its best destinations are quite remote, that’s not to say you can’t enjoy your solo adventures exploring the country and interacting with some of the friendliest people in the world.

If you’re a nature lover, you will appreciate the natural beauty and spectacular scenery of the country. If you’re planning to travel solo to Norway, here’s what you should know:

How Long Does it Take to Explore the Country?

Norway is quite vast, but you can explore much of the country within two weeks. However, this depends on what type of solo travel you are planning.

Are you planning to explore the cities or simply want to see the great Norwegian Fjords? There is a lot to explore and numerous outdoor activities to engage in during your visit.

If you’re planning to see pretty much the whole country, start from the bottom to the top of Norway, beginning with the country’s capital, Oslo and ending in the remote Northern city, Tromsø where you can enjoy seeing the colorful Northern Lights. You can also opt to visit only the west, south or focus on coastal attractions.

What About Accommodation?

Norway offers a wide variety of accommodation options. While the country is known for being expensive, you can make your solo travel cheaper by bringing a tent with you.

The country has wild camping, meaning you can camp anywhere for free so long as you get the property owner’s permission. If you don’t have a tent, you can easily find cabins for hire. Find Airbnb properties in cities that are a lot cheaper than staying in a hotel and enjoy interactions with knowledgeable locals.

If you’re planning to explore rural Norway, look into the Norwegian Trekking Association to find cabins along the way. You can also find lodges, resorts, boutique hotels and chain hotels to stay. Go for accommodations that are solo traveler favorites.

Norway Tours: The Best Way to See Norway

As a solo traveler, you may be a bit stretched out when it comes to deciding where to go and what activities to engage in. According to Norway Tours, a company that offers planned tours and activities for travelers, there is no better way to take the stress out of your solo travel than joining tours, especially if you have limited travel time.

Tours offer you an opportunity to explore and see top attractions and the hidden gems of the rural Norwegian culture and lifestyle.

From city tours to railway tours, Northern light tours to self-drive tours, biking tours to hiking tours and wildlife safaris, there are lots of options offered by local tour companies. Just make sure to find the right one with the best tour packages.

How to Get Around

Getting around Norway is very easy with a car, but traveling solo can end up being too expensive. One of the best ways to move around affordably is by train.

Norway offers some of the world’s most scenic train journeys. From the NSB trains that cut through beautiful landscape to the Rail Europe: Eurail Norway Pass that offers 3-8 days of rail travel within a month, moving around by train offers a memorable encounter with Norway’s beauty.

You can also find great internal flights with Norwegian Airlines or Scandinavian Airlines that are ideal when you want to travel fast. Buses are also available for long distance solo travels, for instance, from Bergen to Trondheim.

Another way to enjoy your solo travel is by opting for fjord cruises that top the list of almost every traveler to Norway. If you want some physical challenge, opt to cycle your way around cities or when you get to your destination.


Whether you’re visiting Norway to cycle the fjord coastline, see the Northern lights, spot humpback whales, learn about Viking history or enjoy winter activities, you’ll definitely want to bring your camera for those special photoshoots.

With its many popular destinations and friendly culture, Norway is a must visit for solo travelers.


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Photo credits: Northern lights by Moyan Brenn.  Camping by Jurriaan Persyn.

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