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London is the most visited tourist city in Europe. As befits one of the most iconic cities in the world, most visitors have a list of famous places and sights on their itinerary before they even step off the plane.

Instead of the regular lists we have compiled a list of places and activities you that showcase London’s contribution to modern culture that are a bit different.

Take the Jack the Ripper Walking Tour

One of London’s more infamous figures has sparked controversy and inflamed imaginations for centuries.  The Ripper’s rampages in London’s East End are well known, but walking through the sites of his crimes on a damp and foggy London evening adds a totally new dimension to the stories.

The Jack the Ripper walking tours start around 7PM every night and wind through the courtyards, alleyways and dark passageways where Jack the Ripper left a trail of terror.

The tours take visitors to many of the more infamous murder scenes and are led by experienced and knowledgeable tour guides. After the two hour tour a pint in one of Whitechapel’s pubs is in order.

Photo CC Nyall & Maryanne

Highlights of the British Invasion

Many would argue that the one of the most influential British exports was the British Invasion which was led by the Beatles, the Stones, the Who and a legions of other superstars. Some of the locations and clubs that helped spawn the British Invasion became almost a well-known as the stars.

Carnaby Street is still filled with some cool clothing shops, but is by no means the hot spot it was in the 60s. Music fans routinely recreated the Beatles album cover on the crosswalk outside Abbey Road (pictured below).  And many of the old clubs are still open.

The only one that failed to survive was the Marquee Club, which was in many ways the most famous. However historic plaques commemorate the clubs history at 90 Wardour Street in SoHo.

Photo CC by MrSnooks

Visit a Casino

Casinos and gambling clubs have long been a part of British culture, and London casinos were the birthplace of one of the world’s iconic foods, the sandwich. London casinos are experiencing quite a surge in popularity. London’s Aspers Casino is the city’s largest.

Aspers, which frequently ranks among the best UK casinos, is the UK’s first super casino.  Opened in 2011, Aspers features all of the popular casino games and has a younger, cosmopolitan crowd.

The dress code is “smart, relaxed and stylish”. The casino is also non-smoking and operates 24/7.

Eat a Real English Meal

English food does not enjoy the worldwide reputation it deserves. Rules, the oldest restaurant in London, goes far above the well-known English fare such as fish and chips and serves many of the same dishes that were on the menu when it open in the early 1700s.

Menu items include steak and kidney pie, suckling pig, roast leg of rabbit, squab, venison, and sticky toffee pudding. The food is excellent and reasonably priced and the service is impeccable. Dinner at Rules will give you a whole new outlook on English cuisine.

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