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This trek is now over. Participants raised $20,000 for Alzheimer’s Australia. Find out about current fundraising events by visiting

For over 70 years the story of the Battle of Kokoda has been told by survivors, memoirs and war records. The poignant narratives tell a very human story of comradeship and true grit that took place along the formidable Kokoda Trail, the single file trail that links New Guinea’s interior to the coast near Port Moresby.

The fighting there, against a Japanese invasion force, was perhaps the most significant battle fought by Australians in World War II, and now many Australians make the pilgrimage to understand about this extraordinary event: Why it occurred, who was involved and what it was like to face death in the jungled mountains along the Kokoda track.

The region appears much as it did in 1942 when the Australian soldiers fought here. Along the track, trenches and rusted weapons can still be seen. There are almost none of the facilities a tourist might expect to find: no electricity, no shops, and each madly rushing stream is crossed by means of a simple log bridge.

Make a Difference by Taking on the Kokoda Trail

Following in the footsteps of Australian soldiers remains a physically challenging task, though for those looking to make a difference this year, Alzheimer’s Australia NSW is organizing unique fundraising event, and encouraging anyone up for a challenge to join them to trek the Kokoda Trail.

This is an opportunity to make a real difference in the lives of people with dementia; you may find that people will be very supportive of you taking on something as challenging as Kokoda and will be keen to sponsor your efforts! The money you raise will go directly to the services they provide for those with dementia, their carers and loved ones.

An experience to be proud of and reminisce about for a very long time, those who trek in September will have each other for support as well as two members of the fundraising team from Alzheimer’s Australia who will be with you every step of the way.

Alzheimer’s Australia NSW is organizing unique fundraising event, and encouraging anyone up for a challenge to join them to trek the Kokoda Trail.

The Journey

When you begin the 96km trek you will feel the same level of physical exhaustion the Diggers and their Papuan brothers once experienced when they fought the Japanese. You will also quickly gain a sense of the camaraderie shared as you bond with your own group while meeting the environmental challenges that awaits in New Guinea’s interior.

At the heart of your journey is Oro Province, one of the most beautiful landscapes in Papa New Guinea. Located between the Solomon Sea and the foothills of the Owen Stanley range is the sleepy village of Kokoda where the trail ends.

Starting at Owers’ Corner near Port Moresby your trek will include camp stays (in tents) near the villages and battlefields at the forefront of the campaign while enjoying the warmth of Kokoda Spirit’s Papuan hosts.

At the end of your journey you will walk away with a sense of personal triumph at having trekked one of the most challenging tracks in the world, steeped in history and valour.

Alzheimer’s Australia NSW is organizing unique fundraising event, and encouraging anyone up for a challenge to join them to trek the Kokoda Trail.

Alzheimer’s Australia NSW is organizing unique fundraising event, and encouraging anyone up for a challenge to join them to trek the Kokoda Trail.

Costs (AUD)

The trip will be from 24th September – 3rd October 2017. The cost of this trip is $3,485.00 per person which includes your domestic flight from Kokoda to Port Moresby or Port Moresby to Popendetta, airport/hotel transfers, pre and post trek accommodation at a secure 3.5 star hotel in Port Moresby, camping and trekking equipment, food, campsite fees and guides.

The minimum fundraising target for Alzheimer’s Australia is $2,500.00 which you must have achieved on or before your return date.

For more information or to book your place on the trip please contact:

Emma Jackson-South

Community Fundraising Executive

Alzheimer’s Australia NSW

T – +61 2 8875 4625

M – +61 413 178 158

E –

Or visit them online at:

Kokoda and Beachheads battles 70th anniversaries commemorative visit


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Photo credits: In Order of Appearance: The bloody trek by Ben Webb, Jungle hike by AJ, Milla, Del & Sean, River crossing by Nomad Tales, Memorial by Department of Veterans’ Affairs (Australia).


  1. This is such a noble cause. I have never walked 96 kms. If I m in Australia in the fall, I will definitely consider it.

