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Sounds a bit ridiculous right? Sending postcards – a modern trend? Surely that’s been around forever, and the age of the postcard is dead.

I mean, when was the last time you actually received a postcard? When was the last time you wrote one? Got your hands all covered in ink, and traveled with a print out list with everyone’s mailing address?

But despite the fact that you don’t visit your letterbox anymore, the act of sending postcards is not dead. Secretly everyone loves the idea of postcards, but as social media swept in we lost the motivation to buy them, write them, and track down a local post office.

So how has it come back as a modern trend? To revive the act of sending postcards, and make it easy and relevant for modern travelers, MyPostcard is a website / app at the center of a movement which says no to E-cards, and yes to the real thing! You upload your photo and a personalized message, they print and mail them. It’s easy, cheap, and solid proof that the age of the postcard is not dead!

The Age of the Modern Postcard: Reasons You Should Send a Postcard This Year


Because it’s Personal

Sending postcards is an incredibly personal thing, and unlike posting a faceless photo to Facebook or Instagram, receiving a postcard tells someone that you’re genuinely thinking about them. 

And ultimately, that’s why people love postcards. It’s a genuine “wish you were here”; a personal, hand-selected thought card from the other side of the world. It makes people feel warm and fuzzy inside because you’ve actually put effort into it, which these days, sadly, is pretty rare.

Antarctica 2017, I thought it would be fun to send postcards again. Something I hadn’t done since 2010. And after they arrived the thankyou calls and text messages started rolling in; my family and friends were really touched that I had thought of them.

And think about it; when you send a Facebook message or email, do people save and treasure it? Do they print out your tweet and stick it to the front of their fridge? Do they pass it around their friends and family? No. But they do that with a postcard. Because it’s more exciting. More thoughtful. More interesting.

The fabulous thing about using is that you have four different options for fonts, which gives the look of being handwritten. The platform also has an address book, which you can use if you want to store your frequently used addresses. 

Mypostcard app

Postcards are the Best Souveniers

I’ve always said that photos are the best souvenir. Because nothing plastic can bring as much joy as a photo can. Sure, a snow globe or a key chain might represent a country or place you’ve been, but it’s not able to capture the moment like a photo can.

And that’s why postcards are the best souvenirs – especially when they’re your photos! But they also act as a long-lasting, handwritten chronicle that may be kept and enjoyed for generations. Something that will jog your memory or that of others in years to come. And they look amazing on the wall!

To send a card online, upload your photos to MyPostcard, and send a unique card to your family and friends – or as a souvenir for yourself (I love sending postcards to myself as a memory, and so that there’s something in the mail for me that’s not a bill!) The app even lets you upload photos directly from Instagram to create your very own design.

Mypostcard app

They’re Cheap

When I sent everyone postcards from Antarctica, I’ll admit to being a bit of a cheat. I bought 25 postcards, but once I found the post office in Ushuaia, I realized that postage from Argentina was going to cost $7 each!!!

So I waited until I returned home to Australia, and sent them so I only paid local fees! Assuming that it would have taken an age for post to travel from Antarctica, people didn’t even question that I got home before the cards did!

But sending postcards with the MyPostcard app, you can send a postcard from anywhere in the world for as little as $1.99. That includes the custom imagery, the design, and even the postage!

Use the promo code MappingMegan to send your first postcard for free.

Antarctica postcards

I still paid $2.75 for international postage from Australia (the purple stamps), which is more expensive than sending them online. 

You Can Send Them From Anywhere

Now that we’re living in the digital age, gone are the days when you only have 3 or 4 postcard covers to choose from, or if you’re visiting a place so obscure that postcards are hard to find.

The fabulous thing about having apps like MyPostcard is that postcards can now be sent from anywhere in the world – you don’t need to find a post office, and you don’t have to worry about opening hours or language barriers, to all you need is an internet connection.

And it’s not just anywhere, but anytime; 6am in the morning, or extremely late at night. You probably wouldn’t dare rock up to the post office in your underwear, but an app doesn’t judge you! Quite a number of airlines even offer in-flight WiFi now, meaning you can send postcards whenever you find some downtime.

Mypostcard from Sydney Harbor

The Modern Postcard is Hassle Free

Let’s not get too lazy now – it’s not actually that much hassle to buy a post card, write it, and find a stamp. And I may be the only one, but there’s something very romantic about sitting at a pavement cafe while carefully crafting your message. You might even find that modern post offices these days have machines with English menus from which you can buy your stamp.

