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Authored by Amy Aed

When thinking about where to go for your summer break, it’s likely that you’ll overlook Poland. However, as the 9th largest country in Europe, there really is an endless of supply of things to do!

From gold sandy beaches and snow-topped mountains, to a distinctly unique urban cityscape (ie Kraków and Warsaw), you’ll surely soon realize how perfect a summer getaway Poland is.

And, to be honest, you’ll probably even struggle to fit everything in!

Five Reasons to Visit Poland in Summer

The History

Warsaw Poland RF

When it comes to history, Poland is absolutely swathed in it. There’s plenty to see and learn about for the history buff, and the country is home to one of the largest Nazi concentration camps to have existed – Auschwitz.

It’s a lot more pleasant to dive into the historical tragedies and triumphs of the country when you can actually cope with standing around in the weather, with each city featuring a real abundance of museums and historical locations to walk around.

Poland also offers over 200 castles, rendering it an incredibly easy place to get lost in antiquity. During the warmer months everyone’s moods are lifted, so prepare to spend at least several hours in each place talking to the guides about the details of the citadels.

Wandering a country which completely vanished between 1775 and 1795 (the land was divided between neighbouring nations), you’ll likely be surprised at the sheer amount of ruins and sites to visit.

Featuring 15 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, the country is jam-packed with ways to upgrade your knowledge of the history. And you’ll learn far more than you ever would being stuck at home in summer school history!

The Traditions and Archaic Towns

Torun Poland RF

Wander old medieval towns and gawp at the baroque architecture, taking in the charm as you walk through. With old-fashioned market squares and gothic ruins, you’ll soon notice yourself falling irreversibly in love with this country.

The streets throughout Poland truly come to life in the summer months, filling with both happy locals and bewildered travellers. The archaic allure of the towns are unlike any you will witness in other countries.

With old traditions still thriving, find yourself utterly bewitched by the character of the smaller towns, walking the cobblestone streets and passing craft shops, vintage book emporiums, and bohemian little cafes, the cosy picturesque world of towns like Olsztyn and Lublin will easily take you back in time.

Along with the architecture and sights, the old traditions of sincere hospitality and genuine attitudes still thrive, rendering Poland a truly wonderful place to be in the summer.

The Wild Places

Tatras Mountains Poland RF

Out of said 15 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, there is a real abundance of unruly forests, mountain ranges, sand dunes, and salt mines (with the latter often referred to as the eighth wonder of the world).  Due to the sheer size of the country, everything your wild soul could ever ask for can be found in Poland.

The High Tatras, often referred to as the “Polish Alps,” make up the largest mountain range in the country and are absolutely divine in the warmer months. The less deathly weather makes for a more pleasant hike, and the clearer skies lend incredible views over the country.

Woodland areas such as Białowieża – one of Europe’s last ancient greenwoods – are a real haven for nature lovers. Get lost beneath canopies of green and take in the roots of old life with the paradise that is the Polish wild places.

Summer walks amongst the beloved Lake District and its abundance of national parks render something more charming and tranquil than is felt in the harsh of the winters.

With less tourists wandering the parks than you’d find in more popular Europe holiday destinations, you’ll soon find that you can take life here at your own pace. You can really take your time to explore slowly across the plains, there’s no rush.

Urban Entertainment

Music festival RF

For those who enjoy more modern entertainment, you’ll be surprised at just how much you’ll find in Poland. Offering a vibrant nightlife, gorgeous spas, massive malls, and of course, stunning beaches, there really is everything for that  perfect summer vacation.

The beaches in the north of the country rival those of the famed idyllic coasts of St Lucia and Aruba. Stretched across the Baltic Sea, the beaches are made entirely up of pristine clear water (relatively warm in the summer months), soft white sand beaches, and a real laid-back atmosphere.

With all this, it’s a definite surprise that Poland really doesn’t boast about the fact that it’s an incredible hidden gem.

Poland also flourishes with summer music festivals, which showcase both famed and upcoming bands. Not unlike other popular music festivals across the globe, you can expect weekends filled with good music, partying in the sun, and finding yourself hungover in a tent.

What more could you want?!

Food and Drink

Poland food kebab RF

Hands down one of the best things about Poland in the warmer months is that you can enjoy a meal whilst not completely swathed in six different layers of clothes!!

Sit outside and sip Zywiec beer as you try out some of the most delicious cuisine out there. Polish food is typically quite meat-heavy and hearty, and is absolutely gorgeous.

Can you imagine anything better than sitting in the middle of an old square, chilling back in the sunshine and downing some rich, gorgeous food? Perfect for foodies or just people who are never not hungry, Poland is definitely food heaven.

And with insanely low prices that make you question your bill, you can eat a lot more of it for a lot less here. Especially compared to standards of other typical European destinations, cuisine in Poland is exceptionally affordable – and will have your mouth watering by just looking at the menu!!

So, which part of Poland will you visit this summer?!

Amy Aed is a tea-addicted explorer, writer, and documentary host who is currently based in Aberystwyth. She is the editor of Wandering Everywhere – a travel blog dedicated to comprehensive guides on beautiful places, focusing on solo female travel and travelling with Crohn’s Disease.

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  1. Is it good food in Poland or like in Strood no food? LOL.

    • Many people don’t think of Poland as a food destination, but I think you’ll be pleasently surprised when you visit!

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