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Tasmania lies roughly 400 km from mainland Australia however it seems like a world away; a magical destination where you can escape the crowds of Australia’s main cities, and access vast wilderness and astounding natural wonders like no-where else in the world.

There’s a relaxing pureness about this small island State, and its towns transport you back to simpler times. It offers all the modern conveniences you could hope for, though modern stresses cease to exist once you arrive; a contemporary land which has somehow managed to maintain its unique cultural heritage and charm; managed to preserve it’s World Heritage Areas, wildlife, beautiful landforms, and natural and cultural history, which draw local and international travelers alike.

But it’s difficult to experience all Tasmania has to offer without a car, so there was no question about how we would travel; we would journey overnight on Spirit of Tasmania. By transporting ourselves along with our personal vehicle we were assured of getting the most rewarding experience Tassie could offer. Our trip to Tasmania would be a spirited one!

A Journey From Mainland Australia Aboard Spirit of Tasmania

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National and State Parks, historic towns, pristine beaches, stunning landscaped gardens, and unique eateries are strung together like pearls making Tasmania a premier destination for an Australian road trip. With so much to see and do no matter where you are in the state, you have the freedom to pull over on a whim and explore each destination at your own pace.

After having just wrapped up an around the world trip, we’ve had our fill of busy airports and long lines. The physical act of travel these days has become more like a thorn in your side. But Tasmania is different. Tasmania offers a non stress holiday before it even begins.

To our relief and utter surprise, on boarding Spirit of Tasmania, we simply drove onto the impressive ship and walked ourselves straight to our room. We kept waiting for some kind of catch or hassle to arise but from start to finish it was some of the easiest and most enjoyable travel we have experienced.

The Spirit Experience

As experienced travelers, we prefer to do things on our own terms and at our own pace. And the freedom and choice of how to spend your time while onboard the Spirit really appealed to us.

Sailing by night, we opted for a private cabin with ensuite which would give us a comfortable and private night’s sleep so we would awake in Tasmania refreshed and ready to explore. There are cabins to suit families and deluxe cabins for those wanting the ultimate in luxury travel.

Those not opting for a cabin can instead relax in the comfort of a recliner seat in a private lounge with floor to ceiling windows. Think of it as basically being in a Business or First Class airline seat but available on anyone’s budget and with the added benefit of having the freedom to get up and stretch your legs as you explore the ship and all its facilities.

Spirit of Tasmania by Khan Saqib

Spirit of Tasmania Review

Spirit of Tasmania Review

Onboard Facilities

When you’re traveling by plane or train, it’s quite easy to get bored. But granted, these forms of transport don’t have the space or facilities that Spirit of Tasmania has onboard.

The ship offers numerous options for travelers including cinemas to catch the latest releases, kids play rooms for both toddlers and teens, a reading room, numerous dining options, and beautiful sea views whichever way you look.

As dinner rolled around we took advantage of the Tasmania Market Kitchen (TMK) to sample some Tasmanian- inspired flavors such as fresh oysters, smoked salmon, and roasted leg of lamb.

The self service buffet made it so easy to simply head down when we were ready and quickly satiate our appetites. If this was what we could expect from Tasmanian cuisine we knew we were in for a real treat.

TMK also serves breakfast before arrival, and the Spirit has a number of bars onboard, from the stylish and intimate surrounds of Bar 7 to the bright, summery, beached-themed spaces on Decks 9 & 10. All offer an array of Tasmanian wines, ciders and beers.

Tasmanian Oysters Spirit of Tasmania

Dessert from Tasmanian Market Kitchen, Spirit of Tasmania

The Tourism Hub

One of our favorite areas of the ship was the Tourism Hub where we loaded up on brochures and fliers of not to miss adventures.

We had studied up on Tasmania beforehand but were surprised at all the exciting ideas they offered we had missed. The Hub also allowed us to purchase our National Parks pass saving us the hassle of finding a vendor on land.

With places like Cradle Mountain and Narawntapu National Park, a pass is a must. Narawntapu is known as Tasmania’s Serengeti as it offers abundant wildlife viewing including kangaroos, wallabies, wombats, abundant birdlife, and even the iconic Tassie Devil.

Be sure to also check out the Spirit’s Tassie Travel Planner which offers a wealth of knowledge and ideas for your Tassie itinerary.

Tourism Hub Spirit of Tasmania

Tourism Hub Spirit of Tasmania

Reading Room Spirit of Tasmania

The Ultimate in Stress Free Travel

We retire to the comfort of our cabin almost too excited to sleep as we know what awaits us in the morning. The entire experience onboard seems to build up the anticipation of what Tasmania has to offer. It seems fitting that the Spirit offers ultimate stress free travel to an island which is all about just that. Tasmania is more than a holiday it is an escape.

We could not imagine traveling to Tasmania any other way as the cost, ease, and enjoyment are all in order to make it a no brainer when deciding to sail or fly. Added Loyalty Programs make it an even more enticing option.

It is hard to believe that Tasmania has escaped the tourism masses that have swarmed other destinations around the world but I have a feeling this will not be for long. The sheer beauty and opportunities that are on offer along with the service of travel to reach it make Tasmania a must visit destination for any traveler.

For more information about Spirit of Tasmania visit their



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Megan is an Australian Journalist and award-winning travel writer who has been blogging since 2007. Her husband Mike is the American naturalist and wildlife photographer behind Waking Up Wild; a website dedicated to opening your eyes to the wild & natural world.

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  1. I’ve always wanted to visit Tasmania and it sounds like this liner makes it super easy to get from the mainland. Would definitely love to experience this.

