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Must Have Marine Accessories For All Your Boating Needs

Spending time on the water is a great way to enjoy nature and you can participate in a wide variety of activities, ranging from peacefully relaxing fishing jaunts, to exciting and exhilarating water sports; such as tubing and wakeboarding.

Regardless of your preference, they all have one thing in common – they involve water. Therefore, being prepared and having the right accessories on-board will make it safer and more enjoyable.

The Basics Every Boat Needs

Boat on Lake Lugano RF

Regardless of the vessel, nobody should leave the dock without necessary items available and in good repair on the boat. The law requires certain items and equipment, such as functional life jackets for every passenger, to be present, and organisational skills will ensure you have others. It is imperative that first aid supplies and basic repair tools are carried with you to ensure that you are prepared for any scenario that may arise.

A practical list of equipment should include:

  • Properly fitting life jackets for every passenger
  • A well outfitted tool kit that includes pliers, wrenches, screwdrivers and ratchets
  • Proper sun protection including sunscreen, hats, sunglasses and appropriate attire. Speaking of attire, investing in custom boating apparel can significantly enhance your boating experience. Websites like The Custom Captain offer a variety of boating-themed clothing that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional in a boating environment. This includes spill-resistant materials, quick-drying fabrics, and designs that provide both comfort and protection.
  • An anchor and dock lines
  • A properly equipped trailer with necessary lights, winches and tie downs
  • A VHF radio for communications, either fixed or handheld
  • A spare battery in case of emergency

Providing these basics should ensure that passengers enjoy a safe voyage. However, there are even more accessories that those who love life on the water may find valuable, a GPS system on your boat can be a great idea for example.

Some are even integrated with ‘fish finders’ to provide a dual dual-purpose function. Other items that may be useful include a portable jumper box, spare drain plug, prop, and a battery monitoring system.

Battery monitoring systems are more than just voltmeters and can monitor every aspect of the boats battery system, alerting when necessary, and providing information as to how many amp hours remain, as well as how much power has been consumed.

If you are looking to add a little luxury to your water experiences you may want to consider useful accessories such as a Wi-Fi and cellular rangebooster to bring technology with you, or a universal hot foot throttle system.

This system effectively turns any outboard motor into a floor mounted gas pedal setup, so that you are able to drive your boat like a car to provide better handling and more accurate speed control. Marine accessories are available to cover every need or desire you may have, in terms of outfitting your boat, and the customisation options are endless.

Fishing and Water sports

Things You Need to Know to Improve Your Fishing

As well as being able to buy accessories to personalise your boats setup, there are some wonderful accessories available to transform the look and usability of your boat.

The fishing industry offers incredibly useful and innovative accessories such as rod riggers, customised seating, electronic radar and fish finding equipment, as well as much more. Specialised containers and coolers are available for holding your catch and keeping it fresh, with further options for storing bait, tackle and other gear.

If more adventurous water sports are your preferred style, accessory makers have taken care of that as well, and there is a broad array of different products on the market to enhance your fun. Products like; various sized tubes, water skis, knee and wake boards, as well as all the ropes and rigging necessary for safe use of these items.

Recreational Accessories

There are many cool recreational accessories available for boats, whatever you’re using them for. Consider investing in a mounted grill or barbeque for the boat, or outfitting it with a satellite television antenna.

From the smallest detail like cup holders, to bigger logistics like waste and sanitation, there are ample marine accessories to suit whatever you’re looking for.

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  1. Thanks for sharing the valuable information about boating. It will definitely help the amateur or first timers who are planning to go for a boating ride.

    • Glad you enjoyed the post :) Happy boating!

  2. Having the trailer with proper tie downs is important. Also, checking those ties to make sure none of them are fraying, loose, etc on a regular basis. My grandfather lost one of his boats because the tie that held the nose to the front snapped, and that was the last time he lost something he was towing.

    • Thanks for the tip re the trailer tie downs Tom. Fantastic piece of advice. Sorry to hear your grandfather lost one of his boats!! I’ll make sure we don’t make the same mistake!!

  3. Excellent list that was listed on the things to have for when going out boating. Now that my uncle will be taking me to see some new boats at a certain dock it’s what got me interested to do. Well, especially since he offered to take my wife and I out boating in Colorado.

    • I’m glad you enjoyed the post Andre – enjoy your time in Colorado boating :)

  4. I have not seen electronic radar for finding fish before. It doesn’t even sound like something that would be real either, but it’s awesome that it is. Next time I go fishing I should include one of these in my gear. Is it small enough to put in a bait and tackle box or is it much bigger?

    • You can find radars which are the size of a GPS if you want it small, and these smaller ones should absolutely fit inside a bait and tackle box :)

    • That sounds awesome, thank you for the timely response of information!

  5. The life jackets are so important, you really never know when you need it if you happen to not wear it, that is when you need it the most. Nice pictures as well.

    • Absolutely – life jackets are essential. Glad you enjoyed the pictures and the post :)

  6. Those are some nice photos looks like you guys had a blast.

    • Thanks YSA! Glad you enjoyed the post :)

  7. Fabulous share!

    When we love swimming then sailing a yacht becomes more enjoyable. I usually spend my holidays at the beach of a sea especially in Croatia.

    • Thanks Kevin – glad you enjoyed the post. Croatia is definitely an amazing country for those who love sailing and the sea!

  8. The recreational accessories list you included was comprehensive and can definitely secure a lot of your boating needs. The grill sounds like a great idea.

    • Glad you found the post helpful Christina :)

  9. Thanks for the list of helpful items for a basic boat setup. There are so many ways to outfit a boat for specialty use, it would take many articles. Thanks again!

    • Glad you found the article helpful Diver :) Happy boating!

  10. Great information! It’s important for any boater to have these things before going out on the water as you never know what can happen out there and it’s a must to be prepared. Thanks for sharing!

    • Thanks Brian! So glad you enjoyed the post and found it helpful :) Safe travels

  11. Wow! there is so much to read through here. Thanks for sharing such an amazing list here. Just want to give a big thumbs up to your amazing blog!

    • Thanks Shawn! Feel free to reach out if you have any other questions :) Happy travels

  12. Hey Megan

    Thanks for the sharing this amazing as well as informative post with us. And much appreciate your work. I like this post because I am planing for a trip with my friends and they decide about the trip on water and your post will be like a guide for us who describe each and every important thing which are important for our enjoyment and safety.

    Thanks Again.

    Warm Regards
    David M. Jackson.

    • Hi David, thanks for stopping by – so glad we could help :)

      Enjoy your upcoming trip!

  13. Wow, great post! Making sure you have all the essentials on board before leaving land is certainly vital. Definitely would be a great decision to make a list of all these things and run through the checklist before going out. Thanks for sharing!

    • Thanks Selene – glad we could help :)

  14. You have covered everything we need for boating. One of the best articles of its kind.

    • Glad the article was helpful for you Bakar :)

  15. Hi Megan,

    Really detailed informative post. I own two wakeboard boats and very much interested in doing fun activities outdoor. One of my primary passion is music and I tried with lot of different marine tower speakers, subwoofers and speaker tubes installation. I think adding music creates a better experience all together in outdoor sports.

    Love to see more such informative posts going ahead.


    • Glad you enjoyed the post Sam – I totally agree that the addition of music creates a better experience – as long as it’s not too distracting of course :)

      Happy boating!

  16. Boating or fishing tubes are both constructed of heavier mill rubber as they are designed to be exposed to elements.. Truck tubes are lighter weight since they are always protected by the tire

    • Thanks for sharing Dennis :)

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