But apps like MyPostcard make sending them really easy, and you don’t have to worry about the old-day hassles of getting your photos printed, running down to the post-office, and trying to find the word for ‘stamp’ in Hungarian (it’s bélyeg).

Postcards Last a Lifetime

Unlike an email or text, a postcard isn’t something you can accidentally erase. Postcards are tangible, which means it won’t get deleted if your computer crashes, or lost unexpectedly in cyber space (though admittedly many postcards disappear into closet space!).

If stored properly, anything made out of paper can last hundreds of years, and you might find them pinned on your wall, or even framed and hung up. Most of them are art after-all! You might also preserve it to show future generations in years to come.

“With an email you’re running two risks. One is that after being read it is simply deleted by the person you sent it to, and completely forgotten by the end of the day. With a postcard the recipient is much less likely to simply throw it so quickly”.



The Age of the Postcard is Not Dead!

I genuinely love sending postcards, and I can’t see myself doing it any other way now that I know about

The age of the postcard is not dead! Jump over to (or download the app) to send one too!


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  1. Megan, you are such an inspirational blogger who comes up wuth grand ideas of bringing back the postcard.I loce the concept and you should feel so very proud.
    Oh and yes I want a postcard.

    • Cheers

    • Thanks guys! Have emailed you both for your mailing address :)

  2. I would love a postcard from as far away from where I live (UK) as possible! Preferably one with a beautiful photo on the front ;)

    • Awesome Ciara – I’ll send something from Antarctica for you :D I’ve shot you an email for your mailing address :)

  3. Hi megan, I remember having received multiple post cards from my sister when she travelled first time & also from sone friends (we used to write letters to each other as well)
    I used to buy postcards from souvenir shops & vendors around tourist attractions during my initial travel years way back in the 80s & 90s.i would post some to my friends and family & keep some as, what else, souvenirs /picture cards of places around the location which i could not cover due to time & budget constraints, as photography also those days was mighty expensive. They did serve a purpose & of course the memories & importance given & received was priceless.
    You’ve kindled the charm again, now. Will surely send some actual myself, and also use the portal fir sending out memories often now. The postal dept needs work as well

    • So glad we could inspire you to start sending postcards again! I used to buy a bunch of extra for myself as well, and had quite the wall mosaic going on in my bedroom from like 18 – 22 :D

      I’ve sent you an email requesting your mailing address :)

  4. Postcards rock Meg. Being 43 I recall days of folks sending postcards as prime means of communication. Maybe a long distance call if they spent some dough but usually just a buck or few and off went the postcard. Mindful, thoughtful and loving. Throwing it back sometimes feels fun, right?


    • Yes they do Ryan! I used to send postcards as the main form of communication too! Lol speaks to our age I guess :D

      I’ve shot you an email for your mailing address – I’ll get one out for you :)

    • I would love a postcard!??

    • Hi Sharon! Shoot me an email to with your mailing address and I’ll send one out for you :)

  5. I want one, Meg! With a real stamp! haha

    • I’ve shot you an email for your mailing address :) The MyPostcard app prints an electric stamp onto them – postcards may not be dead but maybe stamps are on the way lol!

  6. This is exactly what I wanted!
    I am a regular postcard sender from every new country/city I visit. And the first postcard goes to myself.
    I so agree with you that it’s difficult and time consuming activity to send postcards from abroad. Buying postcards is easy but that’s it. After that you need to find a post office, leaving your city exploration behind, and pray that you somehow reach the right counter with little knowledge of the local language and the staff understands you as well.

    On our recent trip of Europe, we visited 14 countries and in most cases the stamps costed more than the postcards. In most countries staff at the post offices couldn’t understand us. Stamps, how many, how much, where … oh oh!

    I agree with you on preserving cards to show future generations. Forget them, I myself become nostalgic when I read postcards which I sent to myself around 10 years back. :)
    I checked the website also, it’s cool to use. Will definitely use it.

    And, yes I want a postcard, preferably with a Antarctica photo. :)

    • Awesome Nisha! I can definitely get you a postcard from Antarctica :D I’ve shot you an email for your mailing address.

      Yes, buying postcards is always the fun part, but it’s then the extra steps to get it to the postoffice, deal with the language barriers etc that I think people lose motivation for.

      Haha and totally agree that I enjoy sending postcards to myself – it’s so fun to come back after a trip and get mail from your past self :D!

