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A Guide To Romantic Adventures In Myanmar

Exotic destinations are romantic in and of themselves, but spots like Myanmar also offer some incredibly romantic activities to get your heart racing.

If you’re planning to visit Burma, seek out some tours and attractions that are sure to provide passionate bonding experiences for couples traveling together.

Hot Air Balloon Rides

Hands down, the most enchanting thing couples can do in Myanmar is take a hot air balloon ride. Float over the temples below in Bagan or drift over Lake Inle for panoramic mountain views.

Special sunrise or sunset tours provide excellent lighting for a romantic atmosphere as well as for flawless pictures from above. Some companies provide special touches, like in-flight photos or a pre-flight meal.

Balloons Bagan Myanmar Burma


For an artsy adventure, stop by some of Myanmar’s museums. Yangon, the country’s largest city, is home to a variety of places where you and your love can check out some stellar art. The National Museum is home to plenty of archeological artifacts from Burma’s rich history as well as a golden throne and various musical instruments.

Spots like River Art Gallery and Lawkanat Art Gallery also showcase the works of local painters and sculptors while small shops and markets display local handiwork made of everything from stone to cotton.

Snorkeling and Scuba Diving

Dive into the water for a Burmese adventure under the sea. There are a variety of snorkeling and scuba diving tours that will allow for a romantic trip filled with wildlife exploration and stunning scenes.

Swim around, hold hands and keep an eye out for colorful fish, various types of rays and even sharks as you head underwater. There are tours for both offshore and local dive sites that give you some flexibility on where you’ll explore.

Temples and Palaces

Myanmar—and the ancient city of Bagan, in particular—is home to sea of temples and palaces, making it easy to explore history while also glimpsing some spectacular views. Though there were once more than 10,000 temples in the area, many were destroyed over the years—but over 2,000 still remain.

With glittering gold-plated pagodas and ancient interiors filled with chambers and relics, you’ll definitely satiate your sense of adventure.

shwedagon, Myanmar

Photo courtesy of The Global Couple

Local Cooking Classes

It’s no surprise that cooking classes help bring couples closer together, but there’s something especially unique about taking them in foreign countries.

Cooking classes in Myanmar often start with a tour of the local market, where participants can purchase the ingredients they’ll use to craft Burmese cuisine. Some of these are even combined with city tours, whisking visitors away to pagodas, palaces and Buddha images after the class is over.

Stunning Sunsets

Sunsets are stunning everywhere, but they are particularly lovely in Myanmar, where the colorful light bathes Bagan’s sea of temples. The silhouettes of oddly shaped spires rise from the haze as the sun sinks lower in the sky. The higher you climb, the more of the region you can see.

Another place in Burma for incredible sunsets is Ngapali Beach along the Bay of Bengal. With puffy clouds, wild waves crashing and palm trees lining the sand, it’s your typical tropical sunset.

If you’re not an early morning person, you need to make an exception in Myanmar. Sunrise is the most spectacular time of the day.

Photo CC by Drouyn Cambridge.

Out on the Water

Getting out on the water can be a great way to find romance in Myanmar. Tours near Ngapali Beach even include a sunset boat tour, complete with fruit and other snacks on the boat while you watch.

Other boat tours in Myanmar include motorboat sightseeing tours, like one at Lake Inle that gives visitors a chance to check out local tribes and their way of life as well as things like nearby pagodas, floating gardens and a monastery.

Nighttime Tours

A final option for a romantic experience in Myanmar is a nighttime tour. Visitors can head out into one of the bigger towns while the buildings are illuminated and wander the foreign streets hand-in-hand.

Yangon is a brilliant spot for this, with a tour that leads guests to a lit pagoda as well as a nighttime market where they sell fresh fruit juices and local craft beers.

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