    • Absolutely – it’s a nice overnight journey from Melbourne, and when you wake up you’re in Tassie :) Let us know if you swing by at any time.

  2. Love that there’s an option to cruise esp the Tourism Hub, Looks like a mini library in there. I have always thought of going for a cruise, sailing to Tas sounds fun. Will look forward to it next year.

    • Absolutely – sailing is so much fun! And it’s so nice not to be stuck in the confined spaces of a plane. The Tourism Hub is great – really builds the anticipation and gets you excited about the adventure ahead.

      Let us know when you come down, we’ll likely be around :)

  3. I’m yet to visit Tasmania but I think this article has convinced me that when I do visit, to do it on the Spirit of Tasmania cruise. How lovely and relaxing! I’m also a fan of travelling at my own pace so this kind of trip (combined with car as you say) sounds perfect. The Tourism Hub on board is also a great idea. Thanks for sharing your experience!

    • Glad we could catch you before you traveled Alyse :) The Spirit is definitely a relaxed way to get to Tasmania – and taking your car across is really perfect for those who enjoy traveling at their own pace.

      Hope to see you in Tassie soon!

  4. The Spirit of Tasmania is such a great way to get to Tassie from the mainland, especially if you’re planning a driving trip. Putting your car on board is a great way to save money on hiring a car while you’re there.

    • Absolutely Christina :) Highly recommend a driving trip for seeing the best of Tassie too

  5. My partner and I have recently started researching an Australian road trip, and have found some incredible places within Tasmania! We live in Adelaide, so hopefully one day soon we can make it to Tassie for a week or so! The Spirit of Tasmania looks like a fun and relaxing way to make the journey! :)

    • You’re super close then to drive to Melbourne to catch the ship :) I definitely recommend driving over and exploring Tassie by car – there’s so much to explore and roadtrips offer so much more freedom.

      Let us know when you get down, we’ll likely be around :)

  6. This sounds like the most comfortable way to get from the mainland to Tasmania. I have heard a lot about Tasmania from a friend who traveled there. I would use the Spirit instead of any other mode of transport for sure

    • Absolutely – especially when booking a private room – it’s so nice to fall alseep and then wake up and you’re there!

      Hope you have the chance to visit Tasmania soon :)

  7. It does look stress free! I love the cabins – they’re very cute and I like the design. The Tourism Hub would certainly keep me busy – I love flipping through tourism pamphlets! I hope to visit Tasmania someday :)

    • I hope you have the chance to visit Tasmania soon Lauren :) The Spirit is definitely the ultimate in traveling stress free!

  8. My hubby and i can highly recommend the spirit. We did the day trip in march and april. So much to do on board. We had calm seas both ways. Staff are friendly and helpful. Food onboard was good. Loved it. Planning our nrxt tassie trip.

    • So glad to hear you had calm seas Kerrie! Totally agree that it’s an all round wonderful experience – we’re now based in Tassie so I’ll have to try the day trip sometime soon – would be wonderful to spend time enjoying the sea view.

  9. I would love to visit Tasmania one day! Spirit of Tasmania seems like a cool experience and great way to get to the island. The cabins look lovely as well.

    • The cabins are really comfy … A nice cozy way to relax at the end of the night as you’re on your way :)

      Hope you have the chance to visit Tassie soon!

  10. I’m a HUGE fan of cruises! The ships have everything-from entertainment, food, accommodation! Me and my husband really enjoyed our time.
    Tasmania is really known for their seafood. Love their salmon!

    • Yes, Tassie seafood is incredible! I was psyched to see local produce on board :)

  11. The Spirit of Tasmania sounds like a great way to travel. I love that you can get a private cabin for the overnight trek. And I think it would be amazing to kick back in a recliner and watch the world go by through the floor-to-ceiling windows.

    • Absolutely – the option for a private room is incredible, but the recliners are just as good if you don’t need the extra privacy and space – they’ve done really well at offering choices for all travelers and budgets :)

  12. The ship looks pretty nice. I was to go to Tasmania from Australia one day and the ship looks like a good option.

    • The ship is beautiful – they’ve done an incredible job of maintaining a modern standard for accommodation and public areas. If you’re heading to Tas from Melbourne, I can highly recommend the Spirit :)

  13. I am travelling to Australia next year to do a working holiday. Tasmania is high on my list to visit at least for a week or so. Do you think it is the best idea to take the boat? Is it cheaper than flying? Looks very comfortable when seeing your pictures

    • Hi Ine, Spirit of Tasmania is a great way to get to Tasmania, and yes it’s very comfortable, with a lot of fun things to do onboard while you’re sailing :) If you have your own car for the time you’re in Australia it’s an especially good choice – you can drive onto the ship in Melbourne, and it’s all very convenient and cost effective. You drive straight off in Devonport, and can start exploring without having to rent a car in Tassie.

      Prices vary throughout the year, just as flight prices fluctuate, so I would do a cost comparison to compare the two on the dates you’re thinking of coming down. If you’re just a single person traveling without a car on the Spirit you can often find bargain fares for as little as $99, more depending on the level of accommodation you choose on the ship if you’re traveling overnight, and then an additional fare for a car. So costing really depends on your circumstances, and dates of travel (peak season is more expensive, between December – March; winter months see deals on pricing), which is why I would recommend putting your details and dates straight into their website for a quote :) For instance, you can pick a day sailing and not require accommodation which would keep your costs down and definitely make it cheaper than catching a flight.

      Hope that helps! Enjoy your time in Tasmania, it’s such a beautiful State, I have no doubt that you’ll have an epic time exploring! :)

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