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Snow Canyon State Park is Utah’s best kept secret. Sweeping sand dunes and soaring sandstone cliffs merge with dramatic lava fields to create a strikingly colourful and fragile desert environment.

Think burnt orange sand dunes backed by burgundy red cliffs. Imagine the last rays of Utah sun dancing across canyon walls. Slot canyons more accessible than those located within larger National Parks, more than 38 miles of hiking trails, a three mile paved walking/biking trail, technical climbing, and more than 15 miles of equestrian trails.

This State Park has it all.

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Snow Canyon State Park is a 10 minute drive from St George, with a $6 entry fee per vehicle. Reductions apply for seniors, pedestrians & cyclists. 

The views were mindblowing. Sand dunes up to 2,500 feet thick, eventually cemented into stone, stood frozen by time. (Take the Petrified Dunes Trail). Hiking trails pass by pioneer names, written into rock in axle grease, dating back to 1881. (Pioneer Names Trail).

Lava flows and red rock arches, red sand which forms a giant sandbox for children (and adults in my case) of all ages; jumbled lava fields and caves formed from an ancient volcanic eruption; Snow Canyon is a gem which shines brightly against the arid mountain-desert.

With more diverse geology and FAR less tourism than that of Utah’s famed National Parks, Snow Canyon was a fantastic experience. Take a short hike to Jenny’s Canyon, explore Lava Flow Trail, and don’t miss climbing the Petrified Sand Dunes.

Jennys Canyon Utah Snow Canyon State Park

Hiking to Jenny’s Canyon.

Petrified Sand Dunes Utah

Capturing the moment atop Petrified Sand Dunes.

Time for some sand duning!

Time for some sand duning!

Petrified Sand Dunes.

Petrified Sand Dunes.

The view from the Petrified Sand Dunes.

The view from the Petrified Sand Dunes.

Driving Snow Canyon State Park.

Driving Snow Canyon State Park.

Exploring Snow Canyon State Park.

Exploring Snow Canyon State Park.

View over the Petrified Sand Dunes.

View over the Petrified Sand Dunes.

Jenny's Canyon.

Jenny’s Canyon.

Download the Park Brochure for more information.

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  1. The landscape is really awesome! But… why the heck is it called Snow Canyon??

    • Lol not actually sure on that one. Something I will have to look into! I think it may snow in Utah during the winter – perhaps that’s why!

    • Named after a MR. Snow . I think he discovered it.

    • Thanks for the info Robert! Makes sense :)

  2. Gah! Those colours are incredible! Also, I love everything about “more diverse geology and FAR less tourism”. Awesome spot!

    • Less tourism is always a bonus for us!!

  3. Wow, amazing photos and colors! I particularly like the last one! Thanks for sharing!

    • Thanks Mary! The desert is surprisingly diverse when it comes to landscape and color – wouldn’t have thought!

  4. Looks incredible. I had never even heard of the park. We’ll definitely put it on the list. Just Tweeted this to my followers.

    • Thanks Tony! It’s truly a great spot!

  5. I know one day this trip will happen and will be wonderful… :)

    • So glad to hear you’re inspired to travel to Utah! Let us know if you need any tips or advice – I look forward to seeing photos from your trip when it happens!

  6. Thank you for sharing these jaw-dropping sceneries and wonders of Utah. Wonderful blog man. Good job.

    • You’re welcome John :) Glad you enjoyed the post!

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