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Misconceptions people have of traveling Australia

When traveling to Australia, many people think it is all about drinking beer, eating shrimps, surfing and barbecuing and while all of these things are great fun to do; there is a lot more to the country than many visitors may initially think.

Not everyone has a pet kangaroo and no, not all Australians greet each other with the customary “G’day mate” that we all think they do. Not only that, but many people are surprised when they meet Aussies who don’t own a farm that sprawls into the outback, not all locals are a dab-hand on a surfboard and believe it or not – not everyone eats Vegemite by the bucket-load.

In order to find good accommodation in Broome, Philip Island, Tasmania or indeed in any of the more well-known places like Sydney and Perth the internet is the best tool to use to check out reviews on Trip Advisor and other handy travel websites. It is important to find somewhere that offers good value for money on accommodation and anyone who is interested in seeing the wildlife up close and personal will certainly enjoy a holiday in Broome.

Let’s take a look at some other misconceptions people have about travelling in Australia:

Australians Only Drink Fosters!

Australia actually has a huge white wine drinking culture and Fosters is rarely drunk in the country, with most locals preferring to consume home brew or wine.

Dangerous Snakes & Spiders Are Everywhere!

Australia may be home to many dangerous species of spiders and poisonous snakes but the chances of seeing a venomous critter are still very low.

For Example: The inland taipain snake has enough venom to kill 100 men, however it has never killed anyone as it is extremely shy and anti-venom is widely available.

Toilets Flush in Reverse!

Just because Australia is in the Southern Hemisphere, it doesn’t mean that the toilets flush in reverse, despite what many people think after watching an episode on The Simpsons back in 1995 that perpetuated the myth that is just that – a myth.

Anyone who wants to stay in accommodation in Broome, visit and the popular hotel will happily explain that their toilets actually flush in the same direction as those found in the Northern Hemisphere.

Kangaroos Roam the Roads

Kangaroos can be seen throughout a lot of Australia and while they are free to roam much of the countryside, they are usually only seen on quiet roads in the dessert or on islands that are well known for their dense kangaroo populations.

Anyone who is planning to go on holiday to Australia might also want to know that koalas are not bears but they are in fact marsupials just like kangaroos and avoiding calling them koala bears is a great way to impress the locals.

A Great White Shark Will Eat You If You Swim!

Great White Sharks are far less of a danger than a rip tide and as 300 people die in Australia each year from drowning and on average there is only one shark attack per year, the chances of being killed by a shark are just 1 in 292,525.

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