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Just as adventure travelers have a rush of adrenaline when they hear the words ‘skydiving’, or ‘bungee’, gambling tourists get the same buzz from hearing the word ‘casino’.

Shiny lights, free drinks, and plenty of games to suit everyone’s level of risk, there are many countries around the world which draw casino tourists, but none more so than America.

While Vegas a well known casino destination, pulling both everyday ravelers and gambling enthusiasts alike, the country does have many other exciting destinations alongside the Venetian and the Bellagio in our list of the finest picks.

Almost every significant land-based casino in the States offers more than just games, so the following are our favorites, which include outstanding service and massive winnings, along with excellent dining, beauty and spa treatments, attractive location, great accommodation, and other tourist attractions.

Must-Visit US Casinos in 2022 – America’s Finest Picks

Bellagio, Las Vegas

Bellagio Hotel Las Vegas RF

This iconic Nevada resort has been at the top of where-to-gamble lists for years now. Deluxe suites that blend beauty and elegance are created for those in need of an incredible getaway from everyday life.

International cuisine, luxurious pool parties, botanical gardens, and much, much more, will satisfy all your travel needs. But, let’s not forget why you came!

Bellagio  has one of the best offers on land-based casino experience in the world! Everything that you wish for, you can find in the heart of Las Vegas.

Foxwoods Resort, Connecticut

Who would ever guess that the state of Connecticut hides one of the biggest casinos in the world, with 340,000 square feet of pure fun?

This massive resort was founded thirty years ago, and to this day, it remains one of the best places where you can experience premium gambling, supreme accommodation, and overall service.

The biggest North American resort counts seven casinos, four five-star hotels, award-winning golf terrain, theaters, bars, high-end shops, as well as live stage performances of Broadway shows.

Buffalo Thunder Casino, New Mexico

Buffalo Thunder

Surrounded by magnificent hills and beaches of New Mexico, Buffalo is one of the most relaxing casino resorts on the US map of entertainment.

It’s different than all the others in many ways; the massive buildings are inspired by Pueblo architecture and design, making the visitors feel like they are launched into a romantic getaway in Spanish style.

Rooms with breathtaking views and world-class spas will relax every single gambler who maybe, ran out of luck in the 61,000-square-foot casino. Great place if you need a recharge from everyday stress.

Image credit: BFS Man (CC BY 2.0) via Flickr

The Venetian, Las Vegas

How to miss one of the most popular casinos in the world?

The world-famous Venetian truly deserves to be on our list of best casino hits in the United States. The most unique design of the resort will take all its guests on the tour to another part of the globe – directly into Venice, the city of love.

The experience this hotel and casino offers is so real, that visitors can even take romantic gondola rides while enjoying the elegance of the buildings and murals around them.

And those buildings may look like they popped out of old times, but inside them is hidden the most modern casino equipment; thousands of slots,  table games, sports betting, and everything else that you can dream of.

When you get tired of gambling, you can visit some of the best cocktail clubs, or enjoy the evergreen comedy of Weird Al Yankovic. At the Venetian, the sky is the limit.

Megan is an Australian Journalist and award-winning travel writer who has been blogging since 2007. Her husband Mike is the American naturalist and wildlife photographer behind Waking Up Wild; an online magazine dedicated to opening your eyes to the wonders of the wild & natural world.

Having visited 100+ countries across all seven continents, Megan’s travels focus on cultural immersion, authentic discovery and incredible journeys. She has a strong passion for ecotourism, and aims to promote responsible travel experiences.


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