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Living In Denver In Style

Authored by Wendy Adams

Having traveled all over the globe and encountered a wide array of experiences across numerous cultures, I felt it was time to explore and perhaps later return to reside at a new city in the USA. And there was no place I wanted to see with fresh eyes as much as Denver, Colorado.

How did I fund my trip? I’ve learned creative ways to make money while traveling over the years, and that was no issue, even with a three-month stay.

Where did I stay and why? I knew immediately I wanted to stay in the Denver Tech Center (DTC), with its towering skyscrapers and dense collection of attractions that sprawl over 850 acres of the southeast corner of town. The brainchild of architect Carl Worthington in the early 70s, today it is the epicenter of luxury level living in Denver. (Did I return to take up permanent residence? Yes, I simply could not stay away!)

More specifically, I chose the Westend Apartments Denver CO, a haven of greenery and luxury living indoor and out, located a stone’s throw from some of the best restaurants and shops in the whole city.

To learn more about these top-tier accommodations, you can click here on, but now let me share 5 of the top attractions I experienced during my exploratory stay in Denver, CO.

Drove The Mount Evans Scenic Byway

Photo CC by Snap Man

To catch unforgettable glimpses of the Rocky Mountains drive to the top of Mount Evans on a 15-mile-long “road into the sky.” The climb takes you up over 5,000 feet and through several very different ecosystems.

I stopped at numerous scenic lookouts, lingered at the beautiful view over Echo Lake Park, and visited the nearby Denver Botanic Gardens.

Did It All At Coors Field

My natural love for our national pastime and a feeling of goodwill, if not outright fandom, toward the Colorado Rockies drew me into Coors Field.

There I saw a romping slugfest that ended in a Rocky victory and sent up staccato-like cheers after each successive hit from the crowd of over 30,000.

Next, I tried my skills at the video batting cage and speed-pitch zone in “The Interactive Area” behind the bullpen. I returned to Coors Field before leaving for a guided tour.

Walked Historic Larimer Square

Larimer Square in Denver (Twilight Shot)

Photo CC by Geoff Livingston

Set at the foot of the Rockies where a 19th-Century prospector once discovered gold and sparked a pioneer camp called “Auraria” into existence.

Today, Larimer Square is the main attraction in the neighborhood known as “Mile High City.” It is lined with many antique buildings and overshadowed by scenic mountain peaks.

Explored The 16th Street Mall

“16th Street Mall” is really a collection of shops, restaurants, and tourist venues that stretch along 16th Street for a full mile.

It is a pedestrian highway that will get you some exercise if you wish, or you could hop from stop to stop on the MallRide shuttle for free. Later, I re-explored 16th Street by horse and buggy, which was a totally different experience.

Perused The Denver Art Museum

The Denver Art Museum was one of my final stops. The large, interestingly designed building is famous for its vast Amerindian art collection, but it also houses Asian, African, Oceanic, Spanish Colonial, and works in other intriguing art styles by the thousands.

These are only a few major factors that contributed to my decision to ultimately move and settle down in this amazing city. If you’re not as adventurous, don’t hesitate to spend a vacation here.


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