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Book Review: World Travel Guide for Gamblers

A passionate gambler is always on the lookout for a great gambling experience. Where he goes, the kind of casinos he frequents and those small decisions can affect his entire vacation. World Travel Guide for Gamblers is just perfect for guide and travel narrative for the casino lovers.

Each and every chapter of the book provides a complete overview of a city or country and other essential information on climate, restaurants, flights, currency, hotels, nightlife, beaches, entertainment and lots more.

This is followed by reviews of individual casinos, the games being offers, the decor and design, food and drink and languages spoken. The reviews summarize several familiar and unfamiliar casino games plus their variations.

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Every avid gambler must lay hands on the book that offers an in-depth gambling guidance for both new and experienced players. Browse through the wide glossary of gambling terms that help to understand the games better. Get useful hints on tipping, etiquette, and more.

What is useful about the book is the details it offers on Internet access, as well as other aspects such as reviews of hotels, casinos, and clubs. Now you can travel halfway around the world with complete information and guidance. Now you will know exactly where the hottest gambling action is around the world.

The writer of the book is an experienced gambler along with being a critically acclaimed writer. Get interesting information on submarine sandwiches in Atlantic City or the vodka and caviar in Moscow. Learn where you can sports bet in Costa Rica or enjoy high-stakes Vegas poker. The author has explored the good gambling life across the world and shares his experiences in the book.

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Do not miss out on the new way of telling the travel story that offers the right combination for the travelers who are avid gamblers too. Get practical advice and local knowledge about the destination you are interested in. Make the most of your travel and gambling experience. Get to know the pros and cons of the country before heading towards them.

You can compare each location as well as get aware of the gambling laws and history of each casino and country. The book definitely offers you a bigger and complete picture. Now you will have an idea of the gambling destination that is just perfect for you!

The flow of the book is interesting and is well structured for ease of reading. Read the essential bite-size information that is easy to absorb. The book is practical, engaging, and efficient. For the first time, you get to explore each corner’s casinos and the information related to their location, city and country, and all under one roof.

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The author writes only after he has experience those locations and casinos he reports in his book. This is why the book does not read like a bunch of travel brochures. Thus, the credibility of those experience gets higher as the author has sampled it himself. One should view the book as a friendly and expert advice on travel and casinos.

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