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If you haven’t booked a luxury holiday before, it’s likely because of the cost. Luxury holidays can come at huge prices, but even during these tough times, they are increasing in popularity. What is it that is drawing people to take luxury breaks, and what should you expect if you want to book one?

Here is the lowdown on what to expect from a luxury break, and what you should look out for on the way to making your ultimate decision.

Attention To Detail

Luxury is all about the tiny details in a lot of ways; it’s about doing the small stuff properly. Your room and the hotel in general should be exceptionally well appointed and maintained, for a start, with touches such as fresh flowers and a turn-down service at night.

Staff should always be prompt and polite, but not crawling – they should also be pin-smart in appearance. You should have your needs met at every stage of the holiday, and if you do encounter any issues, they should be addressed promptly and efficiently.

It's all about attention to the finest details. Biltmore Estate, North Carolina. USA.

It’s all about attention to the finest details. Biltmore Estate, North Carolina, was beyond our wildest imaginations.

Top-class Facilities

Luxury holidays should, naturally, offer you the best of everything. Your hotel should be either close to the local attractions, be they beaches, ski lifts or nightlife. (Many luxury hotels have their own private beaches.)

In the hotel itself, you should expect heated indoor and outdoor swimming pools, spa facilities and fine dining. Luxury isn’t always an adult-only world and there should be something for the kids, whether that’s a wonderful kids’ club, excellent play facilities or on-site entertainment.

Luxury shouldn't be limited to adults.

Luxury isn’t always an adult-only world and there should be something for the kids. Read about packing tips for family holidays.

Amazing location

Real luxury hotels are often very well placed. If you’re in a beach resort, you should expect a glorious sea view, or in ski resorts, a breathtaking mountain or valley vista.

Local facilities, whether ski runs, beaches or bars, will be close by, and the concierge will fill you in on all local attractions.

Luxury accommodation

In most decent hotels, you’d expect a comfortable bed and an en suite bathroom, but with a luxury hotel, you can expect all that and much more.

The room should be a suite-sized, giving you and your family plenty of space. The bathroom should have a bath, shower, twin sinks, vanity unit and designer toiletries. The room would normally boast a flatscreen TV with plenty of channels, and adequate air conditioning or heating as required to keep you at the ideal comfort level.

Decor will be either opulent or sleek and contemporary. There should be blackout drapes or even shutters in sunnier climes – you don’t want to be woken by the sun’s early rays at 7am every morning on your holiday!

In this instance there was a flat screen to enjoy from the bathtub!

In this instance there was a flat screen to enjoy from the bathtub! Read our review of the Mandarin Oriental DC.


Our incredibly plush room at the Biltmore Inn.

Investing in a luxury holiday is something you’ll only be glad for if you go with a reputable company. Many travel operators will brand their holidays ‘luxury’, purely so that they can command a premium price for the experience, but in reality, the trip may only offer the basics.

One operator who manages to tick all the boxes in every respect is the award-winning Club Med Luxury Holidays. With top-of-the-range facilities, resorts set in some of the world’s most paradisiacal quarters, award-laden children’s clubs and meticulous attention to detail, you can expect a break with Club Med to bring you all this and more. Booking with them will ensure you get the luxury experience you desire – and for a great price.

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  1. We went on our first real ‘luxury’ honeymoon in the Maldives, and boy was it amazing! We realized that sometimes it’s definitely worth spending the extra money, so you can get much more out of the experience (i.e. access to nicer, private beaches!)

    • The Maldives is a great place to spend a little extra and experience luxury! We try to travel as frugally as we can, but sometimes you just have to splurge!!

      Happy travels!

    • That sounds like it was incredible! I really want to experience luxury travel! I stayed at one fantastic place in Santorini but I dont think it was luxury.

  2. You’re right that many places bill themselves as “luxury” but don’t deliver. Researching the sites is a great idea!

    • Thankfully I haven’t had a truly disappointing luxury experience yet, however I’ve heard of many who have so I’ve always been conscious about researching first!

  3. Great advice, Megan! Travelling is not just about the sights and the activities. Interactions with those who meet and greet you are often overlooked yet they can make or break your holiday. Some people can afford to travel luxuriously on a regular basis. But for others, it’s definitely worthwhile to experience it sometime. It’s a different type of traveling experience altogether. That’s why honeymoon planning is so important, because the idea of the perfect honeymoon is different for each couple. It would be great to balance luxury travel with your interests, be it an adventurous activity or a gourmet indulgence. It’s wonderful to experience something new and exciting together as a newlywed couple for memories to last for a lifetime!

    • Totally agree with you – we aren’t able to travel in luxury all the time, but do love to splurge every once in a while!

      It’s funny you mention honeymoon planning – our honeymoon ended up being a budget roadtrip through the United States, but we absolutely loved it – our wedding itself was at a luxury resort in Hawaii, so we weren’t really complaining too much!

      Have a great week – thanks for visiting!

  4. I really enjoyed this post! It inspired me to give Luxury a try!

    • I know you’ll love luxury travel! Glad we could inspire! Safe and happy travels :)

  5. You’re definitely right about the “details” being the game changer here. We’ve been to a good number of “five star hotels” that neglected to heat the pool… or closed the indoor pool because of the weather.. what?! They were obviously not as good as the places you’ve talked about here :)

    • The experience definitely comes down to the little things – they make a big difference! And what?! I would have been upset too if you’ve paid for a 5 star resort and they don’t heat the pool…who closes an indoor pool because of the weather?! Lol that to me seems odd!

      My favorite is when you ask if the pool is heated and the response is “it’s solar heated” – so that would be a no then!

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