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How to Maintain Your Boat

A well-maintained boat and vessel is one of the most important parts of you having an enjoyable day on the water, and it’s always going to be a huge component of you being safe at sea. The boat that you’re going to be out on is fundamentally responsible for the safety of you, your family and friends, and anyone else who is going to be on board.

Although you can think that you’re safe on board, it’s only through your own actions that you’re going to stay safe. If you take a look at the statistics, you’ll find that poor motor maintenance and boat maintenance – and that alone – is responsible for thousands of calls out to the guards for assistance each year.

By taking care of your boat you’re going to be a better position when you head out on the water, and you won’t find that there’s any need to call the coast guard!

Follow these steps for great boat maintenance and you’ll have many more enjoyable days on the ocean or water to come.

Before you take any trip on your boat

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It pays ensure you’re ready for the day. Follow these steps and you won’t go astray:

  •       Test out your navigation lights and replace if necessary
  •       Check that your bilges are clean and dry and if you have any leaks you should check out and investigate the sources
  •       Make sure that your bilge pump works
  •       Make sure that the bungs aren’t worn and that the washers are in good condition

After you take a trip on your boat

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  •     As you’re winching your boat onto your trailer, check out the wires for winching, and check the pulleys and winch for any signs of wear and tear. If you notice anything, get on it right away, and don’t wait for next time
  •      Flush out your marine engine with fresh water and wash the exterior of your boat. This will ensure you mitigate any possible corrosion or wear from the salt water
  •      Check all of your safety equipment and the condition that it’s in to ensure that it’s all good before you store it away. Make sure it’s dry and free from any mould or mildew, and check it regularly.
  •      Clear away any rubbish from the decking; it’s especially important if you have any rubbish on an aluminium boat to keep it free or rubbish.
  •      Check your lines and anchor ropes for wear and tear, and replace them if you find that they are starting to look a bit worn
  •      Check your auxiliary systems for wear and tear (things like your anchor winch, windscreen wipers and stuff like that) all need a regular check.

After completing the checks each time you use or inspect your boat, make a list of everything that needs doing, everything that needs replacing or purchasing. The last thing you want is to find yourself stuck on the water due to not replacing any broken or damaged sailing equipment. So, before you do anything, replace everything on the list.


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  •       Inspect through-hull fittings for corrosion and water tightness and make sure that you’re scraping and checking the hull for barnacles, and other kinds of corrosive elements that can possibly compromise the safety of your boat.
  •       Check that important fittings on the boat, taking for example any cleats, bolts and any sort of guard and grab rails are always going to be attached securely.
  •       Have your LP gas system serviced and check the engine for wear and tear.
  •       Have any electrical or generator elements checked.
  •       Check out the hull of your boat if it is aluminium, and inspect the hull for any corrosion and cracks, or blistering
  •       Check out your anodes for erosion

Keeping your boat in good stead will not only prolong the life of your boat, but it will ensure that you and all your passengers are kept out of harm’s way.

Next time you’re heading out on the boat, be sure to consider how you can approach its maintenance.

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  1. Thanks for shaing this post! Very useful for me! Practical details about boat maintenance! Waiting for next post!

    • Glad we could help :) Thanks for stopping by the blog!

  2. I got much useful information on the boat inspection and maintenance and thanks for sharing this with us. I want to say a quality winch is very important for a boat used for boat anchoring, mooring and other operations. I am looking forward to your new post. (*^__^*)

    • I’m glad that we could help Fengyuan :) Feel free to reach out if you have any questions before your next trip on the water :)

  3. My husband and I have been thinking about purchasing a boat; I want to make sure that it will last a long time by maintaining it properly. It didn’t even cross my mind that we should regularly check the boat for mildew buildup and prevent it by keeping it dry. I know that it is also important that we use that right cleaner for our boat. Hopefully we can find a boat and keep it in good shape for a long time.

    • I’m glad that we could help set you up with some basics for maintenance Leyva :) Wishing you a wonderful journey as you navigate the new world of boat ownership!

  4. Thanks for sharing.Much useful information on the boat inspection and maintenance!

    • You’re welcome – happy to help :)

  5. A quality winch is very important for a boat used for boat anchoring, mooring and other operations

    • Totally agree, thanks for stopping by Yang :)

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