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This week’s traveler interview is our first which comprises of photo responses!  Noel Morata is a Hawaiian based photographer who travels the world with his camera in tow; documenting the world through his lens, one photo at a time!  They say a picture is worth a thousand words; view Noels amazing photography responses to our travel questions!

What do you love the most about travelling?

I love to travel to explore new worlds and also see things differently with my photography, it’s fun to explore a new destination for the first time, discover new techniques, experiment and just have fun with my camera.

Noel 1

Exploring new worlds: Barcelona, Spain.

What inspired you to start travelling?

I was initially inspired travelling with my family and then by myself while in college and even more so after college when I saved and could afford to travel.

Noel has travelled all over the world but will always call Hawaii home.

Noel has traveled all over the world but will always call Hawaii home.

Describe your travel personality.

I love to travel slow and savor a place, discovering the nuances and intimate parts of living in a particular location.

Discovering the intimate parts of the world.  Puna District, Hawaii.

Discovering the intimate parts of the world. Puna District, Hawaii.

How do you afford to travel – are you rich?!

I save, exchange my home or look for hosts, use my mileage and cook some meals or eat street food. Splurges tend to be the flights or special dinners.

Splurges are normally

Splurges are normally for special dinners!

One thing which you don’t like about travelling?

Hate jetlag and getting sick on the journey!

The coolest person you have met on your travels?

I love connecting with locals and sharing stories, even everyday things that you have a common interest in.


Connecting with locals.

Biggest cultural shock you have experienced while travelling?

The biggest shock is adapting in a new place and not speaking the language. Picking up some rudimentary terms, non-verbal expressions and smiling will take you far.

Using non verbal expressions and smiling while at a market in Japan!

Using non verbal expressions and smiling while at a market in Japan!

The greatest challenge you’ve faced while travelling?

Getting lost and trying to find your destination and not knowing the language well enough to find the right place. Not being shy is key and trying to find someone who might speak English or help you find someone that can help.

Getting lost in Morocco.

Getting lost in Morocco.

Three things you can’t travel without?

My camera and lenses, my writing journal and my laptop.

I absolutely cannot travel without my camera lens.  Fez, Morocco

I absolutely cannot travel without my camera and lenses. Fez, Morocco

Which destinations are at the top of your bucket list?

Eastern Europe, Croatia and Adriatic countries, Turkey and its interior.

Most practical piece of travel advice?

Don’t be afraid to question and try things once, be bold and just go with the experience without judging, its all part of the journey and experience good or bad.

Try everything at least once.  Traditional Moroccan food.

Try everything at least once. Traditional Moroccan food.

Why should people try travel?

Traveling inspires, opens up communication and you see things differently, in the local perspective. You appreciate many things in your life and lifestyle when travelling. I also love the creativity and inspiration of being in a totally new environment.

Noel Morata is a photographer, freelance writer, artist and travel blogger. He loves combining both his passion of photography and travel when exploring new and exciting places. Being creative and capturing gorgeous images with dynamic story telling is how Noel loves to share his combined interest in traveling.  You can find his stories by visiting his travel blog  or following on Facebook.


  1. Great interview. I can definitely reason with your frustrations on getting lost and being aggravated. Keep traveling!

    • Thanks Andy :) Cant stand getting lost either…and I hate pulling out a tourist map in the middle of the street which screams “tourist” lol

  2. Our lowest points while travelling have definitely been while lost and melting in the European heat :)

    • I was so incredibly lost in Venice, which while fun for a good portion of the day, gets tiring after a while when you can’t find your way back!!

      Those are the moments which make for the best stories later though right!!

  3. I agree great interview. I think travel can also be an alternative life choice. A nomadic existence of constant education, renewal and exploration.

    • Glad you enjoyed it Ira :) Travel can absolutely be an alternative life choice – we’ve learnt so much more about ourselves and the world from being on the road than we did when we were living out a “normal” 9-5 existence :)

      I like to tell people reality is negotiable – life doesn’t have to be one set way :)

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