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When you think of sport in India, it’s likely that cricket comes to mind. After all, cricket has been ingrained in the country’s culture ever since its colonial days under British rule and the Indian Premier League is the world’s most popular cricket league.

But India is home to much more than just cricket in terms of sports. In addition to the country’s beloved native sport Kabbadi, you will also find that field hockey, football, and even tennis, yes tennis, is widely popular.

Profiling the Success of Indian Tennis Players and Their Effects on Sports Gambling

In the last few years, people have become more and more interested in Indian tennis and the nation’s players have started to get noticed on the international stage in big events like Wimbledon.

As a result, sports gambling on Indian tennis stars has also seen an increase in interest, with sites like offering various ways to place wagers on rising tennis stars from India.

Let’s dive into the world of Indian tennis as I serve up some fun facts about the rise in popularity of the nation’s star players, their performance in tennis matches on the world stage, and how it has impacted the world of sports betting.

Rise in Popularity of India’s Top Tennis Stars

Sania Mirza: Photo Courtesy of Vinod Divakaran@ DohaStadium Plus Qatar from Doha, Qatar, CC BY 2.0 Wikimedia Commons

India has only produced a handful of notable tennis stars that may be recognized by worldwide audiences over the previous decades but things have recently begun to change. Companies like Nike and Reebok are beginning to sponsor Indian tennis players which in turn has made them somewhat of celebrities both in India and around the world.

India’s population alone is roughly 1.4 billion, so brands like Nike that are promoting Indian tennis players mean that even just within India there is an enormous following for Indian tennis stars. Add in the Indian diaspora  spread around the world, and fans of Indian tennis players has begun to really take off thanks in part to big-name sponsors and stellar play from the athletes.

Success of Indian tennis players has largely been focused on doubles and mixed doubles tennis, so those looking to place bets on Indian players may want to start there.

When it comes to singles tennis, the country has struggled to make a name for itself, and to date has not seen a singles Grand Slam winner. India’s first grand slam winner was Mahesh Bhupathi who saw success in the 1997 French Open mixed doubles tournament.

When it comes to legendary female Indian tennis stars, I must make mention of Leela Row who became the first Indian woman to experience a match victory at Wimbledon.

Leela saw great success playing singles tennis within India during the 1920s and 30s and played alongside her mother in doubles tennis. She would go on to become a dancer, mountaineer, and playwright.

More recently, it is Sania Mirza that has captured the hearts of fans worldwide. She was a former number one in doubles tennis, securing six major titles that were split between women’s doubles and mixed doubles tennis.

Other female Indian tennis stars include Ankita Raina who is currently ranked as the country’s top female player as well as stars like Karman Thandi and Rutuja Bhosale.

When it comes to the men, you have names like Rohan Bopanna, Sumit Nagal, and Ramkumar Ramnathan grabbing the attention of worldwide punters. And India is ushering in new talent with the teenager Manas Dhamne who only just made is ATP Tour debut but is already gaining notoriety.

Impact of Popular Indian Tennis Players on Sports Gambling

It’s safe to say that tennis is a growing sport in India. Over the past decade, tennis has gained significant popularity and participation in the country. This has resulted in a large increase in sports betting on Indian tennis players.

The success of Indian tennis players on the international stage has not only inspired and motivated many young players but has also grabbed the attention of sports enthusiasts who like to place wagers.

The increased availability of tennis infrastructure and facilities across the country has only facilitated the growth of tennis. Many tennis academies, clubs, and training centers have now been established which provide better training opportunities which will no doubt mean that Indian tennis stars will only become more prominent on the world stage going forward.

The rise of professional tennis leagues and tournaments in India, such as the ATP Maharashtra Open and WTA Mumbai Open, has also helped promote the sport and attract more attention from fans and punters. These events not only provide a platform for Indian players to showcase their talent but also bring popular international players to compete in India which has made the popularity of tennis within the country explode.

Increased media coverage and broadcasting of tennis events, both domestic and international, have also played a significant role in popularizing the sport in India.

The increased television coverage, online streaming, and hype on social media platforms have made tennis more accessible to the masses, enabling fans to follow their favorite players and place bets on them more easily.

