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Sanibel Island is one of Florida’s premiere tourist destinations.  A tropical island with soft white sand, endless beaches world renowned for shelling, towering coconut palms, lush tropical foliage, and gorgeous crystal clear water, Sanibel is a tropical paradise.

Never did I believe I would be lucky enough to work anywhere close to a tropical paradise, however sure enough, upon arrival in the United States, I was promptly offered a job at the Sanibel Harbour Marriott Resort.

Working evening’s as a cocktail server is not what I expected after having finished my college degree, however there’s no denying that my office view from Charley’s Cabana Bar is far more superior to that of any corner office I would have in any law firm.

Disclaimer: I don’t know how these photographs found their way onto my phone as I am a great employee who always keeps her mobile device in the back room. 

25 July 2013. Sanibel Harbor Marriott Resort.

Mobile photography – sometimes better than the real thing! 28 July 2013. Sanibel Harbor Marriott Resort.

25 July 2013.  Sanibel Harbor Marriott Resort.

25 July 2013. Sanibel Harbor Marriott Resort.

26 August 2013.  Sanibel Harbor Marriot Resort

26 August 2013. Sanibel Harbor Marriott Resort

 Sanibel Harbour Marriott Resort.

25 October 2013. Sanibel Harbour Marriott Resort.

 Sanibel Harbour Marriott Resort.

Sanibel Harbor “Princess” is a dinner cruise which departs the hotel each evening except for Sundays and Mondays. Photo taken 3 November 2013.

 About Megan Claire

Megan is an Australian Journalist who has been travelling and blogging around the world for the last 7 years to inspire others to embark on their own worldwide adventure!  Her husband Mike is an American travel photographer, and together they have made the world their home.

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  1. I am also a sucker for a gorgeous sunset, so can completely appreciate these gorgeous photos. I just spent the fall months working on a farm during harvest, picking apples and other odd jobs, and I may or may not have also been known to take a brief break to capture some beauty as well. Awesome job!

    • Aren’t we all!! I imagine sunset photos from a farm during harvest would be spectacular! Have to stop once in a while to take in nature’s best!! Thanks!

  2. Beautiful sunsets! Makes me want to visit where you work. I’ll be sure to add it to our list when we visit Florida. I would have had no idea we should visit here without your great pictures.

    • Hit me up any time you need advice about Southwest Florida – more than happy to oblige with info on this amazing area!!

  3. You get to work everyday while you view this sunset? How do you work? Jealous, but in a good way. Nice shots!

    • I do! It takes a lot of will power not to get distracted while on shift!! We generally know when there’s an amazing sunset because everyone sitting inside instantly migrates to the outdoor balcony with their smart phones up!

  4. Oooh I do love a great sunset – beautiful photos. How amazing to have this as your “office” view. But even more amazing to be sat drinking a cocktail whilst watching that sun go down!

    • Thanks Kirsty! Pretty amazing “office” view :D It makes for a pretty great location for a cocktail bar – the outside tables are like hotcakes lol we barely have time to clear them before someone else sits down!

  5. It’s sunsets like these that make me miss living in Florida. Sitting by the water watching the sun go down is one of my favorite things.

    • Florida is definitely not the worst place I have ever ended up! No complaints here :D!

  6. Megan, these photos are stunning. It really makes me want to visit Sanibel Island. I imagine you get a big smile on your face when you see these beautiful sunsets.

    • It’s definitely the highlight of each day! You seriously should visit Sanibel Island – it’s an absolutely amazing destination!

  7. Beautiful sunsets!! I really need to make it over to Sanibel sometime soon–it looks so pretty–I can’t believe we haven’t been over there yet! Definitely a great office view :)

    • Let me know if you do get to Sanibel – I’ll come out and meet you for the day!

  8. Great pictures! Great colors!

    • Thanks Zof! I particularly love the colours of the blue and purple sunset – never seen anything like it in my life!

  9. The transition is awesome! I believe that’s only a matter of minutes!

    • It’s crazy how different each individual sunset is, and how much the colours can vary over the course of a few months!!

  10. The sunsets are beautiful, no matter how many times I view a sunset, I never tire at marveling at their beauty.

    • Completely agree with you – even seeing them every day, they never get old!

  11. Your disclaimer got me laughing haha! Great sunsets too!

    • Lol thought I would add that in for good effect – just in case a boss does see it :D

  12. Awesome place to work Meg.

    • Not too shabby!

  13. Wowe, fantastic shots! What a great place to work!

    • Thanks Charli! It does ok :D

  14. Wow, when I was a waitress in Pennsylvania, the only view I had was of the highway!

    Gorgeous photos-I can imagine it’s very difficult to concentrate on work with such a fantastic view!!

    • I guess I’m pretty lucky then!! Yo should come and be a waitress in Florida lol! It’s definitely at least a talking point to break the ice with tables!

  15. Those are definitely some gorgeous sunsets! It would certainly make working in the evening enjoyable.

    • It does indeed :D

  16. Oh man I love a good sunset. I love how they’re all so different. I wouldn’t mind working with a view like that!

    • Thats what I loved the most – that it’s always so incredibly different!

  17. Such stunning sunsets – I love the way the blues and purples come together!

    • One of the most magical I have ever seen!!

  18. I wish i could visit this beautiful island … Indeed many people only wish but some time wish may come true .Hopefully i will be one of them

    • I hope your wish comes true and you do manage to visit Sanibel soon – it really is one of those truly magical places to be :)

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