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Hiking The White Tank Mountain Range

Hiking The White Tank Mountain Range

We couldn’t visit Arizona without making a stop in White Tank National Park and hiking off the beaten path through the desert.

Hiking amongst road runners, hundreds of saguaros, mountain lions (which we didn’t see thank God!) and Coyote’s had a very looney tunes feel to it!!!

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  1. So I have to make a cross-country trip this week… Is this a must visit? Thanks!


    • Hi Lauren – We loved our time in the White Tanks; if you’re in the area then definitely make some time to stop by, especially if you’ve never experienced the landscape of saguaros etc before. It’s truly beautiful to just hike out off path, even more so at sunset. The main thing to do here is to hike, so if this isn’t your thing you probably wouldn’t spend too long here, though if you do enjoy it then you could spend all day.

      If you’re trip is taking you through more North Arizona you may be closer to places like Sedona and the Grand Canyon. I would probably rate both of these above the White Tanks if you only had time for one, Sedona particularly is absolutely stunning and you’ve got more options for things to do and see. It’s also less touristy than the Grand Canyon.

      Hope that helps!

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