Potential Risks Involved in Gambling on Rising Stars

Betting on new athletic talent such as emerging Indian tennis stars carries certain risks. Because awareness of Indian tennis stars on the world stage is still quite limited compared to American, European, and Australian tennis greats, there can often be a lack of information when it comes to correctly establishing odds when it comes to sports betting.

Betting on emerging tennis players can be challenging due to limited available information. Unlike established players, there may be a lack of historical performance data, making it difficult to assess their skill level, consistency, and performance under pressure.

Limited knowledge about their physical condition, mental strength, and ability to handle various playing conditions can make it harder to make informed betting decisions.

New talent tennis stars also often experience ups and downs in their performance as they adjust to new professional circuits. They may lack experience in facing top-ranked players, playing in high-pressure situations, or managing the demands of a full tennis season.

Unpredictable performance leads to unexpected results, thus making it riskier to bet on their matches.

Some players may show immense potential and rise quickly through the ranks, while others may struggle to transition from junior to professional tennis. It’s important to consider that not all promising young players will fulfill their potential, and betting on their success can be uncertain.

As new talent such as Indian tennis stars are less established and have a higher level of uncertainty surrounding their performance, bookmakers may assign higher odds for their matches. This can result in lower potential payouts for successful bets compared to betting on more established players.

It’s essential to thoroughly research and analyze the performance, playing style, recent form, and any other available information about fresh young tennis players before placing bets.

It may be wise to exercise caution and maybe not rely solely on placing bets on emerging stars to help mitigate some of the risks involved in betting on these young players.

Strategies for Betting on Rising Tennis Stars in India

When betting on rising tennis stars in India, there are certain strategies that can be employed to reduce risk and maximize profits. For example, it’s important to research players thoroughly before placing any wagers.

Thoroughly research and analyze each player’s recent form, performance statistics, playing style, head-to-head records, and their performances on different court surfaces. Consider factors such as injuries, motivation, and recent tournament results to gain insights into their current state and potential performance before placing bets.

Tennis players have varying levels of success on different court surfaces such as hard court, clay, or grass. Take into account a player’s strengths and weaknesses on specific surfaces and how those align with upcoming matches.

Consider the historical head-to-head records between players which may be difficult to do or non-existent for lesser known Indian players that may not have a lot of history playing outside India.

Certain matchups may favor one player over the other based on their individual playing styles, tactics, and previous encounters. It’s important to note any patterns or trends in their past meetings and whether they have faced each other recently.

Assess performances and results in recent tournaments. Look for patterns of consistency or inconsistency, winning streaks, and signs of declining form. Momentum can play a significant role in tennis, so considering a player’s current form when deciding whether to place a wager on them.

Stay updated on any news or reports regarding player injuries or physical conditions. Injuries can significantly impact a player’s performance and may even force them to withdraw from a tournament.

Be aware of players who are returning from injury or have a history of recurring injuries as they may be more vulnerable to early exits or underperforming which can quickly turn what seemed to be a safe bet into losses for you.

Set a budget for your tennis betting and stick to it. Consider diversifying your bets across different markets, such as match winners, set winners, game totals, or handicaps. Different markets offer varying odds and potential returns, and exploring different options can help manage risk and maximize opportunities.

More people are betting on Indian tennis stars worldwide than ever before. Watching and betting on tennis can be exciting but keep in mind that no betting strategy can guarantee success in sports betting.

It’s important to do your research which will allow you to make informed decisions based on the info you have. Be mindful of your betting limits and never bet more than you can afford to lose.

And above all else, don’t forget to simply enjoy the tennis and cheer on the incredible talent that is emerging from around the globe including India.

Megan is an Australian Journalist and award-winning travel writer who has been blogging since 2007. Her husband Mike is the American naturalist and wildlife photographer behind Waking Up Wild; an online magazine dedicated to opening your eyes to the wonders of the wild & natural world.

Having visited 50+ countries across all seven continents, Megan’s travels focus on cultural immersion, authentic discovery and incredible journeys. She has a strong passion for ecotourism, and aims to promote responsible travel experiences.



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