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Authored by Sebastian Solberg

Usually when we think of “adventure” we think of epic international journeys. Trips which take 2-3 weeks, which see us travel to faraway lands, and which take months and months to plan. Though people often overlook the fact that adventure can be sought much closer to home. local travel

You see, you don’t have to travel halfway across the world to seek adventure – traveling locally counts as travel too. I mean, thousands of travelers pay huge amounts of money to make it across the globe to visit your tiny corner of the world each year, so why would you not take advantage of your location and explore too? Even if it is technically “home”? How to travel locally

This is what we call a MicroAdventure. It could be local, it could be overnight, it could be for a couple of days. It doesn’t have to be expensive, well planned or far away. It’s about ‘just doing it’ and exploring new places and environments that are close to home. Travel destinations close to home

Usually when we think of “adventure” we think of epic international journeys. Trips which take 2-3 weeks, which see us travel to faraway lands, and which take months and months to plan. Though people often overlook the fact that adventure can be sought much closer to home too.

The concept behind microadventures is that you can go on an adventure this weekend or tonight. You don’t have to wait for your next yearly holiday. You do it in small chunks and often. It means anybody can seek adventure as there’s no excuse that you don’t have the time, you’re not experienced enough, or you don’t have the cash. What are the benefits of local travel. 

From the age of two I grew up in the beautiful countryside of New Zealand, surrounded by water and sensational nature. I had a very active childhood, lucky enough to be always exploring and enjoying wilderness adventures with family and friends. However when I was nineteen I moved to London to pursue a career in the film industry. Is traveling locally still fun?

Big city living in London was in stark contrast to the country lifestyle in New Zealand, and I really started to appreciate how important exploration and adventure is to the human spirit. Short vacations close to home. 

Usually when we think of “adventure” we think of epic international journeys. Trips which take 2-3 weeks, which see us travel to faraway lands, and which take months and months to plan. Though people often overlook the fact that adventure can be sought much closer to home too.

A micro adventure could be a local park, forest or beach. It can be a train, bus or car ride away – it doesn’t have to be far away or overseas. One of my favourite spots for a microadventure in London is Richmond Park. Whenever I’m feeling unbalanced, frustrated and unfocused I go there be re-energised, inspired and motivated! It’s where I feel most at home when in London and I love exploring it’s nooks and crannies and capturing it’s beauty to share with others. Does traveling locally count as travel too? Take short trips.

My most recent microadventure has been to Devon. For me, this is the place in England that’s most like Auckland, which is where I grew up in New Zealand. Beautiful beaches, friendly welcoming people and stunning forests and rivers! Every time I visit I have the most amazing time!

To inspire anybody who, like me, craves adventure but doesn’t necessary always have the time to go abroad, I documented my Devon microadventure in a video blog. I want to travel somewhere close to home

I hope you enjoyed my microadventure vlog and it motivates you to go on one of your own! It would be great to hear about any microadventures that you’ve been on or have planned. Best thing about local travel and mini breaks.

Also if you’ve got any microadventure tips – let me know in the comment section below or on twitter using the hastag #microadventuretips!


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Sebastian Solberg is a young multi-award winning filmmaker from New Zealand based in London. He first started making films aged 9; recreating scenes from his favourite Bond movies. He has directed commercials, music videos, documentaries and short films all around the globe from countries such as Norway through to Nepal!

As well as filmmaking Sebastian has a passion for education and loves empowering others to pursue their goals. He does this via his video blog where he regularly posts tips and tricks on filmmaking and creativity. You can subscribe to his vlog here.

His latest short film Modern Man has screened in over 100 cities around the world and has won a number of awards including ‘Best Comedy Short’. Sebastian recently returned from Mongolia, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan where he has been shooting part of feature documentary that will premiere next year!

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  1. Recently I have been exploring a lot of local places, it’s a great way to get the feel of travel and see Auckland through new eyes. I now have a name for it, “microadventure”. Thanks for this blog post.

    • Glad we could offer you a name for it Rhonda! And so pleased to hear you’re also loving microadventures and local travel too. Really is amazing the kind of adventures you can find around your home town :)

  2. Funny I ran across this. We have 5 kids and we have been traveling the world extensively for the past few years. However, more recently I have been realizing that there is so much we could check out in our own town. It actually didn’t happen until I was approached by my local tourism board. I LOVE the idea of making the most out of what you have and really what better way than to be a tourist in your own town? No jet-lag, no flight costs… amazing!

    • Isn’t it the best! Really is amazing what you can find when you decide to look close by. We’re all so consumed by work and then getting home, and then dreaming of an exotic vacation to escape, though I’ve recently had the realization that our home towns are the exotic escape for people on the other side of the world, and we have access to it everyday!!

      Happy travels!

  3. Totally love this concept! We are always saying the same thing–you don’t have to go far to have an adventure! We are always searching for new and exciting things to do at home when we aren’t traveling–it makes life so much more interesting. I can imagine you had some pretty amazing opportunities for micro adventures growing up in New Zealand!

    • Micro adventures in New Zealand I imagine would have been absolutely amazing!

      And I agree, local adventures really do make life so much more interesting. We’re trying to take one a few times a month, and we’ve been discovering some amazing areas not far from home that I had no idea even existed!!

