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Women are becoming more and more financially and intellectually independent. They spend more on experiences and travel than ever before, and there are an increasing number of women who travel solo and/or move to foreign countries for work as well as leisure, though often find themselves with no connections besides perhaps some work colleagues.

And while solo female travel is increasing by +30% year after year, sometimes it just comes down to the fact that you don’t want to travel alone. So the Pinktrotters network was born; a social network which allows women to build relationships with other like- minded women, head out on group trips, join events, and find out where the best hairdresser/spa/bar/restaurant in any given town is. Solo female travel don’t want to travel alone. 

Most other social networks are mixed gender and are sometimes used as a dating platform by men, often looking for something more than just a friendship. Though a women only network ensures a platform which offers a fun and entertaining way for women to get together and enjoy their time out of the office wherever they are, sharing their passions in fashion, wellness, food, travel and arts! Find women to travel with. 

I this week spoke to Eliana Salvi, the founder of Pinktrotters, about her fantastic network. There’s also a fabulous group called Solo Female Travelers on Facebook for connecting with other women too.

Introducing Pinktrotters: A Social Network for Women Who Don’t Want to Travel Alone

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Also check out She Roams Solo – like Pinktrotters, this is another great community and forum for women who travel solo.

Interview with Eliana Salvi

What do you love the most about travelling?

I love being able to get to know new people and cultures, feeling lost in places I don’t know. But, what I actually enjoy the most, is connecting with women everywhere I go, that’s the reason why Pinktrotters exists, isn’t it?

What inspired you to start travelling?

I’ve been traveling since I was a little child but I also spent my study years and the first 6 years of my work life living in different parts of the world, most of the time relocating from one country to another. Female travel partner

What is Pinktrotters all about? Tell us about your mission & the types of events you run.

Pinktrotters is a global lifestyle social network for women, the safe and trusted place to go to for events, trips and female-only privileges. Our mission is to connect women who are always on the move, because of their job or for pleasure. We offer them points of reference everywhere they go, events to attend, tips, recommended locations and privileges.

The events are organized by us at Pinktrotters, or by the Pinktrotters Ambassadors. The events can be in any of the following interests: fashion, food, arts and wellness. We want to give our ambassadors visibility on what they love to do the most and enhance their connections.

Why did you start a global lifestyle network for women?

I experienced what it means to feel lonely whilst travelling and how difficult it can be for a woman to be alone abroad. I’ve been working hard with my team to bring to life a new way of connecting women on the move, everywhere around the world, and the solution is called Pinktrotters.

How can women who travel benefit from being involved?

First of all, by signing up on our website,! But also by following us on our social media channels, and in the near future, by downloading our useful mobile app! Travel with other girls

The Pinktrotters world will be at our fingertips!

Joining and becoming a member of Pinktrotters is free. There are charges for joining events and trips however, and those can vary a lot. The average price for a weekend away is £500, while the average event price is £30. In 2016 we will introduce a VIP membership fee that during the crowdfunding campaign will be given for free, do not miss the opportunity to get it!

Pinktrotters is a global lifestyle social network for women, the safe and trusted place to go to for events, trips and female-only privileges.

What are the benefits of solo travel for women?

A woman traveling solo is often perceived as a lonely person, but this is not the case. Sometimes women prefer to travel by themselves because they need to go push their limits and go out of their comfort zone.

It’s a totally different way of travelling, it allows you to dive into new cultures as never before. Why shouldn’t you discover new places if your friends or partner aren’t available? Women travel groups I can join 

Are you comfortable travelling alone?

Yes I am! I love it for the reasons mentioned above.

How do you deal with feeling lonely if you are travelling solo?

I use the Pinktrotters network, checking out who’s going to be in town, asking them to meet up. It’s extremely useful! Female travel group

Pinktrotters is a global lifestyle social network for women, the safe and trusted place to go to for events, trips and female-only privileges.

Do you think travel is different for women than it is for men?

Not necessary. Maybe it is in certain countries, where women don’t have the rights they would deserve. Find girls to travel with

Which do you prefer? Solo travel or travelling with a group?

I prefer travelling in a group!

You are not alone, you always have someone to rely on. You can talk, laugh and share beautiful memories. How to meet women in my town

What advice would you give to encourage more women to travel?

Explore more, join our global community, we’ll help you to feel at home everywhere you go! The world will seem smaller than you thought!

What’s next for Pinktrotters?

