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There’s nothing worse than finding yourself without power when traveling. Whether you’re camping, trekking, or in a country where the power goes out every afternoon (3pm on the dot in the Solomon Islands!), these days we need battery life for most things we do.

And that’s where a portable power station comes in, and why it’s so essential to have one for travel; a power source, and way of charging your electronics regardless of whether you’re outdoors, far away from a wall outlet, or caught in a power outage.

The brand we’re reviewing today is the US based MAXOAK Bluetti AC20 Portable Power Station – it’s a lightweight but durable portable generator that is excellent for travel, as well as use as a backup power source at home.

This post was published in partnership with MAXOAK.

MAXOAK Bluetti AC20 Portable Power Station Review

A Great Emergency Battery Backup

MAXOAK Bluetti AC20 Portable Power Station Review

With 200 Watt-Hour (WH) of emergency battery, this portable solar generator from MaxOak is designed for super portable backup or emergency power. It’s perfect for travel, and charging your devices when you don’t have access to an outlet.

And this isn’t just a small power bank – this is a powerful charging station and generator which will power up your essential devices; laptops, lights, phones, hotspots, camp fans etc.

There are three ways to recharge it – from a standard wall outlet, from your car, or by using a compatible solar panel. And it allows for passthrough charging, which means you can use it to recharge your devices at the same time you have the actual unit charging.

One of the lightest and most portable solar generators on the US market, but with excellent battery capacity, the MAXOAK Bluetti AC20 is a great choice for the average traveler, providing high power and great battery capacity, in a nice, compact body.

If you’re buying on Amazon, use this 10% off Code: bluetti22 

Size and Weight

MAXOAK Bluetti AC20 Portable Power Station Review (1)

Size is something to consider when choosing a portable generator. It has to be easy to move around, and easy to transport – especially when you want it for outdoor activities, it has to be lightweight.

The MAXOAK Bluetti AC20 is 7.95*2.64*8.15 inches, and weighs 7.6 lbs (3.4 kg). You can easily store it in tight places without any hassles, and it’s easy to carry.

It’s actually so small that you can keep it in a handbag if you wanted to, or just carry it with you – it weights less than a gallon of water. That said, don’t let its size fool you.

Battery Capacity

The power station runs on a lithium ion battery, and offers a ton of battery in a very small package. It is set up to charge small devices less than 120 W. 

It comes with 4 different power outlets (1 AC 120 W, 2 USB ports, and 1 12V DC), which allows you to recharge multiple devices at the same time, and it is easily powered from an AC wall outlet, car charger, or compatible solar panel (solar panels need to be bought separately).

Recharging from the wall will take around 5.5 hours and recharging from solar will take around 7 hours. Self consumption (power it uses when it’s not being run), is very low, so even if you don’t recharge it for a year, you’ll still have battery if you need it.

Note for travelers: Due to its 200WH battery, you can’t pack this in your checked baggage on a plane, and will need to take it carry-on. If you’re traveling internationally you’ll need to check your specific airline policy.

Design of the AC20

MAXOAK Bluetti AC20 Portable Power Station Review (1)

We’ll get this out of the way: as far as the world of portable generators go, the AC20 is sexy. The unit is small, compact, and sturdy, and is solidly built, with a double strap handle, and good buttons.

Made from antidisal aluminum, this is a sleek, sophisticated design, and the fit and finish on the unit is of much higher quality than any other products within the market at the same price and range.

But you’ll also note that it’s been designed with practicality in mind. The station has been designed to be totally silent – there’s no fan, so no noise – which is perfect if you’re using it at night.

And being that they use an aluminium shell (as opposed to plastic), it has excellent heat dissipation, and never gets hot. Low heat and no noise – that’s what we like!

Ease of Use

Solar power generator review for travel

The AC20 comes with an instructions manual, but you don’t really need the instructions, as it’s very easy to use. The ports are all very straight forward, and there are just three buttons: one which switches the unit on / off, and then one to switch on each of the AC / DC ports.

Plug one end of a cable into your device, and the other end into the AC20, and you’re charging. It’s that easy!

