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Where to Stay in London

Where to Stay in London

  • Author: Meg Jerrard
  • Date Posted: Sep 10, 2014
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All in all, there are well over 1,000 hotels and hostels in London, and accommodation rates run high. Entering your travel dates into a hotel or hostel booking site brings up an endless list of options; an overwhelming chore to sort through each to find those which offer excellent value, a great location, and receive good guest reviews.

Without an in-depth guide to affordable London Hotels it’s incredibly difficult to choose suitable accommodation.  Many tourists opt to stay in the West End, right in the center of London’s theatre district and amongst some of the city’s premier attractions, however those looking for a budget stay will need to look elsewhere.

Affordable hotels and hostels are scattered throughout the city, found near most of the major tourist attractions. Consider booking a London hotel in the following areas.

London Hotels

London. Photo by Magnus D

East End


Not too far east of London’s main tourist attractions lies the East End.  This is great area for those looking for moderately priced UK hotels, and also offers some interesting culture.  Bangladeshi Brick Lane and the Shoreditch and Spitalfields markets are located here.



Bayswater is a nice quiet neighborhood which is close to London’s West End. Travelers hoping to stay in the West End but not wanting to spend a fortune to do so should look in the Bayswater area. The majority of the accommodation options here are converted townhouse — perfect for an extended break in the UK. It should be noted that many of these have several-story staircases and no elevators.



Soho is for the party traveler.  A melting-pot of shops, theaters, and trendy bars, Soho is a great base for those seeking a fun—if noisy—place to dine, dance, and bed down. Because this is a popular neighbourhood, accommodation rates can run high.

Soho Panorama.

Soho Panorama. Photo by Umberto Rotundo

Earls Court


West of the city center, Earls Court is located just outside a number of wealthy neighborhoods like Kensington and Chelsea, only here, travelers can find a cheaper hotels while remaining close to the thick of city life.

Knightsbridge, Kensington, and Chelsea


Accommodation in these areas will run high on price.  London’s most sophisticated neighbourhoods, with Georgian town homes and gated gardens, even Princess Diana lived here.

Regardless of budget, travelers should walk through this area as the town homes and palaces are an attraction within themselves.  The city’s premier attractions are also within walking distance,  like the Natural History Museum, Hyde Park, Harrods, and many museums.

Kensington Pa

Kensington Gardens. Photo by Herry Lawford



Bloomsbury is the best place to find budget hotels in central London. The area is full of homey bed and breakfasts and trendy hostels, without forcing visitors to sacrifice on location. This area is perfect for a peaceful UK hotel break while remaining close to the city.



If traveling through London in transit and using Heathrow airport, consider booking a hotel in Paddington. This is where the Heathrow Express arrives and departs from.

Heathrow airport flies to a number of other destinations within the UK including the Southwest and Wales – hotel breaks in these areas range from Manor Homes which inspired the sets of Downtown Abbey, to elegant Georgian hotels nestled deep in the stunning British countryside.

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