    • The trek itself is through the interior of Papa New Guinea, but Australia is one of the easiest bases to fly from :) It’s an incredible trek for, as you said, a very noble cause :)

  2. This is a cause that is very close to my heart as unfortunately there is someone in my family who is afflicted with dementia, similar but not the same as Alzheimer’s. I hope that as many people as possible participate in this trek

    • So sorry to hear that your relatives have been affected by dementia Suze – my heart goes out to your whole family. I’m promoting this as hard as we can to raise as much as possible for the cause XXX

  3. I didn’t even know there were treks for a cause, I love it! I would love to trek PNG and why not do it for Alzheimer’s? 96 km sounds a bit daunting though!

    • Absolutely – people use long distance and challenging treks to raise money for a variety of different causes – this one is close to our heart though X

  4. If I am in the region during that time period I am so gonna walk this trail. I love walking so why not do it to raise funds for a good cause?

    • Glad to hear it Ben! Shoot Emma at Alzheimer’s Australia NSW an email for more info if you’re able to join :)

  5. Tackling the Kokoda Trail for charity would certainly be a meaningful experience. I’ve heard that it’s a pretty tough trail and I’m sure it would be a fulfilling achievement you would remember for the rest of your life. Going on this journey is not a decision you’d make lightly but the rewards are there for anyone looking for a serious hiking challenge.

    • It’s a very tough trail – definitely not an easy journey, and definitely a memorable achievement for those who take it on. But it’s a pilgrimage close to the hearts of many Australians, and is often used as a challenge for raising awareness and funds for a variety of causes.

  6. What a wonderful , heartening cause! I can imagine what it would be like to trek 96 kms on the same historic trail, going through the same odds like the Aus soldiers, reliving history and being in their steps, crossing those trenches! And ironically what would be the biggest motivator will be the will to make a difference in someone’s life! I wish there was something like this in Asia too.

    • Well technically PNG is in Asia :D If you find yourself in the region in September, or even at any stage after that point, it’s definitely an incredible and life changing experience to take on.

  7. What a noble charity event and so kind of you to promote it and share the story with your readers. Also what a great reminder of the battles the men fought. Reminds me of the hike to Santiago de Compostela in Spain, or at least the hiking, camping, and physical endurance part. I suppose you are doing this so I wish you luck and can’t wait to read all about it. $2500 seems to be a manageable amount of money to raise for the participants.

    • Thanks Melody, yes it’s definitely one of the great pilgrimages of our time, up there with the Camino de Santiago. Notably among Australians due to the connection with the war. I’m glad that we can promote the challenge and do our part to help raise funds for a hopeful cure.

  8. I’ve never heard of the Kokoda trail but it looks intense, both mentally and physically. I don’t think I could ever hike 96km, especially not in terrain like that.

    • Definitely an intense and challenging trek. And some of the world’s toughest terrain. Wishing all the participants the best of luck on their trek!

  9. 96 kilometers? Wow, that’s impressive! I’ve never done such a trek but it’s for a good cause. Plus, I have to imagine I would shed some pound while I was on it so it would be a double win!

    • Definitely be likely to lose some weight over the 96 km!! So yes, multiple winning points :D

  10. Trekking in New Guinea’s interior on such an interesting historic trail would be incredible by itself. Doing it to support Alzheimer’s Australia is even better! This sounds like such an amazing experience all around. Thanks for sharing, Meg!

    • You’re welcome Jen, glad we could tell you about the trek and the cause :)

  11. Have you done this yet? The history is very interesting and the trail looks like it is passing through beautiful country but I’m certain I’m not in shape for it. still, I like the connection to the Alzheimer’s charity and would give it a shot if I were there. My granny had Alzheimers. very nasty condition.

    • I haven’t completed the trek myself yet – it’s something we’ve been planning to do as a family for a while now with my siblings and my dad.

      I’m sorry to hear about your grandmother. Alzheimer’s is not the best. We’re hoping to raise as much awareness and funds as we can XXX

  12. No doubt those who participate will feel a sense of personal triumph after! Traveling with a purpose like this is really a beautiful thing. Thanks for sharing about the opportunity, I appreciate it :)

    • Absolutely – it’s an incredibly rewarding trek, and a real achievement. If you find yourself in the region and think you can raise the funds, we highly recommend the challenge :)

  13. Hi Everyone! It’s great to hear that so many people would consider doing the trek for Alzheimer’s Australia! Please do get in touch if you have any questions at all, I would love to hear from you. Megan, you’re a star, as always, thank you for sharing. emma.jackson-south@alzheimer’

    • Thanks Emma :)

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