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One of the largest concerns when traveling is how to keep your money safe abroad, and this is especially true for female travelers who generally carry more than can fit into a bulky purse.

While guys fit everything they need into a wallet in the pocket of their jeans, we also carry makeup, perfume, our cameras, cell phone,  ID, credit cards, cash, chapstick, keys, tickets, a tampon or two, and some girls even throw in a small dog for good measure!

But carrying a bulky purse is not only painting you as a target for pickpockets, it’s annoying to filter through, and also annoying to carry. But don’t worry – I’m about to teach you a magic word: SHOLDIT.


SHOLDIT is your magic word!

SHOLDIT is a ridiculously fashionable, multi-functional scarf designed with built-in hidden zip pockets to hold and carry a women’s top essentials. It is perfectly sized to carry everything you would normally throw in your purse, and an extremely convenient alternative to carrying around a handbag.

It’s light, stylish, and will erase any safety worries you might have concerning your money and papers; SHOLDIT gives you the freedom to travel light, and is the answer to discretely stashing your cash while traveling in style at the same time.

3 things impressed me about the SHOLDIT design beyond it’s ingenious concept:

1. High quality material  – the fabric is lightweight but also strong enough to hold your essentials without buckling or forming a tear. It’s beautiful material which feels great around your neck and is insulated correctly to keep you warm.

2. It’s multi functional and can be worn in many different styles. It is designed for convenience and can be worn as an infinity neck wrap, shoulder wrap, head wrap, or easily fold into a clutch.

3. Amazing capacity – it holds a LOT! I was ridiculously impressed with just how much the pocket could hold, and truly loved the freedom on a recent food tour of Phoenix, Arizona, of not having to carry a purse.

Can you tell from the photo below that hidden in my scarf are my keys, camera, cell phone, ID, and 20 different brochures from restaurants on our tour?!


Traveling without a purse – freedom and fashion combined!


Hidden pocket to discreetly carry your travel essentials.


Multi functional – wear it many different ways.


Freedom to travel light and erase safety worries about carrying your money and passport.

But guys love SHOLDIT too – because they no longer have to carry our junk when we choose to not carry a purse, and they’ll never again hear the words “babe, can you carry my bag”.

My scarf is a Basic Beyond Blue Clutch Wrap which can be purchased online for $29.99. This one of the best travel essentials a woman can have and I’m not over exaggerating when I say I now can’t imagine living life without it around my neck!

Meg Jerrard is an Australian Journalist who has been travelling and blogging around the world for the last 7 years to inspire others to embark on their own worldwide adventure!  Her husband Mike is an American travel photographer, and together they have made the world their home.

Follow their journey on FacebookGoogle+ and Twitter.

SHOLDIT provided the Basic Beyond Blue Clutch Wrap for review. The opinion that I am going giddy over this ridiculously useful and outrageously fashionable scarf is my own. Do yourself a favor and buy one now. 


  1. I was with Megan on the food tour, and until she told me about her scarf, I had no idea it wasn’t a “regular” scarf. She sure packed a lot in there and it didn’t look out of the ordinary at all. Super fashionable and practical! I may just have to get one for myself! :)

    • Lol I think I’m still pulling food tour brochures out of that thing – the pocket is so deep! Definitely need to convince Sam to buy you one for Christmas!

  2. Want! I love scarves and the idea of hiding my most important documents close to my heart speaks to me.

    • It’s the best scarf I’ve ever owned! And they’ve got such a huge range of styles and colors so I 100% guarantee there’ll be something you love!

  3. I own one in black and so far I love it. So easy to throw on and carries a ton of stuff.

    • So glad you love yours as well! They truly are so great!! I’m thinking about buying a few different colors for more outfit choices lol!

  4. Um, that’s pretty much the coolest thing ever. Sometimes I stash important stuff in my bra, but that never works out quite as well as I hope. In fact, it usually backfires:)

    • I know!!! I used to stash stuff in my bra as well … and often in my boots if I was wearing knee highs on a night out – though this works amazingly, and I’ll now never lose loose change in my shoe or have to fish for an ID awkwardly in my bra again lol :D!

  5. What a cool product! Added to my holiday wishlist! Thanks for sharing :)

    • Hopefully it ends up in a Christmas stocking for you!

  6. That scarf looks so normal! I like the blue too – looks good on you, I think no one would think to look inside a scarf either for a wallet or belongings. Purses and pants are obvious, but scarf is so secretive. This is gonna be a Xmas present to others! Plus myself :)

    • Thanks Angelica! Blue is my favorite … and it goes with so many different things too!

      And agreed – I think if you were to get mugged overseas, no-one in their right mind would go for the scarf lol your pants maybe, but very doubtful the scarf, lol unless they thought it was too fashionable to let you keep :D

  7. What a great idea.I would love to get my daughters that for Christmas. They hate lugging around purses. Thxs!

    • The great thing is it’s brilliant and it’s cheap! $30 is the perfect price for a christmas gift!

  8. This is the coolest thing!! I’ve always hated every form of money belt/around the neck pocket thing that have ever existed and never use them. I end up carry my purse in my arms like a baby in crowded places. I want one of these!

    • This definitely sounds like it’s for you then! I have one money belt which I’ve always taken with me overseas, but I never ever wear it because it’s too bulgey and annoys me when it’s around my neck, so I always end up leaving it loose in my purse like my wallet would have been anyway.

      So this is great!

  9. This is so cool! We love how practical, and multifunctional this scarf/ bag is. Great travel hack!

    • One of the best! Hope it ends up in your stocking for Christmas!

  10. In theory I love this, but the only thing I lost during ten months of backpacking this year was my favourite scarf, so I’m not sure I’d trust myself with it.

    • Damn, sorry to hear that! Definitely an issue if you have a problem with losing scarfs! Though if you were storing your phone in the hidden pocket you could always use those ‘Where’s my iphone” apps :D!

  11. Definitely adding this to my list of must-buys before I hit the road again!

    • You won’t regret it – love mine, it’s so great!

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