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With a destination such as Washington D.C., the competition for accommodation is generally fierce to say the least. Washington not only caters to high ranking businessmen and politicians, but also acts as a playground for nearly 20 million tourists each year.

As the capital of one of the greatest nations in the world it is not your typical destination. With seemingly more museums than the number of stars on the flag, and monuments which will leave you breathless, Washington D.C. is regal and exudes class, despite the politicians it plays host to!

D.C. is bursting with history, and houses the most important documents of the United States.  Planning your D.C. itinerary and trying to cram all it has to offer is only half the battle…the other is finding where to stay!

D.C. is definitely not a destination to hold back, but rather to splurge when it comes to accommodation. The upper class hotels are some of the best you will ever find and you will not regret taking advantage of them.

On the top of our list for 5 star service that suits the business oriented traveler or the classy tourist is the Mandarin Oriental on Maryland Ave.

You could not dream up a better location overlooking the Potomac tidal Basin glistening like the Smithsonian’s Hope Diamond. You have grand views of the Jefferson Memorial and Washington Monument right outside the windows and it is just a short walk to all the other important monuments and memorials including the White House itself literally just up the street.

Before one even enters the beautiful lobby of the Mandarin, you are greeted by several white gloved valet and baggage staff who patiently wait as you gather your belongings and even off to store your bikes!  We highly recommend cycling through D.C allowing you to see all it has to offer without the hassle of finding parking.

Upon checking in, you are treated as though you are the President himself or herself, even if you are not remotely dressed to play the part. The entire staff right down to the housekeepers are extremely friendly and seem to be at your beckon call.

Upon opening up the door to your room it only gets better.  Pure luxury awaits you with amenities that will make even the seasoned businessman giddy with excitement. A beautiful business desk area with a view that is priceless. Cordless phones, top of the line alarm clocks, an umbrella, robes, the most incredibly soft slippers you will ever encounter, all of this and more await you. Did we mention what could quite possibly be the most comfortable pillows you will ever rest your head upon?

Fruit Bowl and Chocolate waiting in the room for our arrival.

Fruit Bowl and Chocolate waiting in the room for our arrival.

Our absolutely gorgeous bedroom.

Our absolutely gorgeous bedroom.


Our living space

Then comes the bathroom, which in our opinion is just as important as the room itself. Spotless tile floors greet your comfy slipper clad feet as you make your way to not only a full shower but also to a beautiful tub.

Can’t miss that important business call, there is a phone in the bathroom and an adjustable T.V., yes in the bathroom so as to not miss breaking news or the stock market ticker while taking a shower, bath, or doing your business!

Everything speaks luxury including its Molton Brown of London toiletries, modern glass scale, and even the glimmering silver toilet paper roller. I dare any guest to find a single spot anywhere.

Enjoying TV while in the bath!

Enjoying TV while in the bath!

Luxury Amenities!

Luxury Amenities!

After a long day in the nation’s capital whether it be business related or just taking in  the sights, one could not ask for a better retreat to come back to and relax your mind, body and soul.

If the rooms are not enough of a relaxation, the Mandarin Oriental host their world renowned spas which cannot be missed if time permits. Also on the not to be missed list is booking a Tai Pan Club room which provides you access to the Tai Pan Club Lounge hosting complimentary wine, cocktail, and hors d’oeuvres reception from 5 to 7pm daily, private check-in and check-out services, a European style breakfast, all day snack availability, office work stations including printers and internet, the library private meeting space, and an incredible view of the Washington Monument just out the window.

Washington Monument

Washington Monument

It is for all these reasons and more that we, along with countless others including high ranking celebrities, are “fans” of Manadarin Oriental. The hotel itself is a D.C. attraction not to be missed.

The Mandarin Oriental Washington DC.  We're fans!

The Mandarin Oriental Washington DC. We’re fans!


 About The Author

Mike is an American photographer who has been travelling and photographing the world for the last 7 years.  His wife Megan is an Australian Journalist, and after having met in Africa in 2010 they have continued traveling and made the world their home.

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We were guests of the Mandarin Oriental. All opinions are our own.


  1. I would’ve taken home too many toiletries from the room! :D

    • …and the slippers :D Wearing the slippers right now actually lol!

  2. On Friday evenings they have live jazz in the hotel’s lounge area, it’s free and open to the public as well.

    • Thanks for the tip! Will have to head back there next time we’re in DC on a Friday; I love live jazz!

  3. The hotel looks fabulous both from outside and inside. Thanks for the insightful review.

    • It really was a fabulous stay. Definitely recommend for your next DC trip :)

  4. I live in DC so I know and love the Mandarin! I really enjoy going to the Empress Lounge for a drink and some jazz. They used to have two really great restaurants but they’ve switched them out and I’ve yet to try the new ones. I’d love to stay there someday on a staycation :)

    • Staycations are the best! I’ve started to really appreciate the fun in setting up an overnight stay in your home city – living in DC gives you some great options for a city getaway!

      I hope you have the chance to stay at the Mandarin soon Kacy – the best part about living in DC is that you can be more flexible with your dates and watch to book when they offer specials and lower rates :)

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