Our super helpful mobile app, that’s for sure! You’ll have the chance to use geolocation and find out the Ambassadors, events, city spots and privileges (discounts, freebies etc) near you! Female travel alone

Everything will be just one touch away!

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Entrepreneur Eliana Salvi is the mind behind Pinktrotters. She was born and grew up in Ascoli Piceno, Italy. At the age of 19 she moved to Milan to study International Management at Bocconi University.

Inspiration for Pinktrotters struck whilst travelling around the globe for work. Eliana believes experiences are more fun and enjoyable when shared with others, especially among women, but due to her job, she often lived in foreign places for long periods of time on her own, with no connections other than perhaps some work colleagues. Eliana found it hard to meet new girlfriends and discover the trendiest, coolest and most vibrant places to go to, together. The existing social networks didn’t provide the sense of trust that she was after, and weren’t tailored to her needs.

This is why Pinktrotters was born; a powerful, international community of women who get to know each other and the countries they are visiting or living in, through glamorous, fun, events and trips. A place for women to find other women with similar interests and that enables them to network and build long-lasting relationships.


  1. Interesting to know about the apps…Seems to be really helpful to women travelers.

    • Absolutely – it’s always nice to have access to a network of like minded travelers for those who don’t necessarily want to explore by themselves :)

  2. Thanks for sharing this. Will have to have a look into this :)

    • You’re welcome Claire – hope you love the network!

  3. As someone who frequently travels alone this could be very useful. I will have to check this out!

    • Glad we could introduce you to the network Natasha :)

  4. This looks like a Great idea to get women together, I personally love to travel solo but my mum isnt as confident, I’ll definitely be letting her know about pinktrotters

    • Glad we could help Carly! It’s definitely a fabulous idea for those who may not be as confident about traveling solo. And a great way to combat the situation where you want to travel but can’t find any friends within your immediate circle to come with :)

  5. This is such a great idea! I like solo travel but I do prefer travelling as a group to certain places. For example, if it’s history or culture, i’m fine on my own. Plenty to keep me busy. If it’s more going out, beaches etc I prefer to have a friend or two to hang out with.

    • I agree – i think that there are different trips and settings where group travel wins over solo, it’s always nice to have a social group to share an experience with when you’re in a place which is a little more laid back like the beach :)

  6. How fun! this is the first time I read a post from you! and I’m going to follow you guys!

    • Thanks Ardjette – glad you enjoyed the post!

  7. What an interesting idea! Some day, when my daughter is bigger, perhaps we’ll join this group, so that I can introduce her to the brave ladies who have guts enough to do what they want :)

    • So glad you’ll be encouraging travel and exploration Jolanta! It’s the best gift a parent could give; I’m so thankful that I had parents who were encouraging and pushed me to realize that you can be courageous enough to follow your dreams :)

  8. This is a great option for women looking for solo travel but have safety concerns about traveling alone or who just want to meet new friends with like interests!

    • Exactly! A really great way to step into the world of travel too if it’s your first time though you’re too apprehensive to go it alone straight off the bat :)

  9. Thanks for the write-up on this social network! Any resource that helps women feel more confident and safe while traveling is great :-)

    • You’re welcome Rebekah, I’m glad we could introduce you to Pinktrotters. I agree with you, I’m absolutely behind anything which encourages women to get out there and travel, and gives them the resources and opportunities to do so :)

      Happy travels! I hope you enjoy being part of the Pinktrotter community :)

  10. So love it

    • I’m so glad Sabina! Enjoy the network :)

  11. What r the ages of these groups?

    • Hi Brenda, average age from what I’ve seen goes from the 24 – 45 year range. You can also check out our Facebook group called Solo Female Travelers, which had a wide age range right up to 75 We would love to welcome you to the group :)

      Happy travels! Xx

  12. Absolutely amazing concept. I just loved the idea of uniting women of like minds and that when traveling solo. I’ll definitely see upto the app whenever i’ll be traveling solo, currently just gathering the guts to travel solo

    • So glad you vibe with the concept Vanshika – it’s a truly great network, and absolutely re the power of uniting women with like minds for traveling together. It’s a really great way to ease into solo travel if you’ve never experienced it before, and even after for those trips which just go better with company :)

      Feel free to join our Facebook Group too for Solo Female Travelers, it’s a great supportive and encouraging space which will give you confidence to travel solo –

      Thanks for reading!

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