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Lakes, Rivers and Mountains: Running, Biking and Hiking in Whistler, British Columbia


Whistler Mountain, located in British Columbia, is on every skier’s go-to list, yet there are plenty of vistas and byways which attract joggers, runners, cyclists, and walkers.  Other than boarding and skiing, running, biking, and hiking are popular pastimes on the mountain.

If you’re headed toward the Whistler Mountain area, don’t forget to bring your running shoes, hiking boots, and other needs to get involved in some other activities.


Whistler Golf Club Loop


The 4.5 km loop hosts a number of rolling hills.  Start at the Valley Trail entrance and go left to start the loop or go right to tackle a hill.

If you’re feeling extra fit or want to feast your eyes on added animal sightings, take the loop twice, catching sight of bears roaming the golf course.

Bear roaming

Bear roaming through Whistler. Photo CC by GoToVan.


Lost Lake Loop


Start at the Nordic Ski trailhead just outside the village.  The first rays of sunlight energize those rising early enough, and the summer months make the adjacent lake very inviting – most runners take a dip after the loop.

And it’s all a hop, skip, and jump away from Whistler Blackcomb lodging.


Village to Nita Lake


It’s 8 km and one of the more challenging runs in town.  The route takes runners along Alta Lake, and runners opt to take a dip in the water at Lakeside Park and Wayside Park.

Bring a friend along for the run and take a break at Nita Lake Lodge for some coffee, snacks, and chatting.

Alta Lake. Photo CC by

Alta Lake. Photo CC by Guilhem Vellut


Village to Emerald Estates


The course is a monster at 17 km.  Reserved as a scenic, sunset run, the options and daytime scenery make it a great path for hiking and jogging anytime.

The Golf Course, Meadow Park, Whistler Secondary School, Green Lake, Wedge Mountain, and the Armchair glacier are but some of the things you’ll see on the trek.


The Scenic Haul


The 14 km trail includes three lakes, Lost Lake, Green Lake, and Alta Lake.  The haul takes you across the Golf Course, the boardwalk on Green Lake, wetlands, and the River of Golden Dreams.

It all culminates at the Whistler Golf Course clubhouse where libations await after the course.

Gorgeous Lakes throughout British Columbia.

Green Lake. Photo CC by GoToVan


Go with Locals


The Whistler Runner Club has a Facebook page.  If you’re planning on being in the area, consider getting in touch with a number of people who can show you around and shed calories.  Moreover, you’ll meet more friends and have company on your treks.


Marathon Man and Woman


Do you love running marathons?  The North Face Half marathon takes place in the summer months along with a number of other racing events.  If you’re looking for a place to run in your next contest, British Columbia will not disappoint you.

Whistler Mountain is immediately associated with some of the world’s greatest skiing, yet skis and snowboards are not the only accessories needed by those who make the mountain their home.  The area is a skier, cyclist, and runner paradise.  Furthermore, if walking is more your pace, there are few places in the world that offer such beautiful sights.

Kevin Martel is a self-admitted travel addict. When he’s not on the road, he’s writing all about his experiences. You can find his interesting posts on many travel and recreation websites.

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