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  • Author: Meg Jerrard
  • Date Posted: Jan 5, 2014
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  • Address: Yangon
By Guest Blogger Meagen Collins

The 2013 Burma season has kicked off and is already in full swing!  Tourists will be roaming the streets looking to try new undiscovered street food, viewing ancient temples and riding some of the most horrible bus routes ever encountered by man!

The days will be hot and sweaty and with frequent blackouts; the heat is something that is difficult to escape unless you plan your Myanmar trip around the one event which is sure to keep you cool on those Hot Burmese days: The Thingyan Festival (April 13th to 16th).

Thingyan is somewhat similar to Thailand’s Songkran, and if you’ve never heard of either of them you’re about to find out about one of the craziest, fun and most memorable festivals in South East Asia.

Thingyan is a Buddhist holiday and celebration to wash away the sins and burdens of the previous year, and they do this by having a countrywide water fight! People hit the streets with hoses, water bottles, there are even little kids with cups of water which they spill on themselves more than anyone passing by! No one is safe!

Not only do you have to watch out for ground hits, but there are frequent air attacks from people on the balconies of their homes, and, of course, the jeeps which come around to give everyone a drive by soaking!

We went to both Songkran in Bangkok and Thingyan in Yangon in April of 2013 to experience both festivals and see which was better.

Our video shows how ‘off the chain’ this festival is, and how much fun you didn’t even know you were missing out on!

If you’re planning a trip to Myanmar in 2014 then incorporating Thingyan is a MUST! For our money, it’s way crazier than Songkran!!

Tommo & Megsy are the Five Dollar Travellers. They are long term travellers looking for culture on a budget: The local perspective of the places they visit, outside of the tourist bubble. The food, drink, history, the people and finding the cheapest ways to have amazing travel experiences: Maximum Adventure, Minimum Budget.

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  1. These things are always so much fun. We were in Thailand earlier this year for their Songkran. We had a blast!

    • Glad to hear! There’s nothing better than a state wide water fight :D!!

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