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Any holiday brings about one particular problem – how do you pack for your time away?

When it comes to packing for an action-filled holiday to Orlando, you need to remember all the necessities, simply because you won’t have time to be running around, trying to buy them once you’re there!

Of course, you’re going to have to buy a few bits and bobs to take away with you, because that’s half the fun, as well as all the necessary sun-creams and toiletries that you will need. The following are packing tips for holidays to Orlando – everything you’re likely to need.


A holiday to Orlando isn’t about glamming up, and it’s certainly not about heels. If you’re planning a big night out, or a show, then take one going out outfit, but keep the footwear as low-key as possible. Even a night out is going to include some degree of walking.

As for day time, you need to think comfort. Don’t go for flip flops, as they’re not going to support your feet enough and you’re going to end up with painful, blistered feet. Think comfort!

As for clothes, again we’re going with comfort. Remember a hat, remember plenty of sun-cream, and remember that you’re going to be coming home quite late from the parks, so you’re not going to need quite so many evening outfits, compared to a holiday somewhere that is more beach-based.

Drivers Liscence

Remember to pack your drivers license – usually this is your best form of ID, though when traveling with your passport many people think they can leave their driver’s license at home. But car rental is one of the most viable options for getting around Orlando, and those wanting to explore a number of different parks should seriously consider booking a car.

Tour companies will come at you offering tours, though this is a destination where it pays to travel at your own pace.


You want to remember the memories you create in Orlando, so a camera will likely be the first thing on your list. However it’s a great idea to also throw in an inexpensive underwater camera if you’re planning on hitting up the water parks.

Versatile cameras like GoPro come with underwater casings, so it could be worth investing in the optional extras and mounts which allow for use in water.

Other Tips for Orlando

Be sure to research and read up on tips for avoiding those Disney crowds and make sure you save time by pre-buying your Orlando Park tickets.

It’s simple really, packing for a holiday to Orlando should centre around one key word – comfort.

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