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Preparing for a party: packing for fun abroad


No matter how you dress it up, and no matter how exciting a place you live in, home will never be the most thrilling place to spend your time.

If you’re going to take some time out to spoil yourself and have a really great time with your friends, doing it in a new and amazing destination will make it all the more fun. It also means that you can get to meet new people, and maybe even find somebody special.

Planning your packing



Vacation packing should always begin with a list so you do not forget things. You’ll probably find yourself adding items to the list as you go, but it’s easier to look at the whole thing and work out what’s missing than it is to empty out your case again to check.

Look at the whole thing to find out what’s missing.

Go over your list with your friends to make sure everyone is well organized—then you won’t have to deal with them constantly borrowing things when you get there!

Packing the basics


Basic categories for your packing should include the following:

  • Daywear including comfortable clothes for traveling in. Choose lightweight items: short shorts, Australian designed bikini bottoms, short skirts, simple tops and dresses in bright summer colors. These will look good as you walk around the town and will also be practical if you want to play sports.
  • Beachwear, including swimwear, a hat to protect you from the sun, and something to wrap up in. If you are shy, remember that layering up will give you options later.


Photo: Remember beachwear including swimwear. 

  • Footwear—flip flops are the number one choice for resorts like Ibiza and Cancun, while you’ll want a pair of strappy sandals for the evenings and perhaps some canvas flats for walking.
  • Accessories—jewelry, hair ornaments etc. Bigger is better this season, but necklaces and earrings should be long and dangly.


Don’t forget!


Other items you’ll want to include in your packing are as follows:

  • Your phone and phone charger.
  • Music (unless it’s already on the above) plus headphones and/or speakers.
  • Books for beach or poolside reading.
  • A basic first aid kit.
  • Protection—because you never know.
  • Make-up; don’t wear too much, though, because you will sweat it off.


Being prepared


Getting well organized before you go away will mean you’re much less likely to run into problems when you are there.

Whether lounging on the beach or dancing hard all night, you want to be able to leave your worries at home and focus on having a good time. Just make sure you leave enough room in your luggage for all the things you are likely to buy while you’re there!

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