      Glad you’re enjoying the user experience of MyPostcard – it’s so simple and easy to use, I love it!

  7. We send postcards to my parents and my gran. Have got the children involved. It’s good writing practice for them. My Gran lives in the UK and my parents in NZ. We would love to receive a postcard, but about to move locations again! I sell greeting cards and am very much aware of the increasing costs of sending cards. The restrictions on letter sizes and weights are crazy. I had to buy larger envelopes for my mini Christmas cards in Gran Canaria last year or I couldn’t post them! At least postcards generally attract a cheaper rate than letters or cards.

    • Awesome Samantha! So cool that you got the kids involved – definitely a fun way to approach writing practice :)

      Everytime I go to the post office I swear the cost of sending a card gets more and more, and you’re right on the restrictions on letter sizes and weights. I buy stamps in bulk usually, and then a couple of months later realize I need new ones!!

      I’ve shot you an email in case you do want a postcard, even though you’re moving soon :)

    • Postcard received today – thanks so much – love it!

    • Awesome Sam! You’re welcome! :)

  8. I love this post so much.. Meg, you’re a love. I would love to have my first post card from you :) what an honor that’s going to be .

    • Thanks Seema! I’ve shot you an email for your mailing address :)

  9. Post card really worthing and giving nostalgia….. Getting back every sentence,places visited etc will be felt heartedly through postcard

    • Totally agree with you :) I’ve shot you an email for your mailing address :)

  10. What a fab idea, I’ve seriously got to arrange my post cards, been on the road for 3 months and still not sent any back home, 1 month to go and I need to get a move on. Thanks for the reminder!

    • I have a stack of them from previous trips that I never got around to sending too – makes it so much easier with MyPostcard now that you can do it online, but not sacrifice the actual physical card :) I’ve shot you an email for your mailing address X

  11. If you have any postcards left I’d love one- Antarctica my number 1 bucket list place…. great idea :)

    • Hi Michelle, I do :) I’ve shot you an email for your mailing address and I’ll post one with one of our shots from Antarctica :)

  12. Would love to get a postcard. If possible from Antarctica:-)

    • Sure thing! I’ve shot you an email for your mailing address :)

  13. This is really cool, I’m going to look into it. And BTW, I did mail postcards from Antarctica at Ushuaia and it took well over a month for them to arrive at their destinations in the USA! I think it was at least 6 weeks.

    • It really is fabulous! Oh and lol so maybe my postcards from Antarctica arrived quicker being mailed from Australia after the tip lol :D

      I’ve shot you an email for your mailing address :)

  14. Postcards are awesome! I don’t think they’re dead at all! Love following your blog and journey.

    • Yes they are! Thanks Jordan! I’ve shot you an email for your mailing address :)

  15. OMG I thought I am the only one left doing that. I was sometimes feel so weird asking for the stamps as well, but yes, what I do, I send a few from each place I go. My parents and granny are always on the list and my friends I pick randomly so they are surprised. I also buy and extra one for myself, I have a full album with postcards from my travels.
    If you have any left, I would love to get one.

    • It turns out there are a few of us left who send postcards!!! Awesome to hear that you’re part of the club too :D

      I have credit left to send one more postcard so I’ll shoot you an email for your mailing address :)

  16. this is really cool blog, Meg. As generally I used to use postcard in my childhood. You do not believe still my father has a no. of collections of beautiful post cards in his box. When He miss any friend he really do not make a call, he says I will send the postcards no call, He is 72. Thanks for this nice blog I will share it to my Paa.

    • Thank Denish! So glad you enjoyed the post :) It’s so fabulous to hear that your father still has a box of beautiful cards he sends – it really is such a nice thought to get something in the mail these days, I agree I think it’s much more thoughtful than a phone call :D

  17. Hi! I have always loved the idea of someone sending me a postcard or me sending them one! I have a friend that is off in Germany right now, do you think it would be weird to ask him to send me one? is that too pushy?

    • Not at all! A casual ‘can you send me a postcard’ I think is perfect fine – it shows you’re genuinely interested in their travels too :)

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    • Great to hear from you Abdelouahab :) It’s a wonderful hobby indeed to collect old paper money and cards! We are in lockdown at the moment because of the virus, so unfortunately not sure when we can travel to collect and send new postcards, but thankyou so much for reading our blog, and hopefully there’ll be a penpal you can connect with for swapping cards soon :)

      Thanks for reading our blog :)

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