It charges automatically once you plug it into the wall, so there’s no need to press anything else – just plug it in and go. You can monitor the charging status on the LCD screen, which has a straightforward 5 sections, each representing 20% of battery life.

Giveaway Winner: Christina T!

MAXOAK Bluetti AC20 Portable Power Station

The MAXOAK Bluetti AC20 retails for $219 USD on Amazon, or, it’s FREE for one lucky US based reader who enters our giveaway! If you’re buying on Amazon, use this 10% off Code: bluetti22

MAXOAK builds all sorts of energy storage devices, and they’re one of the leaders in the market for this type of product. Due to its size, portability, battery life, and features though, this specific model has become the first choice for every camper and hiker.

MAXOAK provide 12 month repair or replacement warranty with every AC20. Order one now via Amazon.

Congraultations to Christina T who won our giveaway of this product!!

WIN a MAXOAK Bluetti AC20 Portable Power Station

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Having visited 50+ countries across all seven continents, Megan’s travels focus on cultural immersion, authentic discovery and incredible journeys. She has a strong passion for ecotourism, and aims to promote responsible travel experiences.



  1. Interesting. I have smaller battery packs for travel, but nothing like this.

    • Awesome! Good luck in the giveaway – you would love this then! :)

  2. there are MANY times the power goes out and all work stops.
    this is a great idea

    • This is the best for that – it’s great for travel, sure, but absolutely re being an excellent backup for when the power goes out at home too :)

      Good luck in the giveaway!

  3. This is amazing! We lose power all the time where we live, and we love camping and hiking! Game changer!

    • Nothing worse than losing power, especially when it happens consistently – sorry to hear that! This would definitely be a gamechanger then – good luck in the giveaway!

  4. Would love to win this! Looks great for backcountry camping, off-grid living, or just a day out on our boat!

    • Absolutely Bret – great for all of the above! Good luck in the giveaway – thanks for entering!

  5. I LOVE it and I would love to get one for my traveling, especially at remote areas when we don’t have access to power or outlets. I am just imaging how great it would be to have this Maxoak in hands during my one month traveling in Namibia and Botswana, it would had been so handy.

    • Absolutely Paula, this would have been great for your off grid trip through Namibia and Botswana! Hopefully there will be many more epic camping adventures to come, but with the Maxoak :D

  6. This is awesome! It would be great for camping and traveling in general. I’d probably use it to repower my camera from taking so many pictures!

    • I use it for the same – my camera runs out of battery so often that I’m always having to recharge it lol!

      Thanks for entering- good luck in the giveaway!

  7. This is so cool! It would be so great at our cabin. We’re building one without power. Perfect for our needs.

    • It would be PERFECT for an off grid cabin vacation :) Good luck in the giveaway – thanks for entering!

  8. Looks fantastic. As someone who needs overnight power when traveling, I’ve been wanting this for awhile. Good capacity too.

    • Really good capacity :) Good luck in the giveaway! – thanks for entering :)

  9. So generous. Good luck everyone!

    • Thanks Denise! Good luck!

  10. Wow! I’d love to win this, it would be a great addition to our travel gear.

    • Thanks for entering – good luck!

  11. This is awesome! We have a smaller one, but it is not solar.

    • Awesome Darla! Thanks for entering – good luck in the giveaway!

  12. This would be a super add to our travel gear… especially to off-the-grid locations. Thanks for sharing info about this cool product, Meg.

    • Absolutely Jill, it’s perfect for off the grid, especially with its solar recharge capability :) Good luck in the giveaway!

  13. This would be amazing to have. Always looking for juice for all the gadgets when we’re off travelling.

    • Perfect for a never ending supply of juice :D Good luck in the giveaway!

  14. This would be perfect for our trip to Morocco.

    • 100%! Just remember to carry lithium batteries in your carry-on :) Good luck in the giveaway!

  15. This would definitely come in handy when traveling! My small pack always runs out.

    • Mine too – this one lasts forever though!! Good luck in the giveaway!

  16. WOw, awesome, I could definitely use this

    • Good luck in the giveaway!

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