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Discovering the Secrets of Sicily


The breathtaking island of Sicily is becoming more and more popular with tourists as a result of its striking man-made and natural beauty, colourful history and divine traditional cuisine.

Although the island is most famous for attractions such as Mount Etna, Agrigento and Syracuse, it is also home to a vast number of more undisclosed sites that remain undiscovered by the masses.

With this in mind, here is my guide to help you discover some of Sicily’s top secrets.

Sicily. Photo CC by Roberto.

Sicily. Photo CC by Roberto.

Sicily boasts countless untouched landscapes and hidden wonders that will no doubt bring out the avid adventurer in you.

If you are currently planning your trip, you will be able to rent one of Sicily’s picturesque coastal villas through an online booking platform in order to ensure a truly unforgettable island break.

Ragusa Ibla

This splendid hillside town is home to a number of glorious baroque churches including the phenomenal Cathedral of Saint George and the Church of Santa Lucia.

There are no less than 14 UNESCO World Heritage sites in Ragusa Ibla making this a must-see Sicilian destination for those interested in art, architecture and history.


The stunning Sicilian town is situated off the beaten tourist track and sits in an almost vertical position with respect to the sea below.

Photo CC by

Erice. Photo CC by Tommie Hansen

Awe-inspiring attractions include the majestic castles of Venus and Pepoli and the impressive ancient Elymian and Phoenician remains that can be found in the quaint town centre.

The Capuchin Catacombs of Palermo

These mysterious and suggestive catacombs, situated in the heart of Palermo, are not on the list of everybody’s top attractions to visit in Sicily.

They do, however, provide an extremely interesting insight into the island’s past and feature a staggering number of burials including a number of prominent figures in Sicilian history.


The region of Modica consists of three beautiful and relatively unknown Sicilian towns: Modica Alta, celebrated for its ornate and artistic medieval architecture, Modica Bassa, for its elegant setting and traditional ambience and finally, Modica Sorda, for its bustling modern city centre and remarkable baroque craftsmanship.

Gole dell’Alacantra

Gole dell’Alacantra is located below the slopes of Mount Etna and is home to a striking naturally carved river canyon.

Visitors have the chance to participate in guided walks and river excursions in order to get a whole new perspective of Sicily’s most celebrated volcano, whilst admiring and discovering the hidden landscape below.

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