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The African continent is incredibly diverse from arid to tropical environments and rural to bustling urban areas. Bursting with a wide range of cultures and natural landmarks, Zambia is one of the lesser visited gems of Africa that not only hosts one of world’s natural wonders, but is home to exciting attractions and beautiful experiences.

The following are 5 attractions you should include on your list.

5 Reasons a Trip to Zambia Should Be Your Next Adventure

Victoria Falls: The World’s Largest Waterfall

An obvious must-see if you are visiting Zambia or any other nation in the region are the incredible Victoria Falls. This natural landmark is the largest waterfall in the world, spanning a massive 1,708m wide and 108m wide.

While the rainy season is the ideal time to visit this wonder, it is equally majestic during drier months where you can scale the dry rocks where water runs during wetter seasons.

The Devil’s Pool is a must see at Victoria falls and is available to visit all year. It is a patch of water located at the edge of a running waterfall where visitors can mysteriously float and swim without being swept over the edge.

Livingstone, Zambia

Livingstone’s Cultural Market

While the number one sight to see in Livingstone are the Victoria Falls, due to the massive influx of international and regional tourists, the city also has an incredible cultural market.

With plenty of vendors you can find thousands of authentic local crafts and handmade artifacts. Not only is a great pit stop to collect some gifts, but it is an opportunity to support the local community as the vendors work for themselves rather than large corporations or shop chains.

Visit Chobe National Park in Botswana

Located in neighboring Botswana, one of the most unique experiences you can have from Zambia is an overnight safari at Chobe National Park, where 4 of the “Big 5” majestic creatures of Africa can be seen firsthand.

The park is accessible through the town Kasane, which is located near Livingstone and situated between the Zimbabwe, Zambia and Namibian borders. Not only is the park majestic, but rates are incredibly affordable compared to what you would expect, with camping safaris priced as low as $60 per person.

The huge elephant herds numbering well over 40000 are one of the main attractions here.

African Elephants

Nightlife in Lusaka

Almost as vibrant as the local wildlife is Lusaka nightlife. Zambia’s capital is a lively place to be after hours, with plenty of evening activities, nightclubs, bars and festivals taking place throughout the year.

In addition to plenty of parties and particularly excellent Indian cuisine thanks to the number of Indian residents in the capital, you can also find quite a few casinos in Lusaka if you are looking to place some bets. Of course, you can also gamble online from your desktop at home, but if you’re already in town, why not stop by to see just how relaxed African casino life can be!

Siavonga & Lake Victoria

While Livingstone is incredibly popular among tourists, particularly Western ones, Siavonga is a tourism hub visited mainly by local tourists and is located on the Zimbabwean border next to Lake Kariba; the world’s largest man-made lake.

Not only is it an excellent place to relax and soak in the local nature, but you can also take a trip to the Kariba dam, which is an impressive sight and a major power source for the entire region.


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Photo credits: Victoria Falls by Jeremy T. Hetzel.


  1. We recently watched a documentary about Zambia and I have been dreaming of going every since, this makes me want that trip even more!

    • Hope you have the chance to travel soon! X

  2. Oh man I want to go to Africa SO BADLY- would love to do a combo trip of South Africa, Zambia and Chobe. As you’ve shown here, the falls are a must!

    • A South Africa, Zambia and Chobe combo would make for an incredible trip – I like the way you think! And yes, definitely include Victoria falls on that list :)

  3. Zambia looks like a very beautiful and interesting country.i have heard about the waterfalls but I didn’t know they were the biggest in the world. I would love to visit.

    • Absolutely Chrysoula :) Yes, Victoria Falls dominates like nothing else! Hope you have the chance to visit soon :)

  4. I have always wanted to visit Victoria Falls but never knew Zambia had so many other things I would love too! I would love to also visit Chobe National Park! We have yet to visit Africa, there are just too many places we want to see!

    • Definitely a lot of choice when it comes to Africa – pretty difficult to know where to start! Hopefully Zambia makes the cut though for your first trip!

  5. Haven’t been to this part of Africa but so want to check it out. You had me at waterfalls before seeing the elephants in the wild. The national parks look so inspirational that I really need to get out there and embrace it all. Great write up Meg. :)

    • Thanks Danik – you’ll have an incredible time, this is a really spectacular part of Africa, with a lot of nature to explore on top of the wildlife draw too :)

  6. Very informative. Thanks a ton. One more place added up in my to-go list. Thanks again. Never stop writing.

    • Glad you were inspired by the post :)

  7. Victoria Falls looks incredible! Devil’s pool looks terrifying and calming all at the same time (from videos and photos I have seen) I am absolutely amazed at the beauty of Zambia!

    • The beauty of Zambia is immense! Hope you have the chance to travel soon :)

  8. I would love to visit Zambia someday! All of these ideas sound wonderful. I’ve always wanted to visit Victoria Falls and Chobe National Park sounds so amazing. Thanks for the great suggestions!

    • Glad we could help! Hope you have the chance to visit soon :)

  9. Can’t wait to put some of these hints to good use when we take our 91 Toyota north into Zambia. Whoop whoop!

    • Sounds incredible! Have an amazing time!

  10. Zambia looks incredible. I’ve been wanting to take an overland trip in Africa for awhile now!

    • Definitely include Zambia if you do :)

  11. Wow, Victoria Falls looks so big and beautiful. I guess that I will have to add Zambia to my bucket list.

    • Absolutely! You’ll have an incredible time there :) Happy travels Alice X

  12. Glad you visited this place, one of the best places in the world. The British loved it not only for minerals but its natural wonders as well!

    • Absolutely Tobby! Happy travels :)

  13. Great suggestions and I have visited there 2 months ago. Victoria Falls is amazing and I love Chobe, the elephant herd in the park is impressive and I got to see an abundant game in an open area. I am sure anyone would enjoy he experience tremendously! @ knycx.journeyinf

    • Glad to hear you had a fabulous time in Zambia! Isn’t Victoria Falls incredible! Psyched that you had the chance to see abundant game :)

      Happy travels!

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