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Five Amazing Restaurants in New Orleans

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Those who come to New Orleans normally travel for the eclectic mix of food. It’s no secret the city is a haven for foodies, with some of the finest Cajun, African, Chinese, Italian, and French cuisine throughout the city’s many award-winning restaurants and cafes.

From Gumbo and Jambalaya, to Mardi Gras King Cakes and a Cajun spin on fried cornmeal called couche chouche, New Orleans is responsible for some of the most interesting foods cooked up today.

Taste them all in the following five restaurants, voted most amazing in New Orleans.

Commander’s Palace

Named the best restaurant in New Orleans three years in a row, this amazing local secret resides in the middle of the Garden District and never disappoints.

A fine dining establishment, the incredibly talented kitchen staff serve modern New Orleans dishes from only locally sourced ingredients.

Creole and Louisiana cuisine inspired the menu.  Food is incredibly rich and flavorful, served with flaming cocktail concoctions and the addition of live jazz entertainment.

A beautiful Victorian building boasting turquoise and white colored shades, this famous restaurant is a New Orleans icon. The expense is justified due to the high quality of the food and professionalism of the staff.

St. James Cheese Company

A fantastic lunch option serving fresh sandwiches and salads prepared fresh to order, this gem is most noteworthy for its diverse selection of cheese.

With the largest selection of cheeses in the city, boasting choices imported from all over the world, those passing through should do themselves a favor and pick up a cheese plate for the flight home. 


Located in a beautiful part of town, within walking distance from the French Quarter, this is an interactive dining experience includes cooking classes with your meal!

Learn to cook authentic Louisiana recipes, perfect general culinary techniques, and meet new people while learning about the history of New Orleans.  

Gumbo, New Orleans. Photo CC by

Gumbo, New Orleans. Photo CC by Stephanie

Not only can you feast on the finest Cajun cuisine, you’ll leave with the knowledge of how to replicate your gourmet meal at home!

GW Fins

A fabulous seafood restaurant, which serves the freshest and finest quality fish from around the globe, the menu at GW Fins is simple yet sophisticated.

The chef cooks in a way which enhances the natural flavors of the seafood, instead of overriding them with heavy spices and sauce.

This is a must for those who love seafood.

Meals From The Heart Cafe

With a fantastic range of high quality organic and freshly prepared food, Meals from the Heart is a café which genuinely cares about catering to the needs of vegans, vegetarians, and those with gluten-free and raw diets.

Offering full flavored cuisine, including the famous portabella mushroom sandwich, this is a healthier alternative to take-out, which is rare considering the wealth of fatty, fried food throughout the rest of New Orleans.  

So what are you waiting for? Find a flight, pack your bags, and book a cheap hotel deal so you can spend the savings on food!

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