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Packing Tips for A Trip to Madison

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Madison is one of America’s favorite capital cities. Visitors from all over the world travel here to experience stunning natural attractions, an energetic nightlife, and the exciting college football scene.

From the famous State Capitol and an excellent range of world-class cuisine to glacial lakes, waterfalls and limestone buffs, Madison has a diverse range of attractions to suit every possible traveler — though with a diverse range of attractions comes that nagging feeling that you’ve forgotten to pack everything you need.

The following are tips on packing for a trip to Madison so you’re prepared for every attraction the city has to offer.

Walking Shoes

Shoe Care Guide to travel

Madison is America’s most walkable city and the best way to explore is by foot. In this compact city, all main attractions such as the State Capitol and the University of Wisconsin are within walking distance of each other, and there is a thriving outdoor recreation scene with a large number of beautiful lakes, scenic hiking, and biking trails to explore.

Madison has spectacular nature to offer those willing to throw on some walking shoes, where visitors can enjoy short walks around glacial lakes, through lush forests, mysterious caves, and stunning waterfalls. Those who don’t spend time discovering Madison by foot are missing out.

Your Bike

Biking is also a very popular way to explore the city and its surrounding natural attractions, so those driving into town should consider bringing their bike.

Madison is incredibly bike friendly, and there is no better way to soak up the atmosphere of this thriving university town.

For those who don’t have the luxury of packing a bike, it is incredibly easy to rent one. Budget bike rentals are available at Budget Bicycle Centre located on Regent Street, very close to the majority of the city’s cheap hotels. Many Madison hotels offer a free bike rental, so check at the front desk before heading into town.

Football Jersey

They say that the State Capitol literally shakes on game day. Madison is a university town, and once football season hits, the city lives and breathes the sport.

If traveling over the weekend between August and December (game day is every Sunday), be sure to pack a red and white football jersey and join the crowds as devout fans spill into the streets and make their way to the stadium.

Game day is a fantastic time to experience the city – the energy from the stadium is felt across the city at large, and the atmosphere throughout Madison is electric.

Season Football Tickets

Football fans who intend on returning to Madison should think about purchasing season tickets. Games sell out quite fast in Madison, so season tickets will make sure you never miss a game.

You can buy them online at; students are eligible for a discount.

All packed

Now that you’re packed for a fantastic vacation to Madison, make sure you travel safe and truly enjoy your time.

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