  4. Yes, yes, and yes! I think we all tend to forget local travel, and I say, embrace it! There is so much to discover nearby! Making this a priority for me in 2016!

    • Absolutely re embracing it! Travel doesn’t have to mean jumping on a 20 hour flight to the opposite side of the world. There are always amazing attractions and hidden gems in your home town, and there’s definitely something to be said about playing the tourist at home!

  5. This is a great post. These types of adventures kept my spirits up as a college student who had to prioritize school over travel for many years. Without micro-adventures I am pretty sure I would have exploded from restlessness.

    • Thanks Rand! Absolutely – Micro Adventures are great for those who can’t necessarily jump on a flight to the opposite side of the world. And most of the time they’re just as fulfilling and exciting! I’ve found recently that the excitement and Adrenalin is in experiencing something new. You can absolutely find that feeling close to home :)

  6. Yes! Microadventures are the best and the perfect way to soothe your mind, escaping for a little bit. I always went for little trips at the weekend before I set off for the ‘big stuff’ and I’m a London local so I’m so happy you love Richmond Park. Devon is totally underrated too. I believe it’s a little gem that more people need to discover! Keep on rocking and have an awesome 2016.

    • Here’s to even more amazing micro adventures in 2016!

  7. I actually love going on micro adventures. I’ve been doing a lot of exploring locally and it’s a great eye opener. I havent traveled outside of my state in awhile so I try to keep active and hike.

    • Absolutely Janna – glad to hear that you’re embracing local travel. Because you really don’t have to necessarily leave the State to find that feeling of adventure – there are plenty of options right at home if you don’t have the opportunity to venture out further :)

      Here’s to amazing micro-adventures in 2016!

  8. Sebastian I TOTALLY vibe with this view.

    We left the deep jungles of Costa Rica yesterday, having lived 3 miles into impassable areas for 6 weeks. Nutz experience. I prefer to micro travel these days, hopping in a car and roughing it – ahem, joking some – in a New Jersey National Park. Seriously, love both experiences but when you go local you sometimes see the adventures you’ve been missing, right under your nose.

    Thanks for sharing dude!


    • So true Ryan! We’re so distracted by these amazing and exotic lands far, far away, that we completely miss the adventures right here at home. Going to be rectifying that in 2016 and paying more attention to local travel throughout Aus :)

  9. I love this idea! There are so many wonderful things around us that are easy to overlook. You can even put a little bit it microadventure into every day by trying new restaurants, neighborhoods, etc.

    • So true Jen! I’ve found that “adventure” is in finding that feeling of experiencing something new … whether that is at home or abroad :)

  10. So true right? You sometimes need to just hop on a bus or train tog et away from it all. In the case of Singapore it is more a staycations but, even staying at a hotel that is 15mina way by taxi (i know it sounds stupid) can make a whole difference in the way one feels

    • It really can! Just changing up your environment gives that feeling of something new, and the feeling that you’re on an adventure or an escape!

  11. Such an important message! and i am guilty of not doing this enough! I live in one of the most beautiful, sought after destinations in the world, Vancouver, Canada. Yet i do not do a good enough job of showing it to my boys! thanks for inspiring me to do more of this, even on a rainy winter day in “Raincover”

    • I think we’re all guilty of not doing this enough at some stage … people overseas would ask me about all the amazing places they could visit in Australia and it was embarrassing that I hadn’t been to a single one! Rectifying that situation in 2016!!

      Here’s to discovering more about each of our respective homes!

  12. This hits really close to home for me because I forget that I live in a beautiful state. I’m sure people would like to read about what’s going on in California but I’m always running off to Europe. Thanks for reminding me that traveling close to home is still traveling!

    • You’re welcome Mia! Absolutely, I loved spending time in California when we visited from Australia – so much amazing nature, and national parks, we did the Pacific Coast Highway and it was one of the highlights of our year last year! You could definitely plan for some local road trips in 2016 :)

  13. I just had an experience of this a few months ago! We’re temporarily living in a small town in Florida and drive 30 minutes to a bigger nearby (ocean side) city about once a week for groceries and other items, but never explored it more than that.
    When family came to visit they rented a house in that town where we stayed with them for a week and were finally able to get out to the ocean and walk the downtown area. I never knew what a really great city it was until we were forced to look beyond the supermarket. Now I can’t wait to get back there on my days off and enjoy it.

    • So glad you discovered the city behind the supermarket Jess! it really can be all too easy to assume that the only exciting destinations are those exotic countries in far off places across the globe. And I’ve found too that it sadly does take family or friends visiting to realize what amazing opportunities there are for experiences in your own town! You tend to only play the tourist when showing someone else around!

      Enjoy your days off in Florida now that you have a new playground! Micro adventures are the best!

  14. I’m seeing that you have utilized your skills in filmmaking and that your vlog was worth watching! I do microadventures too, trekking the mountains where my hometown is. It lets me reflect about life and appreciate the things that I have.

    • Glad you enjoyed the video as well as the premise Jeff :) Microadventures are far too underrated…undeservedly so!


  15. “You see, you don’t have to travel halfway across the world to seek adventure – traveling locally counts as travel too.”

    That’s so true because amazingly enriching travel experiences can happen in your backyard.

    • Absolutely Mary! I’ve come to realize that the adventure is all in the feeling of being in a new environment. And we can easily find that in our own countries or home states too.

      Local travel totally counts!

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