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A Quick Guide to Hostel Etiquette Down Under

So you’re about to kiss your parents goodbye and jet off on the adventure of a lifetime. You’ve planned your travel path through the wilds of Australia and packed your ridiculously oversized backpack. You think you’re good to go. But wait. YOU ARE NOT QUITE READY.

Before you embark on this epic journey you must learn the fundamental rules of hostel etiquette. Knowing these things will make or break your trip. It will mean the difference between building lifelong friendships or becoming the strange kid in the corner that nobody wants to talk to.


One of the primary locations on anyone’s Australia trip is Melbourne, and no doubt you will end up there sooner or later. What you should bear in mind is that Melbourne backpackers are known to be some of the trendiest in the world – and they have high standards.

Take the accommodation for instance, at the Melbourne Central YHA where backpackers can take in the sights from the rooftop terrace or enjoy a workout in the on-site gym. Melbourne has plenty of options for backpackers who want a little luxury from their stay.

Backpackers in Melbourne actually care about their appearances and have social get-togethers like normal people. You don’t want to be chilling at the rooftop BBQ looking like Tom Hanks in Castaway.

So rule number one: Don’t show up to the hostel looking like you’ve just spent a week in the bush.


Rule Number Two: Don’t Be Too Smelly

This kind of ties in with rule number one, but seriously, don’t neglect frequent showers. You may think that guy who claims his hair “self-cleans” is cool, but he’s not fooling anyone. Bad odours can repel even the most hard-core backpackers.


Rule number three: Be the one to take action

There are going to be occasions when you may be faced with unparalleled levels of danger to what you are used to back home. Yes, we’re talking about the horrific spiders that may just decide to wander into someone’s bunk on a night.

If you can step up and squash that disgusting fiend with your shoe you will forever be the hero in the eyes of your new mates.


Rule number four: Nod along with interest

Quite frankly, your traveller friends are going to come out with a load of tales that will bore you to tears. Everyone you meet will think he is Leonardo DiCaprio in The Beach and each of them will have “the best story”.

To ingratiate yourself with them you just have to nod along and pretend you’re listening. Eventually they will stop.


You now have all the required knowhow to make it in the hostel environment. Don’t be the weird guy.

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