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Off Season Travel – Where to go


Holidays generally don’t come cheap nowadays, so when we decide to go away grabbing a bargain is something nearly all of us try to do if we can. It is for this reason that many of us spend hours looking through holiday websites in an attempt to find a peak season holiday that won’t require us to re-mortgage the house.

If you’re in this boat, why not try bagging yourself an excellent and cost-effective holiday package by booking off season? Not only with it allow you to have a great trip at a fraction of the cost, but it will potentially allow you to go all out and not just visit one country, but offer the flexibility to travel to multiple destinations if you wish

However, the benefits of off-season travel extend much further than financial efficiency. Choosing to travel during peak seasons generally means braving the bustle of the masses; expect to see flooded attractions and landmarks, in amongst congested hotels and flights.

Venice is a prime example of juxtaposing travel experiences during on and off-peak seasons. During peak season, you may struggle to see all the popular tourist-track sights. Whereas, Venice during off-season is a different experience in its entirety – you may still see travellers during your trip, but you certainly won’t be dealing with quite the significant numbers that the summer holiday months bring.

Venice -Photo CC by

Venice – a different experience during off season. Photo CC by Kosala Bandara

With the Brits love of a beach holiday it has often not been seen as the smartest option going outside the summer months, however the costs associated with a peak season holiday are astronomical, with a family of four able to save up to £2000 on their trip by deciding to travel off-season instead, which is no small change to any modern family.

The reduced travelling and accommodation costs will mean you don’t have to scrimp on all your activities while you’re there, allowing you to pick the restaurants you like instead of hunting out the set menu’s.Or, if it takes your fancy you could even visit multiple locations instead of just the one, ensuring that you definitely get great value for money.

When travelling during peak season, you’ve often spent so much buy securing that dream summer holiday that you now lack the funds to experience it to the fullest, whereas off season you’ve saved your money which in turn allows you to plan out a more packed itinerary.

Photo via Flickr CC

Saved money. Photo via Flickr CC

If the idea of visiting various attractions or picking multiple locations appeals to you however, it is important that you ensure your travel insurance covers you in each location. Many insurance policies ask for you to specify whether it is single or multi-trip, with many automatically choosing the single trip option.

A vital part of your holiday preparation therefore is reading through an insurance guide so you understand exactly what each package offers. This is crucial as there are several options such as single & multi-trip, as well as set periods of coverage from 45 days to 1 year and no one wants to be caught abroad uninsured.

All in all, while peak season holidaying might be the option that entices the masses, it’s off season travelling that is the wiser holidaymakers choice. In choosing to enjoy your holiday at a different time of the year, you can save yourself money and beat the all too daunting crowds. Nevertheless, it is always vital that you choose the right insurance for your needs, if you’re travelling out of season and are interested in multi trips, you need to opt for multi-trip policies.

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